Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII: How Snow And Other FFXIII Heroes Changed

Siliconera spoke with producer Yoshinori Kitase to talk about how the characters evolved and why they added Final Fantasy crossover costumes.

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DCfan1799d ago

You can't say good things about this game around here

The Killer1799d ago

square enix did all they could to ruin FF franchise.

sad really. in ps1 they release 3 killer FF titles. in ps2 era, they released only 1 killer title. and in ps3, well, from what i saw and heard, its no where near in greatness to the past killers.

ff vs 13 is taking more than 6 years and still nothing!

goldwyncq1799d ago

Funny how before FFXV was announced, all you read in FFXIII articles were "Where's Versus XIII?" or "Lightning sux" and not even a single good thing about it.

WildArmed1799d ago

Agreed, after watching the game play video awhile ago (or was it a trailer?), I am really looking forward to it

Hicken1799d ago

I happen to quite like Vanille. She and Sazh were my favorite characters in XIII.

maximus19851799d ago

as long as the world of 13 ends as promised ill be satisfied.

moegooner881799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Fang is one of my fav Final Fantasy characters, can't wait for her to make a comeback.