EA Explains Titanfall's Exclusivity on Xbox and PC

Titanfall is releasing exclusively for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC in March, 2014, and will never make its way to the PlayStation 4. In a recent statement, an executive at publisher EA explained the business reasons behind the shooter's exclusivity.

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GusHasGas1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

"And while Titanfall will always be a Microsoft exclusive, EA said that any potential sequels could possibly be coming to PS4."


Lol why the disagrees

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HammadTheBeast1795d ago

Well, let's see if the game's good anyways.

And this just shows, if you want a PS4, in the long run you'll have the best games.

FamilyGuy1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

This "explanation" is pretty much bull, I want to know the actual amount of money M$ spent to keep this off PS platforms. Yes platformS, with an S at the end.
They're bringing it to 360 (though some dev other than Respawn is doing the port) so it could have been on PS3 and PS4. The PS3 has an install base of 80 million, that's a pretty big number of possible sales to ignore in favor of a payout.
Some perspective: GTA 5 just broke sales records a few months ago and it ONLY released on PS3 and 360. Titanfall is a highly anticipated title, to ignore so many users EA would have to be idiots so MS had to have paid some enormous amount for this deal.

badz1491795d ago

"Titanfall is releasing exclusively for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC..."

don't people understand the meaning of the word "exclusive" anymore? mentioned "exclusive" and then put a list of platforms which makes the word irrelevant!

"Titanfall is releasing exclusively for Microsoft's platforms (360, Xbone and Windows)"


Funnymonkey0131795d ago

It's not really exclusiive as u can get it on PC so I think ur the one who needs to learn what exclusive is. Exclusive means it's on one platform not on 2 different platform witch is PC.

dcj05241795d ago

@Funky Sly 4 is a Playstation Exclusive. Dragon's Crown is a Playstation Exclusive.

_FantasmA_1795d ago

Thats like saying your wife is exclusively yours and faithful even though she gets around.

TedCruzsTaint1795d ago

It's still exclusive to one next-gen console, and that seems to be a big deal.

Edward751795d ago

@ dcj0524

Dragons crown is on the vita also sent it? So is it an exclusive?

badz1491795d ago


yes, it it a Playstation exclusive.

tordavis1795d ago

God Of War games PSP/PS2/PS3 are exclusive to Playstation. Titanfall is exclusive to Xbox/Microsoft. Get it?

leejohnson2221795d ago

I will just play it on the PC and enjoy naughty dog, Santa Monica, media molecule etc etc etc etc, shooters get boring, it's a not a huge deal, mass effect trilogy came to ps3 and I think most people were over the first game anyway, titian fall will not be they only good game to come out on next gen, no need to fixate

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True_Samurai1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

keyword "could" not will ;-)

solidsheep1795d ago

Hell will freeze over before EA turns its back to a revenue stream.

Majin-vegeta1795d ago

Lol looking at how much the PS4 sold and how much it will sell you think EA won't want too??

medman1795d ago

You're getting disagrees because nobody really cares about TitanFall on PS4. The PS4 will have plenty of stellar exclusives not available on the Xbone, just as the PS3 has had this gen. Not to mention it's available on the PC, so it's not truly a Microsoft "exclusive".

NewWhiteFeather1795d ago

No, it's not an Xbox One exclusive. It is truly a Microsoft exclusive.

NateCole1795d ago

Its a really really big loss for them though.

This was EA's chance to beat Acti's COD's sales wise.

This was THAT franchise that could have done it. Now they have completely botched its roll out this gen.

The impact of this decision will not just affect the sales of Titanfall for its first iteration but its sales for future iteration.

Establishing a brand new franchise you want to be a best seller will require being on all platforms. That's what Ubi did with AC and now Watch dogs. Acti with COD and soon Destiny.

If ever a future Titafall comes to the PS4 it will find Destiny and Watch dogs established on the PS4 and a host of top PS exclusives to compete with.

There is no question the PS4 will lead and will most likely continue to lead. Basically they screwed up.

forcefullpower1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )


Your bang on with this they just screwed something that could be huge. The only saving they have is that the pc crowd may help it but with so many new shooters coming out it may get lost in heap.

dale_denton1795d ago

Nate, everything you just said was on spot. bubble.

