Forza Horizon 3 Might Be Delisted in September

Forza Horizon 3 delisting possibly set to happen in September since the game is featuring a deep sale, while also getting to that point where other franchise titles were getting delistings.

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monkey60239d ago

Its way too soon for this to happen

MasterChief362439d ago

It's consistent with the other Forza games being delisted. Forza Motorsport 5 was delisted in September 2017, Forza Horizon 2 was delisted in September 2018, Forza Motorsport 6 in September 2019. The delistings seem to occur 4 years after their initial release. You can expect Motorsport 7 to follow in September 2021 and Horizon 4 in September 2022.

4 years is a reasonable amount of time to pick them up. And if you haven't, they always have these deep sales (and give them away on Xbox Live Gold, I think) so you have a final chance to get them!

And at least you can always get them physically. They're not too expensive. The problem is the DLC isn't generally in those physical ones.

dumahim39d ago

I'm guessing they're going to make sure FM7 and FH4 don't get delisted that soon since the next Forza game may not be until 2022.

Razmiran39d ago

It sucks but there isnt that much to be done
They would have to renew contracts and they probably want one game less to patch to work at whatever settings 4 will work on the new consoles

badz14939d ago

Delisted? As in you can't buy it digital anymore? Damn...maybe I should head up to the MS store to see this deep sale. How much is it?

monkey60238d ago

I have it and the Hot Wheels DLC. May check how much the snow mountain add on is going for myself

LordoftheCritics39d ago

Forza Horizon 3 was one of my fav games this entire generation. Grab it before its gone.

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MasterChief362439d ago

No, it's 100% confirmed to be delisted in September. @ForzaHorizon on Twitter confirmed it.

TheColbertinator39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Unfortunate as it is my favorite Forza

Ausbo38d ago

Doesn’t mean it will be unplayable. Just means you can’t buy it anymore.

Sciurus_vulgaris39d ago

The cost of renewing licenses vs the revenue that the game is earning.

autobotdan39d ago

Why ask why? Try Forza dry

Donnie8139d ago

The best game this generation and it’s not even close.

Redlife2g39d ago

Lmao ok that's going a little to far

Donnie8138d ago

I don’t think so at all. I just really enjoyed it. Anything wrong with that?

caddytrek39d ago

Is it also the only game you played by chance?

OtterX39d ago

That's a stretch. It was my favorite XBox exclusive game this gen that I played, but that's not really saying a whole lot. There were plenty of other games on PS4 and Switch that I still enjoyed more, but I did enjoy this one quite a bit as well. More than Horizon 4 actually.

Donnie8138d ago

Opinions everyone has them. It’s cool

OtterX38d ago

@Donnie81 It is a really great game, in that we can agree. Better than any Need For Speed in about a decade and 1/2.

kayoss39d ago

Lol, I see quarantine really messed you up, mentally.

Donnie8138d ago

I’ve not been quarantined one day . Not missed a second of work. I’d love a few weeks off to tackle the backlog

kayoss38d ago

So you’re telling me you naturally think this way...

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