Titanfall PS4 Port Was Considered, Performance Currently Lacking at 720p, Insider Reveals

Industry insider Ahsan Rasheed, known on NeoGaf as Thuway and normally considered quite reliable with his reveals due to the fact that he’s been pretty much always right with previous rumors, had a couple interesting tidbits of information to share today about the upcoming Titanfall by Respawn Entertainment.

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Kayant2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Hmmmmm.... both things we have known about for a while now. We know EA made the full exclusives MS platform deal behind respawn's back as if Vince only found basically when we found out meaning CBOAT rumour about it being timed was true.

It's interesting to hear if true that they are still having optimization issues from the last rumour. DF;s faceoff will sure be interesting in march ;)

Zancruz2387d ago

Yup... And I believe Peter Moore being a top dog at the worlds biggest game publisher isn't a coincidence, Just look at all of the EA/Microsoft exclusive stuff. Smh

But no matter how much money Microsoft gave EA for Titanfall exclusivity, It won't match the money they've lost for not publishing the game on the leading console. Asians didn't buy other Xboxs before, I doubt they will now and seeing they're huge love for Mecha anything... Yeah, EA shot themselves in the foot.

Funantic12387d ago

Titanfall will be ok in sales. It's on X1 with over 2 million consoles sold, probably over 3 million by then with Titanfall boosting sales. Then Xbox 360 has well over 80 million consoles sold and only God knows how many PCs are out there. I know Playstation fanboys at my job getting a X1 just because of Titanfall. I got a PS4 myself that I'm barely playing because I'm busy playing with my X1. I'll rent Infamous when it comes out and beat it but I'll buy Titanfall and the season pass.

Eonjay2387d ago

Thats all well and good, but how can it be that Titanfall can't run at 720p on Xbox One. Its not really doing that much. They are waiting for drivers? So sometime in January Microsoft will provide Respawn with tools to get the game stable at 720p? I don't think that fair to Respawn especially when a release date has already been announced. What is the rush?

Blacksand12387d ago

I don't feel bad for Respawn. EA always chasing money and put Respawn in a bad spot. They should have made it for both console. MS made the X1 into a cable box that's why it 720p with a upscale to 1080p. My Fios is 720p with a upscale 1080p on HD channels.

Sitdown2387d ago

Are we still running with the cable box logic? It's not.... give it up already. At this time we don't know the full capacity of either systems so stop being so short sighted.

andrewsqual2387d ago

@Funantic1 Remember that everybody who wanted an Xbone, has one now. Lets see how sales will be against PS4 in 2014. Oh and Titanfall is not going to move consoles on any format just like Destiny won't.

mcstorm2387d ago

@andrewsqual how did you come to that conclusion? As it must be the same for the wiiu and ps4 then.

I know lots of people who want one of the next gen consoles but are waiting for a game before they get it. most people I know who want a x1 are waiting for titan fall, ps4 the next GT an wiiu is super smash bros.

This game will be a system seller and could be the next gear in terms of pushing consoles. MS saw this game and saw it had something different and looks to have a great selling point too it abit like halo so they put money into it and if ea and Microsoft push it the right way it will pay off for them both like gears and halo did.

abzdine2387d ago

this game looks very average and still has resolution problems due to the weak performance of X1.
i don't know how the future will be for this console if this is already happening now. Even for 99$ i wouldn't buy this piece of junk.

Rainstorm812387d ago

Mcstorm ....Titanfall really? you put that up there with GT and SSB? You would've been better off saying Halo 5, that game will have more demand on XB1 than Titanfall

I feel like these companies are manufacturing demand for this game....its COD with wall running and mechs...(awesome mechs but mechs)...but we'll see when it releases

dantesparda2387d ago

So i thought the "stereo" drivers were supposed to be so impressive, this system is a complete and utter mess. Cant even handle Titanfall at 720p?! And can one of you MS fanboys explain to me just what is so special about Titanfall? cuz all i see is another FPS. The graphics arent even impressive, so what is it that im not seeing. Or is it just more blatant fanboyism cuz its exclusive?

Docknoss2387d ago

I don't believe "insider information" just another cliche xbox bash article. Get A Life people

Zancruz2386d ago

I just love reading simple minded post..(Lol).. I shouldn't even bother replying too them. Smh

@Funantic1 & KingKongKilla You both are slow as hell...

