Crytek producer Michael Read Ryse: Son of Rome interview

An Xbox One exclusive developed by Crytek, Ryse: Son of Rome is described as an immersive action-adventure story of struggle, brutality and heroism.

It follows a fearless Roman soldier named Marius Titus as he joins the army to avenge the slaying of his family and emerges as a hero who must fight to save the Roman Empire.

In addition to the single-player campaign, Ryse: Son of Rome offers a co-operative gladiator mode that puts players into battle in the Coliseum against an ever-changing array of enemies.

Recently I caught up with Crytek producer Michael Read to find out more about the game's brutal kill animations, perceived reliance on quick-time events, multiplayer modes, historical accuracy and absence of female characters.

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Bigpappy1818d ago

" historical accuracy and absence of female characters." So Romans had women fighting in wars during this era? I don't think so. I agree that women and even gays should have leading rolls in some games. But not ever f'ing game. This never came to my mind because it doesn't really fit. I mean if they have such a story, they should go ahead and make the game, but to force it into the game just to have a woman is stupid.

Lalanana1818d ago

I am not sure i completely agree with you.. if some part of the game is not facts..would it really be so bad to a few female characters as a leading role..

game looks great though.

OrangePowerz1818d ago

Having homosexuals/bisexuals in a leading role in Ryse would actually be historically accurate.

LackTrue4K1818d ago

This is true, Romens would encourage men sleeping with other men (same with girls)

They believed it improved them physically for there Olympic Games.

christocolus1818d ago

its good to know that both devs are impressed with each others work.(ssm and crytek)....cant wait to get my hands on this game, want to see how it plays out and the story too.

Ko_Uraki1818d ago

It is good that they see Ryse as a franchise. I expect super natural elements and sequels set in different periods. Nevertheless I hope that they will return in the ancient roman era maybe in the third chapter.