Need For Speed: Rivals Runs at 1080p 30 FPS Resolution on PS4 and Xbox One confirms EA

EA has officially confirmed that Need For Speed: Rivals on Xbox One and PS4 will run at 1080p i.e 1920x1080 resolution at 30 FPS.

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rela82me1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

I thought one version was to be better than the other? I suppose it will be small a difference if both were able to achieve same resolution and framerate. Good to see the XO was able to achieve parity for the most part.

JokesOnYou1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Parity? Well you shouldn't be surprised, Forza 5 is 1080p 60fps, been highly praised at every showing and won the best driving game at Gamescom compared to other notable racers that have been shown theres really just no way to deny how amazing Forza 5 is in gameplay and visuals.

Tooly1811d ago

forza has nothing on this need for speed

pivotplease1811d ago

I guess exclusives would obviously be able to pull those stats off due to optimization. Pretty sure drive club and the vast majority of exclusive PS3 racers are 1080p and 60fps. I think he just means its good the developers weren't lazy pieces and succumbed to the ESRAM hurdle like infinity ward.

rela82me1811d ago

I agree jokes, I am MUCH more excited for Forza 5, I just like to hear that there is parity on some third party titles. I actually am JUST now getting into racers so Forza 5 will be my first racer I have ever actually bought since I was a kid and bought Road Rash for the PC. Whether or not to get Forza Day 1 is my only question now.

decrypt1811d ago

30fps and they call this next gen. Just get a PC with a 200usd GPU enjoy 60fps lol.

Boody-Bandit1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Forza and NFS are two completely different animals. NFS is an open world racer with a lot of destruction, variable traffic, variable surfaces, vehicles (land and air), flashing lights and fx, night time and weather effects.

Forza 5 is a pretty standard racing game. Albeit one of the better ones or made. There is no variable conditions, variable surfaces, weather, night time or destruction other than normal crashes. Unless Turn 10 upped their game they are not dramatic crashes.

Honestly everything I saw on Forza 5 so far has me thinking it's a lot like 2 was when it premiered on the X360 vs Forza the original on the XBOX. F5 is a step up from 4 but not a dramatic step up. That is why it's running at 1080p 60fps.

I have watched a ton of movies on F5 and it's just not that big a step up from 4. It's more like the step up 4 was from 3. It was noticeable but not a significant leap.

Evil_Abed1811d ago

pivot...please check your info. DriveClub is NOT 60fps. Never has been.

Mister_Dawg1811d ago

Dude its clear people are just disagreeing because they have something against you.

Guess they only get access to the family pc for an hour or two before bedtime, so they have to be prats as fast as possible.

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Magicite1811d ago

Project Cars and The Crew destroys Forza.
Burn nonbelievers!

mewhy321811d ago

Able to achieve parity????? R U guys serious. That's not an achievement of the bone but rather the devs developing toward the lowest denominator xbox.

fenome1811d ago


It will be by release, mark my words. Why do you think it got delayed? Have you seen it? It's practically photo-realistic. Disagree all you want, but you can't deny it :D

Keep in mind, this is a gif, not even a video...

Xsilver1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Both MP and Sp in KZ is 60 fps :/ just saying.
and DriveCLub is aiming to achieve 1080p/60fps

1811d ago
Xsilver1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

"Contrary to what I thought the single player mode isn't locked to 30 but varies from 30 to 60, so I've encoded a 60 fps version of the video!"By Gamersyde

it is 60fps it just isn't locked :/ .

duli141811d ago

''A user asked Jessica: "NFS rivals is 1080P 30fps on all nextgen consoles", and to this reply came: "This is correct, thanks!"

''However no details was revealed by Jesssica whether this resolution was a native one or upscaled from lower to higher resolution.''

There might be a catch, The resolution is not confirmed to be native 1080p.

mistertwoturbo1811d ago

"PS4 doesn't have a single 1080p/60FPS exclusive at all THUS FAR. Not that it means anything, just informing you."


Ninjamonkey821811d ago

I'd take the Forza comment seriously if they where pulling off some proper effects. Weather day night environments.

