Forza 5 On Xbox One Graphics Downgraded From E3 Build

Can you guess which Forza screen belongs to which build? Is the left or right the Xbox One? Can you tell? Is the left or right the E3 build? Can you tell? I'll give you a hint: The E3 build is the one with additional light passes, higher refraction, deeper shadow grades and per-object self-shadowing. Have you figured out which one is which?

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mhunterjr3235d ago

Having seen this two still images side by side, Forza 5 has suddenly become less fun. Thank you cinemablend /s

MysticStrummer3235d ago

Ah yes, the "sarcastic comment that ignores the point" approach.

Well done.

mhunterjr3235d ago

Well, please explain the point to me. Because I see a Launch game that didn't quite reach ALL of the development goals, But it still looks good and has still been well received. This is nothing new and isn't unique to any console...

So yeah, I'll be the first to admit, the point is lost on me.

mikeslemonade3235d ago

Gran Turismo 7 will finish the fight. Racing is lame though.

guitarded773235d ago

Maybe they forgot to install more cloud.

pompombrum3235d ago

Let him be, he knows the truth.. it's not because of a downgrade, the cloud was just down! Once the almighty cloud comes back up, it'll be pumping this bad boy out in all it's 4k glory.


hulk_bash19873235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

In all honesty a slight downgrade is not a big deal, as long as the core gameplay mechanics are still intact and fun then that is all that really matters. Just like when everyone was jumping on Killzone Shadowfall for allegedly having downgraded graphics, I did not notice it at all while playing nor does it affect how much fun I have playing the game.

ShinMaster3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Here's the previous comparison, in case anyone missed it:
Some downgrades are more obvious than others.

Not sure how the Western media missed the flat textures, low poly environments, baked and blurrier shadows and lower content(compared to previous games in the series).

Anarki3235d ago

Lets be honest. One was running on a super PC at E3 and the other is running on a console.

Is this native 1080p? there's a huge difference between the 2.

Mr Marvel3235d ago


I thought Killzone's graphics had been improved greatly since E3 due to all the lighting effects being added.

...or so I read on several sites.

Dan_scruggs3235d ago

The visual downgrade Uncharted 2 received (look it up) didn't result in a worse game. Most games have a visual downgrade from the demo builds. Doesn't make the game any less good.

deecee333235d ago

For those of you discussing it someone at NeoGAF did a comparison of KZSF at E3 versus now. The final build is actually *much* better looking, dead serious.

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corvusmd3235d ago

Especially since they are in different lighting and not a fair comparison. I guess when you're not having fun actually playing games, you just sit around all day trying to ruin other peoples fun.

ziggurcat3235d ago

I'll remember that the next time you ramble on about a Sony game's graphics being "downgraded"

ShinMaster3235d ago

Flatter textures, lower poly environments, aliasing, baked and blurrier shadows, lack of ambient lighting and AO and lower content(compared to previous games in the series)
Time to accept the facts.
Same lighting. Just worse.

PSX043235d ago

this isn't the only downgraded game on Xbox one ... what about ryse son of Rome .... Xbox one = higher price with lower performance

Sono4213235d ago

Okay let me explain the points for you :)

1. Decieveing: They showed a game earlier that they knew couldn't be performed on the final hardware.. so when the game was released the final version looked nothing like what was shown before launch. i mean if your okay with being lied to than sure this is a non issue.

2. Weak: If this is what's required to do in order to get 60 fps 1080p isn't that a bit sad? Especially when that advertisement they released a little while ago listed 1080p as a feature. How you people completely ignore the warning signs is ridiculous to me. Even ghosts can't run over 720p... Forza is using paper looking crowds! Thats some ps2 stuff right there..

mhunterjr3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

What they showed the game at e3 it was in development. Games often change quite a bit from the first time the are demoed to the time they are released. Anyone who based their expectations of Forza on the e3 demo, despite the fact that there is plenty of more recent media from which to gain an impression, have no one to blame but themselves.

Ignoring warning signs? Warnings of what? That the Xbox is less powerful than the ps4? There is no need for any signs. The spec sheet shows that very clearly. But I can't play a spec sheet. I play games. And I determine the quality of a game by how fun it is, not by how many pixels it pushes or how closely it resembles it's debut footage. Silly me.

What's sad is that people have become so preoccupied with visuals, that folks have completlely forgotten what gaming is about. Look at the lineup of both consoles. forget graphics for a minute. tell me one game that has brought something to GAMEPLAY that hasn't been done in previous generations? Forza, with its cloud powered AI is the ONLY ONE. To me, that's FAR more disappointing than resolution gate, or graphical downgrades.

So yeah, I still don't get the point.

supes_243235d ago

Exactly! Sono421, you took the words put of my mouth. I want an Xbox but after everything I've seen since day one has put me off. I'm a gamer and want both systems but after all the deceit, they can forget about getting my money. Too much lying involved on there part and can't be trusted IMO.

Sono4213235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Are you serious right now? No warning signs? How about the fact that Microsoft lies every time they open their mouths? Or the fact at the beginning they tried screwing gamer's over in the worst way possible? Or the fact that they are still trying to lie and say the cloud is the Xbox one's saving grace? They were even idiotic enough to say that the Xbox One is more powerful! Like seriously i'm sure you can put some idiotic fanboy spin on all those other things.. but the Xbox One being the weaker console is a well known fact. If you can't understand that they are just full of sh*t than I truly feel sorry for you.

As for your "what they showed was still in development" argument... usually that means from then on things will get BETTER not worse... like seriously how are you defending them releasing a game that's worse then what they've been demoing the whole time before launch?

