Ryse: Son of Rome Preview Impressions - God of Bored [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn writes: The launch of the Xbox One is looming, and so we pause for a moment to take stock of a couple of Microsoft's launch offerings. First up? Ryse: Son of Rome. The first-person game that became a third-person game. The third-person game that became an Xbox One game. The Xbox One game that defied Kinect.

Well, sort of.

Ryse's journey has been one of constantly changing design focuses, conceptual rock jumping, and constant delays. It's finally arriving this November. But is it actually looking any good. We've been hands-on with a small portion of the game a couple of times since it was unveiled in its newest, QTE-stuffed form at E3 this year, and here are a few thoughts ahead of the game's next-gen release.

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Robearboy1819d ago

I don't get it - the guy talks as though he has played through the game several times - fail

Bigpappy1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

That's ok. This is a very popular and trendy way of a lot of basement dwellers trying to promote themselves in the tough gaming media market.

So what they do is look around the internet see what is being talked about and either try to get into the popular side of the discussion, or be completely controversial. In this case, he knows the QTE is attractive so he focuses on that aspect. Little does he know, most people have seen enough to know that this is NOT a QTE game. Too late with that rant.

Horrible presentation too by the way. Should have just written what he had to say or just read about the games in the forums like the rest of us. In other words STFU.

hellzsupernova1819d ago

Obvious troll article nothing to see here, move along

Campy da Camper1819d ago

I have to agree with you. I'm not picking up an Xbox one but how can he say this game is a dissapointment already. There will probably be plenty of people who enjoy it and good for them.

Same thing happened with beyond two souls. Lots of people decried it saying its all QTE so therefore it sucks. I loved the game. Great story, gripping characters and absolutely stunning visuals.

To each their own I guess. God of war is a "good game" but since I'm not a fan of hack n slash I usually opt to watch a buddy play so I can enjoy the graphics and scale. Doesn't mean the game sucks because all you do is button mash. Some people love button mashers.

Eonjay1819d ago

This game is hyper pretty. If they can nail the story and gameplay, add good bosses it will be awesome. Lets see how it turns out.

sinjonezp1819d ago

I don't see how everyone here can say this is a troll article or a directly have an issue with what the person previewing the game states. Any thoughts shared are opinion based. I read about a month earlier from ign that the game is a bit if a let down. Granted everyone has their taste in different genres and this individual expressed his ideas of what he feels about the game. People want to defend this game yet haven't put their hands on it. If he played the game and thought it was boring and trash, that is his opinions. I personally am interested in the story, but from the combat they have shown, I can see where the author expressed displeasure. Until we pick up the game, we can't say this is trolling or biased.

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Belking1819d ago

You can expect this type of stuff leading up to the launch of xb1. Expect a lot of negativity in the next few weeks. Ps4 launch is turning out to be weaker than expected so you will see more of this. Guaranteed.

scott1821819d ago

Have to find a reason to say something negative about ps4 always?

Nocando1819d ago

I am not getting a PS4 at launch either, but let's try to keep the fanboy crap to a minimum please.

T21819d ago

Haha ya sure its all linked to the eeeeevil playstation ! Lol

NeoTribe1819d ago

Sony is set to break launch records... you'll see in a few weeks which console is the weaker link.

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lifeisgamesok1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Fanboy preview alert lol

Puts way to much emphasis on what the ideas of the game were instead of what it is

Says a action game can't have cinematic combat (QTE's... which you can play the game without anyways) gives exceptions to... You guessed it Heavy Rain, Gow (which are fine games btw)

I've seen enough video from trailers and conventions to know this game will be good

Day ONE!

aviator1891819d ago

Well, from what I've played of ryse at some of the events and in my city, I can't say I agree with much of the stuff the author writes about.
Sometimes, I would use qte to see some cool finishing moves, but at times when I wanted the game to move a bit faster, killing your enemies without using any qte at all is possible. Like that examiner article, the combat felt comparable to the arkham games- fluid and quick.

But that's just me. I haven't had much experience with any good hack and slash games on the xbox platform, so ryse was a good surprise.

Stuntz1819d ago

It is so amazing how badly some of these people want to just vent their ridiculous opinions to the world lol. At my city when i played Ryse it was actually very surprising, MANY people waited just to play it after they saw a few of the people enjoying it so much. The game is actually very very fun and is a different type of genre than what we have seen. So to come out and say the game is boring or this and that and how it sucks is just pure ignorance since lately the people who have PLAYED it seem to love it.

boribori8311819d ago

Deal spwn? This article is just as ridiculous as that name

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