Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Details 13th-19th June 2017

Neil writes "E3 2017 is in full swing but that doesn't mean we don't get the chance to grab a number of Xbox One and Xbox 360 bargains with the weekly Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight sale. Hell no and this week's sale is ready to roll with a number of decent discounts on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles. Want to check out the full set of discounts available in the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 13th-19th June 2017?"

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ApexWolf222557d ago

Really boring week, I thought E3 would bring a nice week.

dilbig52557d ago

Aren't all those always on sale?

2557d ago

Forza Horizon Games Ranked from Worst to Best

BLG writes: "When the Forza Horizon games franchise launched in 2012, it was an enjoyable spin-off of the highly successful simulation racer. A decade later, the Horizon series has overtaken Forza Motorsport series as one of, if not the, premiere driving video games of all time."

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SinisterMister711d ago

Don't think there's literally a "worst" Forza game man. Microsoft just makes these too damn good.

MaximusPrime_711d ago

Microsoft didn't develop (make) Forza, Playground Games did.

Microsoft simply published it.

SinisterMister711d ago

Ah okay. Thanks for the correction mate!

MadLad711d ago

I see no difference being they've only ever made games for Microsoft on Microsoft's dime for the entirety of their existence as a developer.

Godmars290711d ago

The amount of MTs and repeated attempts at rivalry towards Gran Turismo.

darthv72711d ago

@god, i think you are confusing motorsport with horizon. MS is compared to GT, Horizon isnt.

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MadLad711d ago


Care to explain how that has anything to do with anything here?

DOMination-711d ago

lol.. pedantic much? ^ PG and the Forza IP are owned by Microsoft.

FH5 may be a technical marvel but it's been a buggy mess since launch and PG seem intent to add new content without ever bothering to fix anything. Many of which were bugs that were also in FH4.

FH2 (still good but the structure was messed up - too much emphasis on grinding "roadtrips" which was tedious)

jznrpg711d ago (Edited 711d ago )

They didn’t buy Playground until 2018 or 2019 I forget which year but it hasn’t been that long . The first Forza came out in 2005 . So most of the games were published by MS at the time but they didn’t own PlayGround. MS doesn’t make good studios in general , they buy them .

DOMination-711d ago

When Sony buys a studio after working with them for a couple of games, people on here call it an "organic purchase". MS & Playground made three very good games, based on an existing IP using an engine made by Turn 10 before purchasing them. But it is still pedantic. Shall we say that Sony didn't make The Last of Us? Or that they don't "own" the first 12 Ratchet & Clank games because they only purchase Insomniac a few years back? We all know what they meant.

Anyway, Forza Motorsport has always been developed by Turn 10. Which Microsoft built from the ground up. So when you refer to games from 2005, your point about only buying studios is completely wrong.

darthv72711d ago

You left out a FH2, there were two versions. The one made for XBO by playground and the one made for 360 by sumo digital. There are enough differences to warrant each one being on its own.

monkey602711d ago

FH3 is my favourite by a long shot. I got surprisingly bored of FH5 quick enough unfortunately so that's down the bottom of my list

sammarshall102711d ago

Yeah I think this series peaked with Forza Horizon 3

Orbilator711d ago

I really dont care for any of the horizons. Hate having to do what I'm told. Forza 7 was the same, I didn't want to do anything other than race cars. But it made me drive lorries!!!..

Technically they all good games but I want the next Forza to be a proper car racer, all the trucks etc can be put under an arcade racing section which I never have to go into.

MrBaskerville710d ago

The mandatory gimmick races are a bit of a bad habit in FM games, atleast since 5. Also dislike the heavy amount of unskipable cutscenes and dialouge in FM5 and perhaps 7.

Azraeia710d ago

Tbh I found FH3 to actually be my favourite and the one I played the most.

The one I got bored of very quickly was 4. Wasn't a fan of the seasons and driving round England was boring cause its where I live. Got very old quick.

glennhkboy710d ago

I still think 2 (Xbox One version) is my personal best. Driving an Italian supercars on an Italian highway just feel so "right"!!!!! "2" make me understand why Italian make those supercars.

I don't know why so many do not like 4. I like the seasonal change & dramatic weather change. 5 seems to dial the weather change way way down that the weather seldom change (Is the real Mexico really has such a perfect weather all the time?).

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How the Sophisticated Sky Capturing Brings the Forza Horizon Franchise to Life

KeenGamer: "The advanced sky capturing gives the Forza Horizon franchise a natural and realistic feeling. Yet, it's a long process from capturing to complete in-game sky. It's a technology that was introduced during the development of Forza Horizon 3, which provided more beauty and were widely praised by players."

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iplay1up21070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )

Forza 4 looks really great now that Series updates have been applied. In Forza 5 Microsoft uses photo technology throughout the entire game. The volcano setting in Mexico looks amazing!

Lightning771070d ago

All this sky tech will no doubt make its way into the new Fable.

Rimeskeem1069d ago

Da Cloud jokes coming in 3...2....

Sol4ris1069d ago

Incredible looking game, and it's not even powered by the next iteration of the ForzaTech engine which is still developed by Turn10.
Time to flex that 12TF.

VariantAEC1062d ago

Maybe that's why it looks so meh to me.