How are you so okay with getting lied to at every turn? I literally get headaches trying to understand that.

mhunterjr3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Lol Can you even read? I said 'who needs warning signs' to see that the PS4 is more powerful when you can just look at the spec sheets...then I said I don't play spec sheets, I play games. There's no fanboy logic needed here, because I don't play games based on which system they come out on (i will own them all), I play based on how fun they are.

As far as games getting 'better' since their E3 build that isn't necessarily true either... typically games are just 'different' from their e3 build as developers make tweaks and chances to deliver an experience as close to their goals as possible. A good developer will get gameplay right before nailing all the graphical stuff. Game development is a moving target, especially when developer tools are still being finalized prior to a consoles launch. It's has nothing to do with deception. It has everything to do with tight schedules and the need to prioritize.

I understand your still hurt over drm, but anyone who's ever been involved in project management or engineering knows what it takes to deliver a product to market. And sometimes making and delivering a good product ON-TIME, means focusing core design, and cutting back on aesthetics. That's what happened here, and it happens ALL THE TIME with e3 demos. And Sony is, very famously, no exception. And it's really no big deal as long as the games are fun.

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WiiUsauce3235d ago

these Sony guys on N4G 24-7 clinging on to every little shred of negative Xbox One and Wii U posts. Don't they have a new console to be playing? Why are they here trolling every single hour of every single day?? lol

MrSwankSinatra3235d ago

And you must be on every article to even know that. Don't you have games to play?

Games_R_Us3235d ago

Wow, have you actually played it? Or are screenshot comparisons what we base gameplay on? I have it, am playing it and loving it. People need to realise games change from E3 builds and refinements to game are made. Its a load of fun Forza 5 and I highly recommend it.

medman3235d ago

The problem I have with Forza 5 as an outsider who has not played it, but has played it's previous iterations is this...this is supposed to be next gen so why are we not getting realistic weather or day night cycles? Why the limited number of cars and tracks? The game is pretty enough, even though I can't believe people are ready to let Microsoft off the hook for all their bullshot. They ran all their games on high end pc's pushing far more power than the xbone has and that was established early on at E3 and didn't change right up to launch. That is unacceptable. Getting back to the issue..when Gran Turismo 7 launches for PS4, I know that tracks, weather, lighting, day/night, etc. etc. won't be a problem. Why is it always an issue with Forza?

Evilsnuggle3235d ago

Shinmaster*** The so called game western media aka gamespot or polygon are in microscams pocket. And never report bad news about M$. Lower res or downgrades go unnoticed and non reported.

medman3235d ago

It was established long ago that everything Microsoft was running pre-launch at shows was on high end pc's with more power than would be available in the Xbone. So if you fell for the bait and switch that is a you problem. We tried to tell you.

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Moncole3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Almost every console game does this, its not surprising at all. They are called bullshots.

cyguration3235d ago

Nintendo games don't do this.

I'm not trying to start something... it's just, I've seen this excuse a lot but none of Nintendo games (or any of the PS4s, as far as I can tell) have had to downgrade following bullshots and promo trailers.

Moncole3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Thats why I said almost and not every game because there are a few devs who actually show how their game looks.

Gamer19823235d ago

Thats because nintendo games look like cartoons to be fair. They dont try to go for realism. Lets see what happens with this new Zelda shall we? I bet you it will look nothing like the E3 demo we last saw.

candoa3235d ago

Sony does this remember killzone 2 e3 footage, now compare that to the killzone 2 real footage. Now lets look at deep down when it was showed at the ps4 reveal date, now compare it to new footage. every developer does that the thing is that n4sony only focuses on microsoft bad press. Why don't you sony fanboys talk about how your getting charge to play online? why don't you guys focus on fixing your console? oh I know the excuses.. ps+ is a good deal, yeah keep telling yourself that I had a ps3 and I never once needed or wanted ps+ believe or not some people don't give a crap about old games that they have played already.

SniperControl3235d ago


"Sony does this remember killzone 2 e3 footage, now compare that to the killzone 2 real footage"

Actually, it is universally recognised that the final release graphics of KZ2 were better than the E3 KZ2 graphics footage.

I still remember the bullshot that MS released for Gears of War.

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Hicken3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

No, not almost every game does that.

At best, what they'll have at E3 is CG footage, which gameplay rarely ever lives up to. But the E3 build was playable. And it was played many times after that, all with the E3 build.

Most games don't then have a rather drastically downgraded retail version. And bullshots are touched up images, typically, not demos.

Edit: This isn't a "little" downgrade, though.

Moncole3235d ago

They use a PC to show off the game and than they downgrade it a little to run on a console.

OrangePowerz3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Turn 10 should be still called out on it. Killzone 2 got bashed into oblivion for using a CG trailer.

r213235d ago

Except Killzone Shadowfall.

medman3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Sony didn't have to do this with the PS4. Infamous Second Son looks great and it's a huge open world game. The Division stunned and it was supposedly running on a PS4 dev kit. There are many other games I could mention, but when you look at what has been released thus far for PS4, I don't have to. They look as they showed prelaunch, or better, at launch. You can't say the same for Microsoft's titles, excepting maybe Ryse, which apparently looks great but plays like hot garbage.

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Software_Lover3235d ago

10 "article" about the same thing.

FrigidDARKNESS3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

And it is nothibg bit a lie from the folks on the other side.
No other major gaming site said reported tjis while reviewing the final retail version of the game.

Software_Lover3235d ago

I don't know if it's a lie or not, I'm just saying why can't people just continue to discuss it on the hot article.

It's the same with the ps4/xbox defect articles. Make a problem seem worse than it is by constantly submitting different articles about the same issue.