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Killzone: Shadow Fall: Single Player 60fps Gameplay [Offscreen]

Gamersyde: The Paris Games Week just opened its doors this morning, welcoming those who had spent the night waiting in line hoping to get one of the 500 Prestige Edition packs promised by Activision for the first visitors of the Call of Duty: Ghosts booth. Though it was pretty interesting to study the human condition and see those guys packed like cattle in the middle of the night, one of the real highlights of our evening there yesterday was our first hands-on session with Killzone: Shadow Fall. (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

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Enemy  +   488d ago | Well said
So the frame rate varies between 60 and 30 in single player, while being 1080p native and undoubtedly being the best looking console game of 2013.

Nice job on your first PS4 game, Guerrilla. Imagine they would have had more time with it.
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scott182  +   488d ago
I have to agree, while battlefield is very impressive, I do think KZ:SF is visually the game to beat for me...
Themba76  +   488d ago
i bought both ill find out on the 15'th
dantesparda  +   488d ago
me to
MWong  +   487d ago
Same here, I bought both BF4 & KZ:SF. KZ will have BF4 beat in resolution for native resolution KZ is 1080p in both SP & MP. While I think BF4 is 1080p SP & 900p MP. But, nonetheless both look amazing.
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mewhy32  +   487d ago
BF4 is impressive but let's be honest. Shadowfall is a much better looking game, and actually has a story.
NewMonday  +   487d ago
Gamersyde are great, download the video for best results

everything is coming together for Killzone, best graphics, MP is tight, SP is non-liner
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nukeitall  +   487d ago
KZ Shadowfall is shaping up to be a pretty good graphical game.

Just crossing my fingers they will do something about the shoddy P2P multiplayer and hope they add dedicated servers.
scott182  +   487d ago
Dedicated servers...

Mister_Dawg  +   487d ago
I cannot deny this looks good. The frame rate looked quite smooth. But there was nothing in that video that looked very taxing for the console. It is very angular and not a huge amount of variation in the action. Now if that wider city was actually real, then I'd been blown away. Then that would be real next-gen.

Anyway, BF4 has way too much going on in the game for KZ to be really comparable.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   487d ago
Scott: KZ:SF does not have true dedicated servers

"Killzone Shadow Fall has dedicated servers hosted in various regions around the world. These servers do not run the logic of the game – they only act as a hub between the clients."

This is matchmaking the game code is still P2P.
scott182  +   487d ago
It's dedicated server-based for match making, game handling, stat tracking and so on. During combat a lot of data is also communicated P2P using a host player with the top connection, allowing everyone to play without issue.

I don't know why anyone would be concerned about dedicated servers or cloud services in the first place via PS4 with Openstack and Gaikai being implemented, on top of these servers Sony already has.
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pyramidshead  +   488d ago
Wait I thought single player was locked or unlocked at 30fps so it would like reach 45 or something... since when was it 60?! Fantastic news if true though :o
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Enemy  +   488d ago
"Contrary to what I thought the single player mode isn't locked to 30 but varies from 30 to 60, so I've encoded a 60 fps version of the video!"

Kleptic  +   487d ago
its doing the same thing Knack is trying, apparently...60fps as much as possible, but then down to 30fps if need be...with v-sync enabled for both...so, its never in between i guess, its either 60 or 30...preferably briefly on the 30 part...
boing1  +   487d ago
Wasn't God of War 3 doing something similiar?
Loki86  +   488d ago
Definitely not the best looking launch game. Watching a compressed version of an old build. Yeah take that serious.

This game does look gorgeous though.
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iiorestesii  +   488d ago
Best looking graphics of launch games
thekhurg  +   487d ago
Can't tell if serious.
BlackTar187  +   487d ago
What game looks better for a launch game?
GiantEnemyCrab  +   487d ago
^^ Ryse
reko  +   488d ago
day one!!


i meant ill get it day one when it comes out and you lucky sob i get mine on the 15 :\ lol
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Day One?

