Killzone: Shadow Fall “Running Far Above 30 Frames” on PS4, 1500 Challenges Just the Beginning

Arguably the biggest PlayStation 4 launch title this November is Killzone: Shadow Fall, coming to us from the fine folks over at Guerrilla Games. - PSLS

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Foolsjoker1438d ago

This is my must have title for the PS4 launch, going to have to get the Killzone Vita game to tide me over.

ArchangelMike1438d ago

Dude, that "Killzone Vita game" will more than tide you over. It fantastic, especially the 'contracts' mode, and the Multiplayer is excellent, it's up there with KZ2 and KZ 3 multiplayer.

I can't wait for Shadow Fall.

Maddens Raiders1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

I just died from that megaton blast and am seeing bright white light. Please, someone revive me with full health and ammo.

Hatsune-Miku1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Next gen starts on the day killzone shadow fall is released. Graphically the best looking game anywhere.

Eonjay1438d ago

So looks like this is gonna be bona fide 60FPS SP and MP at 1080P. As someone who has played the series, this is gonna be amazing. The SP firefights are always so intense with tons of on screen action. This game is gonna be beautiful.

XB1_PS41438d ago

Holy 1500 challenges batman. Also this is probably the best looking launch title. No Lie.

Foolsjoker1437d ago

Good to hear, downloading it now. Thanks for the heads up! =)

P0werVR1437d ago

through PCSx I can run Shadow of The Collossus at a sustatained 50fps at 1080p...huge difference compared to PS2.

So if they can get this going at around between 45-50fps, KZ is going to be gorgeous.

Can't wait for Deep Down though. Until it's release and more on it that's when I'll get a PS4.

MizTv1437d ago

I agree
It's so damn good

0ut1awed1437d ago

ArchangelMike speaks the truth.

The Vita game defiantly lives up to it's console counterpart.

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The_Infected1438d ago

Killzone: Shadow Fall “Running Far Above 30 Frames” on PS4.

Are we talking about single player here?

porkChop1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Yes, I assume so. The multiplayer is 60fps.

Enemy1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

How many console games that look as good as Killzone: Shadow Fall with forcefields, adjusting wind, dynamic lighting, lightmap diffusion, real time reflections, etc, @ 1080p, run at 60fps?

The answer is none.

The technology in Killzone: Shadow Fall makes every other console game look dated. The fact that they were even able to do 60fps in MP with this level of graphics is absolutely insane.

Single player is more massive in scale than MP, so obviously, with everything that they're doing, it's going to be harder doing SP 60fps.

Pick out any other console game that is currently announced and you can safely assume it's not as good looking at Killzone: Shadow Fall, based on tech.

Eonjay1438d ago

@Enemy In terms of launch titles, Killzone will be the best looking console gamer period when it launched in November. I don't think that is up for debate.

itBourne1438d ago

You are right, in another year or two tho, ND, Guerrilla, and SSM will make Killzone SF look dated lol. Hell even Infamous looks stupid good for an open world game on consoles.

SniperControl1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

Just shows the power of the PS4 over her competitors, this is by far the best looking game I have seen so far on next gen.

To be running at nearly [email protected] is a staggering feat in itself from GG, much like DriveClub whicn Evolution have stated should be [email protected] by launch as well.

Exciting times ahead.

DoesUs1437d ago

Sniper, DC will be 1080p but 30fps. I doubt they will hit 60fps. I know they mentioned but I can't see it happening.

Regis1437d ago

@Enemy they had some controlled weather in the Gears games.

DOMination-1437d ago

No doubt the tech is a modern marvel but the game looks lastgen Iin gameplay terms and that is why I will be buying something else for ps4.

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GiggMan1438d ago

This is the only true next gen title to me. Everything about it screams quality. Battlefield, CoD, Watchdogs, AC4, all look good but I think they will suffer due to being co-developed on current gen hardware. KZ is the only launch title being developed solely for next gen as it's main focus. Can't wait.

Bathyj1438d ago

I think you could throw Second Son into that catagory as well. It looks awesome.

GiggMan1438d ago

At Bathy I'm particularly talking about launch titles. Most launch titles start out as a late current gen title. This doesn't seem that way at all.

Evilsnuggle1438d ago

Killzone SF is the king of NEXT GEN first person shooter. Killzone SF, DEEP DOWN, THE DIVISION, THE WICHER 3 and INFAMOUS Second Son. All 1080p 30-60fps

Bolts1437d ago

I'm sorry but if what was shown of Infamous at E3 is real, it's going to take Killzone to the cleaners.

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starchild1438d ago

Guys, they are talking about the multiplayer. Guerrilla have already stated that the single player campaign will run at 30fps.

They have also said that they are aiming for 60fps for the multiplayer. And based on hands on impressions of the multiplayer it seems to have a very variable framerate right now.

"I'll get the big one out of the way: the framerate is highly variable right now. I'd estimate the range was 20 to 60 depending on where in the map I was and what kind of action was happening."

So, Guerrilla is just saying that they are working on it and it is currently running well above 30fps on average.

CGI-Quality1438d ago

They're targeting 60FPS, even for the single player. That's the entire purpose of saying that, because the MP is already running @ 60FPS.

CGI-Quality1438d ago

They are talking about the single player here. The MP was long confirmed to be 60FPS. They are now targeting that for SP.

humbleopinion1437d ago

Maybe that's why they claim now "far above 30fps". They just average the 30fps single and 60fps multi :)

Anyway, having an fps bump over 30 is useless unless they can hit that sweet 60fps spots. Everything in the middle (be it 35, 45 or 55) will simply *decrease* the quality because you will have either screen tears or dropped frames and choppy gameplay. There's pretty much nothing else you can do when the screen refresh rate is 60HZ.

svoulis1437d ago

You do realize that was on Alpha code, thats why it was running between 20 and 60? A lot can happen since then. These guys sit there day in and day out tweaking bug patching, optimizing and all that good stuff. We will see at launch how good the game plays :D

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showtimefolks1438d ago

so many hate KZ and write it off as graphics only when KZ2 was excellent and KZ3 was great, yes it may not be halo or get as many sales as halo but its a excellent FPS

can't wait, this along with watch dogs are 2 games i plan on getting day one, here is hoping for a big KZ:Shadow Fall community

Kurt Russell1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

I didn't like KZ2 personally. I found the middle of gameplay loading horribly distracting and the gameplay lack lustre.

However I really liked KZ3, as a lot of qualms with the first had been tidied up. I think KZ:SF could be immense if they continue improving on what they've got.

I do think the MP could do with squads though, it would help with cross class team work a little.

*edit: They do all look damn incredible though.

ForgivenZombie1438d ago

This was my first preorder followed up quickly with Destiny, Watch dogs and BF4.

ovnipc1438d ago