A lot more cars. I don't know i guess it was easy for them to gloss up to 1080p when they just did what Cod Ghosts with the game tbh there's nothing new here two be offered and don't make me laugh with teh cloud please.

Next gen your meant to push and that's not just claiming AI.

I remember looking at turimso prolog in 1080p when PS3 came out and thinking wow ;) and knowing they hadn't pushed a thing yet.

But in xbox ones case i wonder -_-.

pyramidshead1811d ago

Have you ever seen Forza 5 and Forza 4 against each other?

Just out of curiosity...

5 looks incredibly like 4 but with more gloss.

Boody-Bandit1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

"Have you ever seen Forza 5 and Forza 4 against each other?

Just out of curiosity...

5 looks incredibly like 4 but with more gloss."

I couldn't agree more.
I watched the Bernese Alps side by side video several times over. I probably logged 100 hundred hours on that one track on Forza 4. Most of the differences are subtle. Forza 5 just looks slightly more detailed, lighten effects are different (not better but different) and the cars in Forza 5 have more detail.

Does Forza 5 look better than 4? Definitely.
Is it significant? That's debatable.

It is definitely a step up from 4 but not a huge step up. I LOVE FORZA. I am being 110% honest and without bias. Something sorely lacking on this site with some. Forza 5 looks great but I'm definitely not in awe over it.

I did notice that Turn 10 added some life to the tracks by adding to the backgrounds. That's a nice addition but personally I would have rather they added things most Forza fans have been clamoring for like variable surfaces, night time, weather effects, rally, etc. But they didn't.

It is strictly a rubber meets tarmac racer without all those things I listed. That is why they are able to maintain 1080p 60fps.

UltimateMaster1810d ago

Is Forza 5 really 60fps, I wonder?

Boody-Bandit1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

"Is Forza 5 really 60fps, I wonder?"

I guess we will know in a couple weeks. At this point nothing would surprise me with the X1. But the past couple Forza games were smooth as silk. Than again this is new hardware.

I'm wondering if some of the pop up from the earlier build has been done away with.

JackISbacK1807d ago

yeah you are right but pleae keep forza talks away ,yeah it is an amzing game i also getting it but this article is having nothing to do with forza ,i'am asking kindly .we willl have great time with both games at least they are very different kind of games ,but now i think that ea will take that comment back about one console having better graphics and i think they are learning how to use esram and i also hope activison to announce that cod ghost is 1080p 60fps on xbox one .

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bromtown1811d ago

The whole Battlefield/ COD resolution saga has made people think that resolution and framerate are the only things any extra power available can be used for. Not the case, if one is better than the other there are myriad ways that could manifest. Better particles, better draw distance, more objects on screen, lighting, shaders, better anti-aliasing etc etc.

There's more to how it looks than resolution and fps.

1811d ago
AngelicIceDiamond1811d ago

So are devs legitimately having problems with X1 and ESRAM usage?

Is it a handful of devs, some devs here and there or whats the case on this.

1811d ago
raWfodog1811d ago

The ESRAM issue has been talked about but, honestly, I don't think it will be a big issue except to those that want to make a big deal out of it. I think reasonable people will acknowledge that the X1 will have some beautiful exclusive games that will take advantage of the architecture.

I, myself, am more interested in getting the PS4 first (sometime next year) because they have more games that I am interested in playing first. I will eventually get an X1 sometime after that. My son and I will eventually build a high-end PC after that. I just enjoy playing games and don't get caught up in all the fanboy banter.

AngelicIceDiamond1811d ago


Yeah I agree i believe X1 will produce some very nice looking games.

The PS4 is a great console to buy first. That would be great if your getting both but settling with PS4 for a while is just fine.

Lol I wish I had money to build my own PC from scratch. And I highly I don't like getting caught up in this fanboy nonsense. I don't know why ppl just can't enjoy there console an move on.

dantesparda1809d ago

Its sad how pathetic you ms fanboys are. The X1 is a complete and utter letdown, face it!