Lol it's Day -16 for a lot of people. Get mine tomorrow.
Campy da Camper  +   488d ago
Agreed. I can only imagine what their games will look like in a couple years. People go back and forth on the console war but my stance is simple: I buy the system that has Naughty Dog, Suckerpunch, GG, Media Molecule and Sony Santa Monica games. End of story.
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UncleGermrod  +   488d ago
I get that. I really dont pick up the media molecule games or love KZ that much tho. KZ SF looks nutty tho. Deff getting a ps4 in time for second son. this will be the first time i have both major consoles so early. deff great exclusives on sony's end
DrJones  +   487d ago
Media Molecule. Agreed.
ssj27  +   488d ago
Killzone Shadow Fall is the game to get for next gen consoles indeed!
glad to see good pre order numbers for it.. it will be the best sold Killzone ever and well deserved!

I can't wait to see what's their new ip all about, if they did this game in so little time a great launch game, their next game will have more time and better tech, it will be amazing..
starchild  +   488d ago
30 to 60fps? That means it will have a horrible stuttery framerate. They should have just locked it down to a solid 30fps.
Enemy  +   488d ago
Find a single Killzone: Shadow Fall preview that backs up your biased claim about "horrible stuttering frame rate". If you can't, then you know it's time to stop posting. (spoiler: you won't)

The God of War games are known for their super smooth frame rate, and guess what? They're variable 30-60. The more you know.

You could also bet Battlefield 4 isn't locked at 60fps either.
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Am_Ryder  +   488d ago
That's... Not how it works.
Saviour  +   488d ago
@Enemy- super smooth?lol. have u ever played a game @120fps on pc? 60fps is where smoothness starts. u cant call a game "super" when it varies between 30-60.
tagan8tr  +   487d ago
Enemy that was freekin funny (spoiler.you won't) good suff..
scott182  +   488d ago
I hope they add a multiplayer option for hostage rescue type missions, similar to counter strike. I think it would work so well with this game.
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bryam1982  +   488d ago
are you.learning something.on how.to.do.next gen.games microsoft are you.learning huh huh huh?????
Bruce_Wayne  +   488d ago
You can't teach an old dog new tricks...
mistertwoturbo  +   488d ago
I cancelled my BF4 PS4 pre-order and will be getting this instead. The gameplay reminds me a lot of KZ: Merc which I had a lot of fun with.
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SharnOfTheDEAD  +   488d ago
Great looking game and that TV, beautiful image quality!
KiLLUMiNATi_89  +   488d ago
Yea imagine prolly avatar graphics, that GDDR5 shows the RAW POWER... Praise praise
ambientFLIER  +   487d ago
There are gaming pcs five times more powerful than the ps4 and their graphics don't come close to avatar. you sony fanboys are off the charts with this garbage!

oh, and ram has much less effect on graphics than the gpu...
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tagan8tr  +   487d ago
so where does that leave xbone if they have the lesser gpu and lesser speed ram ambientFLIER?
Visiblemarc  +   487d ago
I think Avatar-level is hyperbole designed to indicate a level of enthusiam. To keep comparing these consoles to super high end PCs like ambiendFLIER is doing is baffling. It's the same as comparing a 40k sports car to a (lower powered) 50k sports car in a conversation and some guy spits out his drink to tell you how lame they are compared to a 300k Ferrari. Further he insists non-stop that if you cared at all about cars or driving you'd own a Ferrari and insist that comparing the mainstream cars is a huge waste of time. It makes no sense.
ambientFLIER  +   487d ago
tagan8tr -

Where does it leave the xbox? Um...less powerful than the PS4. I never claimed otherwise. Nice change of subject compared to what my original comment was...
starchild  +   487d ago
@ Visiblemark

No, you're the one that doesn't make sense.

First of all, your implication that a gaming PC costs over 7 times more than the PS4 is a load of crap. In reality we are talking about a $400 machine (PS4), a $500 machine (XB1) and maybe a $600 or $700 machine (gaming PC). The latter of which does a thousand things the other two don't, while also giving far better performance and graphics in games, and a whole host of other advantages for gaming as well.

The other absurdity in your comment is that you are trying to equate expensive cars (most people don't even own cars worth 40k or 50k) to gaming platforms. Your analogy falls flat on its face because nearly everybody can afford a console or gaming PC.