First, I never said Titanfall wouldn't sell well, nor did I say it's not a system seller. Titanfall being an exclusive game is only good for Microsoft, not EA/Respawn. Will EA/Respawn make an profit of course, hell they already have from the money Microsoft gave them.

What's the main point of business? To make money right? (READ THIS PART CAREFULLY) No matter how many X1, 360 and PC versions of Titanfall sells EA/Respawn could make even more money IF it was released on the Playstation brand too. You know the 80 million PS3 on the market. The Over 2 Million PS4 sold without even being released in the second biggest gamer country yet that's also mainly dominated by Nintendo and Sony...

Here's an example for the super retards... Let's say 1 million (A very modest number) playstation gamers would've brought Titanfall, That's $60 million... Now let's say half of them would've brought a $40 season pass, That's another $20 million not earned and what about Titanfall custom Playstation controllers, headsets and other Titanfall accessories? That's a ton of money they're missing out on! Wouldn't you say or am I still just being an ignorance fanboy KingKongKilla?

Oh and Funantic1 with over 7 billion in the world you know 3 people at work that's going buy an X1 for Titanfall? WOW, Game over Sony Gameover.. lol I'm glad you're enjoying your X1.

@Docknoss Believe or not it's not fiction. Businesses has implemented corporate spies and saboteurs in competing corporations, Big Businesses even have people in their pockets working in the government and so on... Business is war for the stockholders, they'll do anything to get an edge or to make things go their way. Not saying Peter Moore is one or not, I just wouldn't be surprised if he was.

insomnium22386d ago


Most likely you are right. It's funny though how much weight all these exclusive games have now again when MS has a win by default situation in their hands. I say this because Sony JUST provided the PS3 with TONNES of games they could've put on PS4 instead like MS did. MS starved the X360 and now they have more games and the fanboys go nuts once again.

Listen it still is a marathon not a sprint no matter how fast PS4 is outselling the XB1. PS4 will only get better and the games....oh the friggen games will be there in spades. Even though PS4 is far from starving for good games it will be flooded soon enough. Will the good exclusive games become irrelevant once again?

It is YOU a-holes who keep this ball rolling with this "haz no gamez" and "haz no zalez". After starting with this same BS now again soon you will be calling PS4 gamers evil and stupid for "only caring about exclusive games". I don't know about you guys but I'm getting waaaay too old for this BS. Just wanted to point this out.

maddskull2386d ago Show
Docknoss2386d ago

@zancruz duh this counter business espionage against the ONE. @Madskull have you ever heard of grammar or punctuation, you ignorant Son of a Bitch. Anything you say is null and void on account of your obvious mental Retardation.

dedicatedtogamers2386d ago

Several months ago, it was confirmed by insiders as well as actual developers (like J. Blow) that the difference in multiplats would be 1080p/60fps on PS4 and 720p/30fps on Xbox One. So many people grabbed their pitchforks and denied this was possible. They didn't want to believe it. Now, it's pretty obvious that it is the truth.

I'll laugh if it really is limited to 720p on the Xbox One. Fortunately, developers will be able to optimize their code on the Xbox One over time but if X1 is hitting these bottlenecks NOW (whereas PS4 is having no trouble holding better framerate and higher resolution in multiplats) then the gap in hardware power is only going to increase over time.

ShinMaster2385d ago

"PS4 port considered"? Yet sequels are confirmed.

Obvious exclusive deal with Microsoft for the first game.

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Lior2387d ago

Its not optimised yet is because NVIDIA or AMD haven't got the game to optimise.

PudgeySan2387d ago

Nvidia and Amd Play no part in the optimization of the game except for supplying the latest resources for the game. The optimization would be solely up to Respawn.

Bladesfist2387d ago

@PudgeySan, I think he is talking about the PC version in which case they create a profile for the game and release it in the drivers which does improve performance.

Computersaysno2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

I doubt he is talking about the PC version. Who tests and runs the PC version in 720p? Why on a modern PC would performance be so crippled it would run badly at only 720p?

Although it is only rumoured, it seems fairly evident that the console versions are going to run the game at 720p maximum including Xbox One. It only really makes any sense if you take the article and comment to mean the console versions.