MIDNIGHT 211795d ago

disagrees are from people who at one time made sensationalistic claims about their favorite system having something they really wanted (because hey lets face it TITANFALL looks really compelling ) BUT they are so proud of their favorite system that when the truth of the matter comes out they are not getting it ,and these claims are so one sidedly ridiculous LOOK both systems will be GREAT these companies are not in the gamer biz ,they started that way BUT to continue "feeding the machine" its now about money FOR BOTH COMPANIES! so if you see games you want on the system that may not be your favorite then go buy that system ! im an XBOX guy all the way but that didn't stop me from playing masterpeices like uncharted and heavy rain ! plus whats with you guys if the PS4 is so great and has so much more and is the best why are you all on N4G? lol shouldn't you be on that new system rather than trolling or obsesivly watching what XBOX is up to since they are totally sinking their own ship lol logic says maybe you should buy both instead of hating so bad it really makes us all look like a bunch of bi****s as a whole and I know we really are all pretty good people ? yea??

DestinyHeroDoomlord1795d ago

Your disagrees says it all haha ( 2 paragraphs wouldn't hurt though :p)

AngelicIceDiamond1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

@Gus I'm guessing the disagrees are from the earlier announcement when EA stated Titanfall is an exclusive to X1 and all the Sony fans went berserk and started bashing the game.

And now your agree count is evidence that PlayStation fans really do want Titanfall and the disagrees are just the general hypocrisy from Sony fans from there earlier reaction from EA previous statement regarding TitanFall's exclusivity.

Sleepless1795d ago

Totally agree. Titanfalls articles are full of Ps4fanboys....and thats not because they dont care about Titanfall. They know they care, but its hard to admit.

Hey but as they always like to say....I can play it on PC. (Favourite shield)

"Like if for console players playing with K/M was in the same league"

Now you can start the disagrees...I know you are there

Jaces1795d ago

I've already got my PC version on preorder. :D

Blackdeath_6631795d ago

will get it on pc eventually but if truth be told i don't quite understand the hype

Jaces1795d ago

Neither did I until I played it, got that chance earlier this year at Gamescom. Waited in line 3 more times 3 hours total's something you have to play to understand. Blistering fast combat, mechs running all over the place, the whole parkour aspect is a blast and opens the game up to more areas and strategies.

It's really a treat and much more than CoD ever was. Think Warhawk and CoD had a kid and his pet was a mech, that and it's so much more refined and smooth than both.

mercyless91795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

titanfall has strong dev team working on it (guys frm mw1 mw2) ,it means a lot to MS like halo or gow franchise so its a dealbreaker for their nex-gen console against ps4 so theyre heavily focusing on it. and its on PC only coz most of em run on windows lol

reaperofsouls1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Not interested in titanfall as it is just like an overrated , overhyped COD multiplayer clone with mechs in it.

hardcorehippiez1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

me neither , im looking forward to h hour more than anything but of course i'll play lots of others while, waiting starting with bf4 and killzone sf . Titanfall if it comes ill try out if not oh well

donman11795d ago

Looks like i will be playing it on the PC then. Otherwise WiiU/PS4 for my console needs.

BX811795d ago

@lonchaneytv I hope so. I would rather pay for expansions than have a new game every year. There is not enough investment into a game when it releases every year. Cod 4 was well spaced, it needed one more map pack IMO.

seedaripper19731795d ago

I wonder if EA would like tomato ketchup with the words they are about to eat??

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GraveLord1795d ago

"Microsoft paid us a truckload of money"

aviator1891795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Probably, but it seems as though microsoft also aided them with development costs of the game and marketing, which most likely took some pressure off of ea and respawn during zampella's/west's legal clashes with activision and in their process of forming a new studio and creating a brand new ip.

OrangePowerz1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Not sure about that, Respawn seemed kind of surprised by the fact that the game is now fully exclusive after EA made the deal behind their backs.

pompombrum1795d ago

This pretty much. When Microsoft let publishers know of their DRM box, I imagine EA were the first to want to jump into bed with them.

Still, Microsoft have a proven record of working with studios, just have to look at the Gears of War series for this proof.. they took a great game and made it into an iconic series.