If you can afford a $400 or $500 gaming console and $50 a year to play online you can definitely save up another $200 to get a gaming PC that doesn't require you to spend $50 a year to play your games online and that has all kinds of other uses in your life.

You fanboys are truly irrational and absurd in your attempts to rationalize your bashing of the XB1 and your dismissal of the PC.
abzdine  +   488d ago
GG ain't joking!
this game is mindblowing
Belking  +   487d ago
Dude the game isnt 60 fps in SP. When are you guys gonna learn that rises and drops in frame rate is worse than a steady framerate. A steady 30fps KZ is better than one that goes up and down. Its the same game it's always been so please stop acting like they have broken new grown with only 2 weeks before release. They finished developing this games months ago. What you saw last is what youll get. The game is only 30fps in SP.
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GW212  +   487d ago
Serious question: You think this looks better than BF4?

I think they both look awesome and I'll be getting both on day 1 but, from what I've seen over the last couple days, I think BF4 looks a little better. It's all opinion and maybe I'm not looking at the right links or something, am just curious as to why you think this is superior.
larrysdirtydrawss  +   487d ago
HardcoreDaBoss  +   487d ago
killzone does look amazing. heres the games Im looking forward to.. killzone, bayonetta 2, X, new mario 3d, zelda, titanfall, battlefield, smash bros, mario kart... monster hunter 4.. I get all the exclusives lol.. no fangirl here.. just imagine the kool aid man saying OHHHHH YEAAAH..
TAURUS-555  +   487d ago
im so gald im getting the PS4 so i can play this beauty
GiantEnemyCrab  +   487d ago
It looks great! But I don't agree with the best looking comment.
joseph1111  +   487d ago
I absolutely loved kz on PS3. These next two weeks are going to go by at a snails pace.... I am purchasing both systems but to be honest I am more excited about the PS4 this gen. It is a great time to be a gamer!
Sevir  +   488d ago
Variable 60fps on Single Player!!! PS4 baby! I just picked up KZ:SF... The wait is killing me to play it now that I have it. The PS4 and Nov 15th Need to hurry and get here already
Bruce_Wayne  +   488d ago
Did you unwrap the game? 0:
Sevir  +   488d ago
Lol, I have it but if I open it I'll die with sheer anticipation... Can't wait for it
LonDonE  +   487d ago
did u open it and smell the manual? mmmmmmmmm i get stiff some times when i smell the manual, and boy i love to smell that new electric smell of my consoles after i have used it for s few hours, nose firmly on the vents mmmmmmmm is it strange i get off on this?? lol
fattyuk  +   487d ago
^^ what manual lol
reko  +   488d ago
lucky bastard
abzdine  +   488d ago
lucky you :'(
showtimefolks  +   488d ago
can't wait to play an story that's actually gonna be good and 10 plus hours long instead if 4hours crap in BF4
Sevir  +   488d ago
I just saw the footage, it looks glorious, but the guy playing was a complete noob. Still I'm convinced on Consoles this is the best looking game of 2013, You can see how much the texture quality has gone up from the FEB 20 reveal. I cant believe this is a first launch day game!
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sigfredod  +   488d ago
really good looking footage, unlike youtube ones, and the best part is not in full hd so it will look even better on my tv
Sevir  +   488d ago
Totally! Can't wait for it!
ACwarMACHINE  +   488d ago
why do all the bad guys in this game look like a possessed garfield the cat?
Enemy  +   488d ago
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ABeastNamedTariq  +   488d ago
You're getting me hyped with excitement! STAHP

Lol in all seriousness, they're looking pretty varied. I likes it!
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   488d ago

The Black Hand Helghasts will forever look like a possessed Garfield cat to me now!

I can't unsee it.

Thank you very much -_-
SilentNegotiator  +   488d ago
Now I will be incredibly disappointed if there aren't any characters that look vaguely like Jon or Odie.
Blackdeath_663  +   487d ago
i don't i've heard this thing about a helghan looking like a cat before but i still can't see it probably for the better
wenaldy  +   488d ago
Damn you, what has been seen, cannot be unseen!!!
TheFallenAngel  +   488d ago
PS4!! Can't wait to have u.
Naga  +   488d ago
The graphics look pretty stellar, though I'm somewhat concerned by the quality of the non-motion-captured animations. I thought those could use a little work, as they detract from an otherwise gorgeous looking game. That introductory sequence flying in just blew me away.

