'Gran Turismo 6' Allows Users to Create Own Tracks by Driving Them in Real Life

RealSG: "Part of the 'Course Maker' mode in Gran Turismo 6 involves a GPS mobile app that lets you, the player, drive a course in real life and upload said course to the game itself. Yes, you read that correctly."

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PoSTedUP1860d ago

wooooow thats Crazy! i will be making a Lot of my own tracks then, i like a lot of sharp turns and hairpins, long and complex. PlayStation, Gran Turismo, the two most beautiful words in the industry.

ABizzel11860d ago

I've been wanting this for the longest in GT5. I have the perfect road in my hometown full of twist, turns, and straight aways.

PoSTedUP1860d ago

just imagine ripping around your local highway clover, then gunning it down the highway turning down a side street and recreating the finish through a bottleneck alleyway.

the only thing that will top that is getting to play someone elses who's more talented, uploaded race track. : D

ABizzel11860d ago

LMAO, speeding tickets are going to go on the rise for the next couple of months.


PoSTedUP1860d ago

lol yeah i was gonna say, *track ends* ..."wth man?" oh thats where i got pulled over... rofl.

rainslacker1859d ago

lol. I don't think you have to drive the actual road to get the data, but no doubt people will try. Great feature. Where I live is full of straight main roads and lots of curvy side roads that all interconnect. Will have to draw out a course on a real map.:)

rainslacker1859d ago

oops, meant to say you don't have to drive like you're racing on the road. Obviously you will have to drive the road to get GPS data.:)

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hellzsupernova1860d ago

This racer is more next gen then any game I have seen on actual next gen consoles
This is the best thing ever I'm literally blown away by this feature. Especially cause I take my motorcycle racing at my local track. Polyphony you have out done yourself.

PoSTedUP1860d ago

i know rite. next gen continues on the ps3. Future Proof! : D

GribbleGrunger1860d ago

Kudos to the first person who ties a GPS to a cat and uploads that track!

Godmars2901860d ago

Sounds more like try to boil water and start fire kind of experience.

Boody-Bandit1860d ago

That was great!

The only thing that could've topped it is if you would've said, "UNLEASH THE DOGS!!!"

KwietStorm1860d ago

A cat? Try a squirrel. You would get all the respect in the world for completing that track.

DCfan1860d ago

Next gen on current gen: GT6

Pintheshadows1860d ago

Amazing. Country lane time I think. Some great corners in and around the villages of England.

PoSTedUP1860d ago

jealous, thats why WRC is most popular in the UK and other countrys. but i suppose i can turn my neighborhood into a drift course XD.

if i can get get some snow in the editor, i can emulate how i drive in the winter time around here. gonna be so cool.

Pintheshadows1860d ago

There was a road me and my friends used to call the Rally Road. It runs from Bradwell to Coggeshall (or vice versa) in Essex.

It featured 4 tight blind hairpins in a row and nice winding single track stretches of tarmac with only fields to crash into and a couple of tasty long straights. You could really boot it about.

I'd do that.

In fact there are many great roads in England alone that would make great rally stages.

PoSTedUP1860d ago

thats pretty crazy, i love some gravel/dirt to tarmac combinations, especially the tracks that would 90 degree turns around a corn field on tarmac then into a curvy gravel stretch. really puts the car and driver to the test, no question.

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