Lior2387d ago Show
Bladesfist2387d ago

When someone mentions Nvidia they are obviously talking about PC.

Eonjay2387d ago

The are disagreeing because the article doesn't mention PC. It has nothing to do with the Xbox's optimization issues.

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BallsEye2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )'s fanboys god or something? He was wrong more times than he was right. How can anyone consider him a reliable source?

Anyway, pretty obvious they talked about ps4 even if the version is never being done.

johndoe112112387d ago

What the hell does CBOAT have to do with anything? He wasn't even mentioned anywhere in this article. What are you talking about?

FlunkinMonkey2387d ago

Brain cells are at an all time dwindling low.

Why o why2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Lol, change bullseye to bulls***** lol

What are you on about plus do you dismiss cboats word even if his 'rights' were very on point. I can't see anybody out here with an 100% 'right' score ....even some of the vp's from within these corporations have gotten things wrong.

Despite what I've typed, you're barking up the wrong tree.. this is nothing to do with cboat

otherZinc2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

You haters are funny.

M$ funded this project for a long time. If l you guys read anything you'd know this, also you'd know Titanfall uses the Cloud, you know the thing you guys think doesn't exist.

Yeah, meanwhile, the devs of Turn 10 are showing you, & the devs of Titanfall have explained in interviews several times. Yet, you idiots listen to cbot & other clowns on the net or mysterious anonymous devs.

Stop...with your whining.

Titanfall will outsell every PS4 exclusive in under 24hours.

frostypants2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

@otherZinc: "If l you guys read anything you'd know this, also you'd know Titanfall uses the Cloud"

Oh good god just stop...

Also, it's cloud, not Cloud. Microsoft didn't invent the concept and it's not a trademark.

Ju2387d ago it uses the cloud and still can't run 720p...hmmm

Kayant2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

"M$ funded this project for a long time. If l you guys read anything you'd know this, also you'd know Titanfall uses the Cloud, you know the thing you guys think doesn't exist" - Hmmm the way respawn entertainment explained their use of the servers don't sound like MS funding. It's more of MS subsidising their service to make it cheaper. Obviously with MS recently announcing free servers for third parties so that may have changed. Also no we know dedicated servers exist it's nothing new has been used for years in games and everything else e.g Google.

"Most importantly to us, Microsoft priced it so that it’s far more affordable than other hosting options – their goal here is to get more awesome games, not to nickel-and-dime developers. So because of this, dedicated servers are much more of a realistic option for developers who don’t want to make compromises on their player experience, and it opens up a lot more things that we can do in an online game" - Respawn

"Titanfall will outsell every PS4 exclusive in under 24hours" - Well it's releasing on *Three* platforms so yh ofc it's going to outsell a game that's on one platform with an install base of less than 3 million compared to a combined install base that is 30x more.

razrye2386d ago

Dream on kid. Titanfall will not outsell all ps4 exclusives. You're kidding yourself if you believe that. Also shut up about this crappy cloud rubbish.

sAVAge_bEaST2386d ago

Dat Clwd PwR- Grphical boooost,, So Jelly...

SmielmaN2386d ago

The xbone version of TF won't outsell infamous, god of war, uncharted, last of us, or the next ten gran turismo. You are the epitome of fanboy.

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n4rc2387d ago

I think it's pretty ridiculous to think a developer didnt know which platforms they were working with.. ea is publishing, they don't own the ip..

It's also crazy to me that every single dev team and hardware maker leaks info to gaf members..

It's all crap if you ask me.. I could say the world is ending tomorrow.. I'm not credible even if it turns out to be true

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2387d ago

Jesus... another GAF insider. Funny how they always only have bad Xbox news. Never Sony news. Wonder why.

This site and there should start to become sister sites. I was banned for 2 weeks there for being glad that idiot Blow guy was being harassed on Youtube.. he complains all the time about everyone and everything, so I was glad he got a hard time. They banned me for saying that about Sony's John Blow.

I said something similar about the dude who said "Deal with it" And yet I wasn't banned.. perhaps because I said something about an MS guy that time instead.

Quite telling.

And now we have Thuway squawking about something that nobody knows if it's true or not one way or the other and yet it's all believed.