Killzone is one of those games I'll be sad to miss out on, since I'll be getting an Xbox One. But I'm happy for the rest of you. It looks pretty sweet.
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ABizzel1  +   488d ago
Do yourself a favor and get a PS4 first and get an XBO next year. The XBO is the most likely of the 3 console to get a price drop, and hopefully they'll realize Kinect isn't a must have item for their core audience (voice commands can be done with a mic), and drop the price to $349 - $399 for holiday 2014.
Naga  +   488d ago
@ ABizzel1 - I hear you, but I'm one of those guys who is actually pretty excited about the new Kinect and the whole entertainment ecosystem they're advancing. Really, it just suits my tastes and interests as a gamer better than the PS4 does for the time being.

But that doesn't mean I can't appreciate how cool Killzone is. Like I said, I'm happy for the rest of you - it looks like you're in for a treat with this game.
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Ju  +   488d ago
What makes you think those anims are not mo-capped? They certainly are. Given it has one of the most sophisticated animation blending systems to date.
#7.2 (Edited 488d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Naga  +   488d ago
@ Ju - I was referring specifically to the animations that were not mo-capped. The mo-capped parts looked perfect.
StrangerX  +   488d ago
The graphics looks like the best for PS4 console but those facial animations are so lifeless, they look like they were taken from a robotic moving mannequin that you can find in Disney. Great looking game nonetheless and looks fun thou, I hated part two and preferred the third one.
LeonhartX  +   488d ago
Why can't all the xbox fans be like you??
Enemy  +   488d ago
Those fully destructible walls, man. @ 2:50
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LKHGFDSA  +   487d ago
reminds me of Black from 2006.
JediDiah  +   488d ago
Halo will be coming soon enough!
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   488d ago
And that somehow makes kzsf less awesome?

And then there's this guy... lol

Actually, can't wait for Halo 5 too.

But this is about Killzone friend. Keep it kosher XD
ASH_ufo  +   488d ago
MasterCornholio  +   488d ago
Was there a downgrade?

Because the last I heard the game was 1080P.

Nexus 7 2013
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tagan8tr  +   487d ago
A Bungie-less Halo can't wait, no that's Destiny that Bungie does make yeah that's what I can't wait for..
IHassounah  +   487d ago
Unfortunately the last Halo game that was made by Bungie , failed and that is Halo Reach , Halo 4 is great but it needed some advances, 343 Industries did say that the new Halo installments will be better than Halo 4
ABeastNamedTariq  +   488d ago
Guys.... Should I pick it up at GameStop tomorrow, or wait until launch? I'm really torn about this lol.


Looking great. ~ Two weeks!
Heisenburger  +   488d ago
I would recommend picking it up now, as to avoid the crowds.

I'll be grabbing my ACIV on the twelfth, and I've pre-ordered Shadow Fall digitally.

I would DEFINITELY advise against going into stores on launch day.


Still haven't preordered my ps4 yet. Gamestop said they might have extras on launch day but they won't know until they get the shipments. I'll be refreshing the gamestop site to order it online as soon as it becomes available. I'll be a day late to the party but I'll avoid the crowd.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   488d ago
True, true. I'll probably pick it up tomorrow. I can't wait anymore. This'll tide me over until launch. But I won't open it!

If some scissors happen to fall and be accelerated by gravity (at 9.81 m/s, no less!) and slice some of the plastic off, well that'd be.... Unfortunate. Heh.

(Side note: That physics thing is me 'prepping' for my test on Monday, lmao.)
Bruce_Wayne  +   488d ago
Avoiding the crowds is a good reason to pick it up right now.
#10.1.3 (Edited 488d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report
Bruce_Wayne  +   488d ago
Power=Force x Speed


N x m = J
kg x m/s^2 = N

Work=FD cos theta

Remember all that. Just had a Physics test today.