Having said that though, I have to wonder how much releasing it on the PC is going to cost them. If I was Microsoft, i'd be pushing for pure Xbox One exclusiveness. That would have been huge however I see no reason why I'd pick the Xbox One version over PC especially seeing how very few of my friends are investing in an Xbox One at this stage.

NateCole1795d ago

It looks lit it was EA's way of softening the blow of not being on the leading last gen HD console and leading current gen console.

Being on PC will soften the blow for them somewhat

TedCruzsTaint1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Let's just hope it doesn't end up being Windows 8 exclusive. While they will be shooting themselves in the foot considering, much like XP, I see Windows 7 being the gamer's OS for a long while, with this being a largely Microsoft backed game I do see them using this as a way to try and get people to upgrade to 8.
I will not be one of those people if so. I think the game looks good, but not that good.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1795d ago

The first gears of war was on pc too

pompombrum1795d ago

^^^ But came out a fair bit of time after the Xbox 360 version.

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showtimefolks1795d ago

Patcher said MS covered the cost of the game selling on ps3/ps4. So let's say Titanfall would have sold 4 million copies on ps4 than MS paid that amount

i don't like MS paying or even sony paying for 3rd party stuff, because that money should be invested into their internal 1st-2nd party studios

people who are not getting xbox one like me(don't have time for 2 systems, still haven't gotten my ps4 yet lol) can still play it if they want on a pc

OrangePowerz1795d ago

Given how EA is pushing the game as the next CoD killer I would expect them to aim higher for PS3 and PS4 combined sales more in the region of 7-10 million.

showtimefolks1795d ago


i was only giving a random number example wise, i know EA is much smarter and would have known that Titanfall will sell atleast 6-10 million on PlayStation

so that's one hefty check MS wrote, yet its still playable without a xbox console.

JasonKCK1795d ago

I would bet MS cashed in it's Mass Effect chips. Back when EA bought Bioware MS published the first Mass Effect and let it go to EA without a fuss. MS could have used it's army of lawyers but they didn't.

Hicken1795d ago

What could they have done? They published the first game, but didn't own the IP. How would they have had any legal recourse to prevent the game from going to other consoles?

LordMaim1795d ago

Their publishing contract was up. There was no back room deal.

JasonKCK1795d ago

Hicken Dude!!! Please stop following me around "every day" Stop spamming me PM's when you run out of bubbles, stop stalking me, go find someone else to troll. I have blocked you, ignored you, and you still follow me like a shadow. I am not here for YOU!

Your attachment to me is annoying. LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Do you understand?

JasonKCK1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

I said "I would bet" not that it was fact. Obviously there is a deal going on because MS got the first game exclusive. No one knows but EA and MS, which again makes what I said just an opinion. Just like when people jump and say "MS is paying them" with zero evidence.

Hicken1795d ago

Then you would lose that bet. Yes, there was a deal, but the fact that the developers were caught unawares says it was late into development. The most likely result of that is MS signing checks.

By the way, people say that so often because it's happened. And because it seems as likely an answer as any when suspicious and/or bizarre things happen surrounding their games or consoles. They paid their way into the industry, and are paying to keep themselves there.

I don't "spam" you PMs because you blocked me after one comment where I pretty much proved your comments all lies and BS. You claimed some crap about MS responding to the RROD within months, and I PROVED you wrong, and you blocked me in your butthurt.

I don't "stalk" you, because most of your comments are too stupid to respond to. In fact, I've responded to TWO of your comments a total of FOUR times(three comments, one edit) over the past two weeks. If you call that stalking... well, we both already know you've got problems.

I don't really care if you've ignored me. You make a comment, and if I feel like it, I'll respond. Don't want that to happen? Stop letting your idiot show.

You're here as an Xbox fanboy and troll, which is obviously not for me. But you spreading lies, BS, FUD, and all the other WRONG you fill your posts with is annoying. Don't bitch at me because your comments are retarded. Educate yourself, and I won't have reason to call you out.