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n4rc1811d ago

They said one surprised them.. Not that one was better

Makes sense now if x1 runs the same as the ps4 version

porkChop1811d ago

No. They said one version looked a little better and was on par with the PC version.

thehitman1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Umm racing games should not be used as a reference to console power. With that said it still doesnt mean both games will look the same. One version could still have better effects, textures and consistent frame rates.

Edit: what brom said lol

nirwanda1811d ago

??? That statement doesn't really make alot of sense, if this looked better than crysis would you still say the same thing.
Does a game have to be an fps to be accepted graphically.

thehitman1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

I never mentioned fps but games with inanimate objects such as cars that are not dynamically moving such as a human or some type of character with lots of dynamic interaction with the environment will not require as much resources. Making metal and plastic look real doesn't take much and the ai/physics doesn't either compared to other things. Also comparing crysis to NFS is not apples to apples

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MorePowerOfGreen1811d ago

"Good to see the XO was able to achieve parity for the most part."

What? explain *parity for the most part* please!

rela82me1811d ago

Only based on speculation and lack on information; there was the rumor that the PS4 version may be better in some way.

Visiblemarc1811d ago

Actually, this is simple. This is based on a hands on article posted here several weeks ago where it was stated that while the Xbox one version looked good, the PS4 build currently looked better than even the PC version (for some reason). The gist of the hands on was that this game was PS4>PC>XB1. Most of the speculation you're seeing in comments is based (right or wrong) on this one particular hands on article.

Visiblemarc1811d ago

Found the article:

Skimming it, I think the better-than-xb1 part was just assumptiom based on all the other leaks regarding performance. Still, this shows you one of the sources of the idea that the PS4 might be the definitive version.

pyramidshead1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Simple. One console was said to be almost identical to the PC version.

Later on another article stated that they were playing on a PS4 and then played it on a PC and there wasn't much difference.

Putting 2 & 2 together it's probably the PS4 version that's the better version and the XB1 has sacrificed some areas to achieve resolution parity. "parity for the most part"

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solar1811d ago

Your next gen is here!!

Lboogieskells1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Because they're the same resolution doesn't mean they look the same.

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sigfredod1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

I hope that the PS4 is at least 1080p native, if upscaled plus 30fps i will wait for driveclub :(

Cherchez La Ghost1811d ago

Well a HDTV running 120hz or 240hz will make games run smooth anyways.

GarrusVakarian1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )


How smooth the game runs depends on the games framerate. A 30fps game on a 240hz TV doesn't make it a 240hz game.

Sigh, its a shame that big corporations lie to people who don't know any better.

Cherchez La Ghost1811d ago

No, that's what I was not saying. The frame rates go from 2x in 120z & 4x in 240z. I'm not implying a 240hz game. I was just stating that games look smoother in 120hz & 240hz HDTV's. Not the frame rate.

Blacktric1811d ago

ITT; people who have no idea how interpolation works.

someoneagain1811d ago

Those TV smoothing techniques dramatically increase input lag.

Baka-akaB1811d ago

Tv posts effects can make it better , but more often worse with console gaming

Neonridr1811d ago

While a 240hz TV may make a game "appear" smoother due to frame interpolation (simulating additional frames to make up for the increased refresh rate), it usually ends up increasing the input lag on the TV due to all the post processing...

Cherchez La Ghost1811d ago

Well, forgive me on your comment. But I haven't experienced the "input lag" on my Samsung. Samsung & Sony has the best "240hz & 120hz" HDTV's on the market today. Games run smooth as butter.

Neonridr1811d ago

@Cherchez - I have a 55" Sony (HX729) that has the 240Hz MotionFlow. I always set the TV mode to GAME as that creates the minimum amount of lag. I couldn't tell you if all the motionflow settings are enabled, but I know a lot of the reality creation and artifact crushing are disabled because they do add to the display lag on the TV.

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Avernus1811d ago

This looks to be one of those articles I come just to read the comments for...*grabs popcorn*

TRD4L1fe1811d ago

thats just about every article in N4G