OT: If you can wait and have the cash, you should take advantage of the Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal Target will hold. I'll pick up KZ and two other games.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   488d ago
Thanks for the help (seriously), our test actually covers some of that! And getting Killzone is basically all the money I have to spare right now lol.
Thomaticus  +   487d ago
Or you can get other retailers to price match the deal.
ZoyosJD  +   487d ago
Man, I remember those. Looking back those were the easy times too.

Schrodinger's and Hamiltonian's are beastly.


HaveAsandwich  +   488d ago
get it now. why wait until launch, if you planned on getting it anyway. im picking it up, as i have a launch edition.
JediDiah  +   488d ago
I love console launches....all of them!
Godhimself_In_3d  +   488d ago
All this bf4 looks better because of its scale boo ho killzone looks better in sp and mp just my opinion. big scale means what these are the same folks that say forza 5 looks better than drive club and look at the difference in scale between the two.Now im not saying killzone is a better game ill leave that for y'all to argue but as far as graphics go killzone is better hands down #Godhimself/out
MRMagoo123  +   488d ago
yeh killzone wins in graphics for any console as far as i am concerned and have it paid for but in Australia you cant pick the games up will launch.......but BF4 will be a complete blast the massive wars that go on with tank, planes, helis, boats, apcs and then all the ground troops its just too good an experience to miss out on so i have that paid off too lol.
Ju  +   488d ago
If you look at how parts break apart in BF4 vs. KZ then you will see all those are "macro blocks" in BF4 while in KZ:SF wood is actually splintering. This is how fine the details are. Also, walls aren't just made of "sub divided cubes" but from actual detail; a front and back panel - with real surface material/textures -, contain studs and are fully modeled. Nothing like this is in BF4.

For Forza...vs. DC...don't get me started. The one is a "upscaled" current gen game, the other made from scratch for a next gen platform.
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RandomDude655  +   488d ago
Guerrilla should have locked at 30fps and put dynamic resolution in. That way you'd get free super sampling MOST of the time.
ipach  +   488d ago
AA doesn't look bad or necessary at all, so hard to imagine how much better it would look with supersampling...

if nothing else, i wouldn't mind it stay at 30 just to give the hardware some breathing room on opening day. poor thing getting put to work so hard so soon... hope it ate its wheaties before getting in that box
Deltaguy  +   488d ago
the most generic shooter at launch....
ABeastNamedTariq  +   488d ago
Are you perturbed? You seem perturbed.
RandomDude655  +   488d ago
The most generic shooter at launch is 1080p on PS4....
it's not killzone
Kujii  +   488d ago
I agree. This game needs way more American military references and real life weapons to make it stand out from the crowd. /s
shivvy24  +   488d ago
Yep oh and dogs too
Shadowolf  +   487d ago
I would have to disagree with that. Weapons are essential to a shooters stance on being unique and set apart from the crowd. Standard military shooters while they are great are limited to reality. Many of the same guns in COD are found in BF.