JamieL1794d ago

@ jason
Don't worry man, ol' hick's just a chick
The Stalking and talkin $hit’s, constant
He doesn't get it, not even a little bit.
Don't worry about him, he anit worth it.
Can't argue with a fool, or a complete tool.
He acts like a child in the yard at school.
You can't even challenge him to a duel,
safe behind a screen, nothing we can do.
Just don’t let his childish @$$ bother you.

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MoveTheGlow1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Seriously, they basically said that in the article. We'll see this over and over this generation - no dev studio has the Cell to blame or anything, exclusives will mostly be based on moneyhats. That's not necessarily a bad thing - the kind of money that both MS and Sony will pay out to these companies is the money that helps a game be developed, polished, and tested.

What I love about many of these exclusives though is "And PC" being tagged on. The architecture for both systems translates really well to PC - I've got a PC ready to go, and if you've got the cash, so should you this gen.

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KILLERAPP1795d ago

I wonder how EA feels now that PS4 has sold over a million consoles in 24 hours.

GusHasGas1795d ago

They probably feel kind of happy.

Ea is also developing exclusive PS4 content. Who knows if an EA game which is exclusive to the PS4 is on the way?

TKCMuzzer1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

There probably won't be a game exclusive, Sony tend to get content exclusive, their more likely to invest the money in their own studios than throw it at EA.

asmith23061795d ago

My @ss they are happy about it. They under estimated the PS4 in my opinion. No publisher is willing going to say no to a console that sells over 1m on launch day. Then again, how were they to know :)

MorePowerOfGreen1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

I'm sure they knew it would do well and was thought of in the deal. Probably got much more cash from MSFT than what they would of made on a decent amount of consoles sold which not all those owners would buy the game.

XBOX will beat those PS4 numbers in the US alone on launch day and then sell that many consoles at the launch of the game.

They probably don't feel much considering Sony doesn't have the type of online infrastructure on par to XBL cloud compute.

MysticStrummer1795d ago

Too bad the biggest gaming market doesn't have the necessary online infrastructure either.

finbars751795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

lol. You might want to check your preorder numbers Green 3:1 ratio is no joke. In the US there done especially after two dissapointing announcements today with region lock kinect and no Twitch Tv until next year which are pretty big deal,especially the thousands of gamers who wanted to stream cod ghost and other games. I cant even see them outselling the PS4 in 24 hours even with there world wide launch or half ass world launch. I cant even imagine the numbers once EU and the rest of the world get a hold of the PS4 the numbers arent going to lie.

TKCMuzzer1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

What is wrong with you? I know your an Xbox fan but you come out with some of the most ridiculous comments ever. If there are people like you playing on online many more will switch over to Sony just to get away....

On another note, you may want to stay away when the PS4 launches in Europe, your not going to like the numbers that come your way....

Jughead34161795d ago

You aren't being realistic. Do you even know what you're talking about?

SpideySpeakz1795d ago

"XBOX will beat those PS4 numbers in the US alone on launch day and then sell that many consoles at the launch of the game."

Bookmarked for reference.

Holeran1795d ago

Do you really believe the drivle you are writing?

OrangePowerz1795d ago

Let`s start at the beginning. EA jumped onto the MS train when MS was doing the DRM, that was around the same time that EA was so nice to dump their online pass.

Xbox One started production after the PS4 and they release in more countries at the same time so that means there are less units available for launch because the amount of units is split up between more countries. Even if the Xbox one would sell more in the US, it`s just one market while Sony has the rest of the world. we have seen this gen that you can have higher world wide sales without being 1st in the US.

If you would play online games on both 360 and PS3 you would know that playing them is identical on both systems. Play a game like BF or CoD online and you will notice there is practically no difference in online play. Titanfall has no cloud features, what EA and MS claim is that the game uses the cloud for the AI but that`s the same that has been done in any online game (as example since the first MMO ever launched) that has NPCs that those are done on the server side because you would never do the AI calculations on the client side in an online game.

LordMaim1795d ago

I honestly don't even know where to start disagreeing with you, that's how much trouble I'm having with what you just said. It's staggering, really. I suppose for that you deserve congratulations, of a sort.

ShinnokDrako1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

nvm, EDIT cause i was commenting to a troll (MorePowerOfGreen). Waste of typing, damn.