Ryse: Son of Rome Awarded Best Action Game By Paris Game Week Judging Panel

Ryse: Son of Rome, the upcoming Xbox One exclusive launch title from Crytek has been awared "Best Action Game" award by Paris Game Week judging panel.

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vishmarx1811d ago ShowReplies(2)
KrisButtar1811d ago

Other than this tweet I can't find anything else on it. What games are the runner ups? I wanted to know what it was compared to and beat so I can judge myself. I mean, like did it beat Watchdogs or AC4 or did it beat some no name indies because if it beat something like WatchDogs and AC4 or "insert another AAA game." I think it would make and show that the game is more impressive than some think.

GmIsOnPt3601811d ago

It the only action game of its kind at launch for next gen for better or worse.

KrisButtar1811d ago

It is not the only Action game ready at launch. AC4, DR3, Lego Marvel in my eyes are all action games but were they the competition is the question

JokesOnYou1811d ago

Well despite all the hate I think this game is going to be really good, previews have gotten better and better since launch.

Idba1811d ago

Could someone tell me who the competition was?

Idba1811d ago

Knack aint action son

Hufandpuf1811d ago


Knack is action. If not then what is it?

KrisButtar1811d ago

AC4 maybe? I know if it did beat out AC4 my interest just sparked for the game being an AC fan and all. I couldn't find any runner ups or who it went against though

_QQ_1811d ago

LOL knack is a character ACTION game cerny said it himself. why do people keep calling it a platformer. cartoonish character=/= platformer.

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lifeisgamesok1811d ago

Ryse will be awesome and sell millions

It's inevitable ;)

christocolus1811d ago

its going to be a great game..

Crazay1811d ago

I'm extremely intrigued by Ryse...I'd like a little hands on time first though. New "franchises" I always tend to be a little gun shy with until I get to try it.

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The story is too old to be commented.