If you look at games like Destiny and Killzone SF, they offer familiar weapon functionality however, their usage because they are not stepped in reality offer more distinct variety in how a users can attack the battlefield, no pun intended.
DigitalRaptor  +   488d ago
Wow excellent explanation there, troll.
Sevir  +   488d ago
.... Is COD:Ghost! and we'll leave it at that!
Deltaguy  +   488d ago
Cod ghost looks like shit and still looks more fun the Killzone sf...
Azfargh  +   487d ago
The most generic troll at comment section.
Godhimself_In_3d  +   488d ago
@deltaguy says the guy that bought perfect dark @ launch lol
Deltaguy  +   488d ago
Perfect dark is and was trash...i have no idea what you are talking about
Godhimself_In_3d  +   488d ago
lol i was only joking with you
iamneo  +   488d ago
if there is a better looking pc game, where's the proof. i hear that all the time with no proof in sight.
shivvy24  +   488d ago
Then they go on about their pc specs
creepjack  +   487d ago
LMAO, seriously? This is how the fights start, then you will be the first one to bring up the cost of a pc vs. a PS4. You obviously have never seen a high end pc running something like Crysis 3, Witcher 2, even BF 4. I can rip apart the graphics in Killzone if I really wanted to, but I'm not petty like that. Dont start an argument you cant win.
PurpHerbison  +   487d ago
A terrible troll, or somebody that is brand new to the gaming scene caught up in the hype tornado that is nextgen. The best option is to ignore these types of people as they run rampant on N4G.
iamneo  +   488d ago
personally i could give a shit what a game is running on.pc snobs cant stand it because they know console games are so close to pc's now, its ridiculous. all i know is now i can finally play hd games with hd textures instead of hd games with low res textures on my 82" dlp tv. gonna be sweet as hell. happy gaming to everyone, pc gamers too
Totao923  +   488d ago
After watching this video!! I ordered form amzon since I had $140 gift card!!
xKugo  +   488d ago
I thought the single-player was locked 30fps???
They chose to go with variable versus locked, which is quite interesting. Must run at above 45+ and be quite consistent is they didn't lock it down. We'll see...
creepjack  +   487d ago
Running at a locked 30 is far better than fluctuating between 30 and 60. Stuttering can get horrible like that. Especially on AMD hardware. I speak from experience. hopefully it'll be better on console.
#19.1 (Edited 487d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
xKugo  +   487d ago
Stuttering is quite annoying, trust me I know. I have two GTX 780s and I'll get micro-stutter every once and a while that just makes me grind my teeth. However as a PC player, you should know that most us actually prefer no v-sync when playing games as long as it's above 60fps. Plus, GG is an incredibly talented and knowledgeable studio. I'm sure if they left it unlocked, then they must be pretty confident in it's performance so far. I'm going to give them the benefit of doubt and trust that this performs well.
Visiblemarc  +   487d ago
This criticism is popping up a lot in forums, yet none of the gameplay footage from Shadow Fall has been remotely stuttery. Same goes for BF4 SP, actually. Seems to me these devs make these choices because the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Also, many variable fr games have managed smooth performance in the past. God of War games stand out.

Not sure why people think devs put years and tens of millons into something only to overlook an obvious issue like horrible, easily avoidable, stuttering. The game does not stutter.
PSnation4  +   488d ago
looks epic!!
Lukas_Japonicus  +   488d ago
My god, the view when he steps out of the chopper. Looks amazing, can't believe a launch title looks so good.
Bruce_Wayne  +   488d ago
Well start believing man because games will only get better and better. GG should be honored to have the benefit of releasing a AAA game on launch. Thanks to Sony for having faith in the awesome dev team that GG is. Can't wait to see their other IP.
Grave  +   488d ago
This looks pretty damn good and running silky smooth too. I am pumped for this campaign.
mistertwoturbo  +   488d ago
And this is a launch title... One hell of a launch title.
Dissidia  +   488d ago
Picked mine up from GameStop today.

Grave  +   488d ago
Lolz. If I picked one up from GameStop I would be like:


Dissidia  +   487d ago
Lol bubble up

It is tough, just waiting for the beast itself now.

15 days
GW212  +   487d ago
Ha, agreed. I don't think I'd be able to make it to 11/15.
NaAsAr  +   488d ago
Looking pretty dam nice
purp13m0nk3y  +   488d ago
Oh Joy!! That looks both sensational visually and a metric crap ton of fun.

This vid just made my mind up. KZ-SF will be day one digital download.

Was going the BF4 route, but think I'll hold of a week or two and play the crap outta KZ first.
isarai  +   488d ago
Forget the graphics for a second, the gameplay looks fucking STELLAR, the open level layout really reminds me of the old school FPSs like goldeneye and Perfect Dark only with moore detail and less limitations, the MP also reminds me of those classic FPSs with shit tons of options to make things fun for everyone
purp13m0nk3y  +   488d ago
Agreed. Love the fact that we have seen a lot of variation in the level design and some interesting gameplay mechanics. That little floating bot thing could open up some good strategic options??
MRMagoo123  +   488d ago
I down loaded the vid and watched it, i really cant believe how much stuff they are doing in this game its crazy, i cant wait to pop this in my ps4 on launch day.
Sayai jin  +   488d ago
Looks awesome! Can't wait to get online with this.
Plagasx  +   488d ago
God damn, I want this game inside me.
GW212  +   487d ago
Ha, I think you mean you want to be inside the game. But maybe not, I don't know.
Plagasx  +   487d ago
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