Hilarious. Figured this stuff would of ended once we launched.. Guess Sony fans still need to make hits instead of playing their games. Or maybe KZ is already beaten and now they're waiting for Infamous.

showtimefolks2386d ago


you guys do know that respawn works under EA's partners program right? meaning they not only own the IP but control it 100%

I guess MS wrote a big enough check, but i also like the fact it is coming to pc so you don't have to buy a xbox one to enjoy the game. It will be superior on PC anyway

EA wanted what activision has with MS, an exclusive DLC partnership and now MS/EA are closer than ever before. Activision is doing more stuff with sony now besides COD, like Destiny and diablo3. UBI has always favored sony and still are

its a business so if MS writes a big enough check i am sure most of us would sign exclusive with them too. I would much rather have sony spend on 1st party studios than something timed exclusive

its pretty much confirmed Titanfall 2 will be out on ps4

maniacmayhem2386d ago

I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's pure BS that any deals were made behind Respawn's back.

There were articles of rumors of Respawn working on an Xbox One exclusive before the official Xbox One (and name) was even revealed.

whome2386d ago

i use to be a xbox fan. then on top of all the problems i had from trying to be a fan. i gave up on microsoft for good, after i seen then video on youtube. check it out.

mikeslemonade2386d ago

Waiting for Titan Fall Sigma for PS4.

unjust752386d ago

EA better pray this game works because BF4 isn't helping their situation right now. I seriously doubt this game with all this hype will fail, but if so I will be disappointed. It should have been on both platforms. It just goes to show that someone needed that extra push in order to save their initial bad PR at E3.

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piroh2387d ago

Mass Effect all over again

DigitalRaptor2387d ago

Except at this early stage, we already know Titanfall 2 is coming to PS4.

With Mass Effect, we had years of speculation.

nukeitall2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Actually you don't, just like we didn't know the first one was an all out exclusive to Xbox One.

Deals are discussed behind doors, just like how Gears of War never went to Playstation. Nobody thought EA would do an exclusive deal, being a third party publishing platform focusing on delivering games on as many platforms as possible. Yet, here we are with an all out exclusive Xbox One game!

Right now, Titanfalls 2 (as in the sequel to the non-existing first game) isn't even a sure fire thing yet.

Although I think Titanfalls will be one of the next years biggest game, maybe even the biggest. It has huge potential as a multiplayer game by the creators of CoD.

BallsEye2387d ago

Wait. Believe.

Can you tell me how exactly you know titanfall 2 is coming to ps4? Any announcements? No? Then your "facts" completely lost credibility.

Kavorklestein2387d ago

Nobody REALLY TRULY KNOWS A GOD DAMN THING. Except what has been officially announced... Agree or disagree, it doesn't change the hyperactive dreaming. Not to say we can't dream, but dreams don't equal reality... even 5 year olds know that

kickerz2387d ago

Well said ballseye.
"swims through this pool of Sony sharks and gives you a high five"

pheature2387d ago

Dreams are not reality, but you can certinly turn some dreams in to reality, this is fact.
Like for example
a 10 year old boy dreams of walking on the football field with his hero, these things actually happen. so dream can actually come true, it depends how you put your thoughts in to reality.

Kayant2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

"Actually you don't, just like we didn't know the first one was an all out exclusive to Xbox One" - Well thanks to vince zampella we know it was a timed exclusive until some months ago.

"Nobody thought EA would do an exclusive deal, being a third party publishing platform focusing on delivering games on as many platforms as possible. Yet, here we are with an all out exclusive Xbox One game! " - Yh tbh no one knew EA could make such a decision behind respawn's back without even informing them before hand considering they don't even own respawn entertainment.

"Right now, Titanfalls 2 (as in the sequel to the non-existing first game) isn't even a sure fire thing yet" - As far as we know Titanfall is now a franchise in rotation with BF4 & star wars. So yh Titanfall 2 is coming at some point.

You're right that's not to say MS couldn't do the same thing again but considering vince sounded disappointed & PS4 is going to have the bigger install base when the next sequel arrives then Titanfall 2 is likely to come to PS4 and maybe PS3 also.

Sitdown2387d ago

Did you post that link to try to help or harm their argument?

DigitalRaptor2387d ago

@ nukeitall @ ballseye @ kavorklestein @ sitdown

You know, removing your hopes and dreams really helps.

Looking at what the co-founder of Respawn has said helps too:

nukeitall2387d ago


You are reading too much into what was said in the tweet. Respawn isn't a first party studio, so will make games for other platforms.

He doesn't rule out making exclusives, and that call seems to be with EA on Titanfalls.

"You know, removing your hopes and dreams really helps."

That is childish of you to think, but in reality it is your dreams and hopes. We just sit back, play and enjoy!

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MEGANE2387d ago

well this game... this franchise could have been the COD 4 modern warfare of this gen, instead is just goin to be another Gears of War. Thanks MS for killing my hopes of a new franchise to detrone the scam that the COD has become since MW3

Spenok2387d ago

You expected a game being made by said developers that made COD popular in the first place? Titanfall is basically just COD with mechs thrown in.

It will be good, don't get me wrong. But only slightly different from COD.

joab7772387d ago

Its not MSs fault. They want the next Halo or Gears on their console...congrats to them. It is EAs fault. But the way they see it, they will take MSs money and do one of two things. Either they will release the second one on Sony also and make a gazillion dollars or they will leverage MS after seeing how many consoles it sells and money it makes and force them to pay a lot more for exclusivity. I just hate that, for a new IP, so many ppl around the world won't be able to play it. I will say this though, MS needed this and its gonna give them a huge boost.

Awolvie2387d ago

@ Spenok - I played the game at Gamescom and it is nothing like COD. Well, except first person with guns.

It really is brilliant gameplay.


Do you feel the same way about Killzone, Infamous, or Deep Down being exclusive to the ps4?????

Stop whining, if you want to play the game or any MS, Sony exclusive game, get an xb1 or PS4.

If not STFU.

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XiSasukeUchiha2387d ago

Please put Titanfall 2 on PS4

strifeblade2387d ago

just like titanfall 1? oh wait thats what all the fanboys were saying and now look what happened

joab7772387d ago

Not necessarily. Will have to wait and see. There will be talks based on success to continue exclusivity. If it is MSs next Halo, we will never see it on Sony. If it makes playstation owners like myself buy an xbox one then it may b awhile.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2387d ago

M$ first gave Titanfall timed exclusive money, much like Mass Effect, then Respawn started buzzing about the PS4 version and M$ spit some more money to make Titanfall 1 exclusive to the X1.

With the selling pace of the PS4, M$ would have to spend crazy money to make the franchise exclusive, and even then it would be stupid by EA/Respawn to accept an offer.

Ju2387d ago

While I would like to give this game a shot it won't make me buy a XBo. I'd rather spent $100 and upgrade my PC. XBo is a poc. The more I play it, the less I am willing to drop $500 on it. 720p...are they serious.

jmac532387d ago

No doubt EA is looking at the the PS4 outselling the XB1 3 to 1 and kicking themselves in the ass. If the PS4 keeps it up there is no way any money hat from MS is worth keeping it exclusive. You guys have to realize that these companies are not fanboys, they are businesses that like making money.

Ju2386d ago

EA just needs to look at their BF4 stats realizing that PS4 outplays the 360 ATM (and it's only getting better from there). Somebody must have got a donation there...doesn't make any business sense.

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unjust752386d ago

By the time Respawn gets to that you won't care anymore about this game and Sony will have some amazing titles by then. Furthermore if Titanfall does well expect the same thing to happen again. No way Microsoft will give this title to Sony if it's a hot commodity. That's what Microsoft does they buy stuff. They've been doing it since the 80s. They did it with COD map packs as well, which by now I would have figured it might have changed seeing that there are more PS3 owners now. I guess they shelled out more money to keep that going even with a dying game series.

Gabenbrah2387d ago

Whether the game is 720p or 1080p, it doesn't mean the game is bad, resolution is just pixels. Either way, I'll be playing Titanfall at 1440p on PC, cannot wait for this game.

Intentions2387d ago

A contradicting statement you just put there.

someoneagain62387d ago

Not at all. Gabenbrah would be playing at 1440p because that's his native resolution. To not would be the equivalent of XBO's upscaling.