Albert Penello Confirms New Ryse Trailer Was Game Footage

When asked on twitter when will we see real game footage penello replied with "Everything in that trailer IS game footage."

B-radical3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Why someone would ask when we would see real gameplay footage is beyond me seem's people are thinking it was all cut scenes or something :/

This game does look amazing though so I can see why some people would think CGI or whatever.

Lalanana3639d ago

It's because people will go beyond their mind to deny the truth..how awesome this game is and is becoming...they just can't accept it...He is just letting the world know.

scott1823639d ago

It does look very good to me, good job to crytek.

zeal0us3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

How amazing or awesome the game looks is a matter of opinion.

Though I will admit the game definitely has improve visually since when it was shown at E3 2011.

Gamingcapacity3639d ago

It is mostly cutscene. Cutscene is still in game. I think this could be another Heavenly Sword. Good looking but shallow gameplay.

To me Heavenly Sword had better combat than this. This game is masked by pretty cutscenes and slow mo executions. I think a lot of people will be disappointed but if It gets a Metacritic of 80 or higher I will admit I was wrong.

Other than that Forza looks great and does DR3. To me those games are a safer bet

Godmars2903639d ago

Because some of it was cutscene which could mean anything from refined in-game engine to CGI.

JokesOnYou3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Yeah and it was awesome, definitely showcased some superb next gen graphics, what I really like seeing also was just a brief amount of great story elements/setup but I don't want them to reveal too much, I want to wait and see it all unfold on my first playthrough. Great job by Crytek and micro collaborating to make Ryse what looks to be a high quality exclusive launch game.

shoddy3639d ago

It's game footage running on a pc version

JokesOnYou3639d ago

^^^^It looked that good, huh?

Elzer3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

^^^^^^^^^^^Ryse on xbox one is impressive that even the killzone devs thought ryse was running on a high end PC. Remember that article awhile back! " fact"!!!!! Then they got slapped when they showed it was not on PC

NatureOfLogic3639d ago

@ Elzer, I know you're all hyped and all but lets stay realistic. KillzoneSF absolutely sh*ts on Ryse graphically. Ryse is a overhyped generic looking exclusive.

BallsEye3638d ago


It was confirmed that ryse do not use CGI or special models for cutscenes. Everything you see there uses same models no LOD and all characters got as much detail and fidelity as Markus.

OpieWinston3638d ago


Killzone Shadow Fall is a generic FPS....Seriously how do you not see it?

Killzone has NEVER been a competitive FPS, I've played 1-3 and I know this. Shadow Fall is little to no different, except it looks more casual now.
From IMBA Shielding (The player can shoot through one side...)
to a wide arsenal of hipfire friendly guns, and I'm talking long range hipfiring...So sad.

But Ryse: Son of Rome looks like a Hack & Slash for people who enjoyed Shadow of Rome and wanted some more Shield & Sword combat.

You're such a PS4 fanboy...

I myself am a X1/Nintendo/PC fanboy.

ShinMaster3638d ago

I'd like to hear from the developers themselves, not Microsoft's PR.

PFFT3638d ago

All in game running on the XBO baby!

UltimateMaster3638d ago

Well, wasn't it the one that said "Not Actual Gameplay"?
Or was it another one?

webeblazing3637d ago

and they say pc gamers are the worst seriously this the same thing that happen in pc articles

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DoctorJones3638d ago

What kind of comment does 'daaah!' mean?

Is it off topic? Trolling? or immature?

Seriously, what does it mean?

In-game footage now means daaah!

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BallsEye3638d ago

You're really butthurt aren't you? Your little world fell apart when you saw XO exclusives like Ryse or Quantum Break destroying anything else competitors have, graphics wise.

JackISbacK3638d ago

ps4 fanboys ruled the world ,because you have closed your eyes and ears and have joined thei hands to worship sony ,they have been ps4orsed
,i'am not not complaining sony but this fanboysm is too much stop complaining man ,have good time jith your buied game and dont bylly others and dont dare start the war.

PFFT3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

It was more like reaching out and circle-jerking rather than joining hands and praying to Phony.

Fantangoooo3638d ago

its funny how bad the x1 has been heavily trolled by sony fanboys.. infact i dare say its the heaviest troll of any platform or any gen. But Ryse seems to put a cap on it.. Though i doubt it will stop them from coming back again.

falviousuk3639d ago

Sadly this wont stop the usual sony trolls from their daily trolling, and look, very first comment is from a Sony troll.

Game look quite good from that trailer, nice to see a little bit of differnet environments, though would still like to see more of the game, how to they get about, do they just move from one scenario to another. is the gameplay area quite large, or are they small instances you fight battles in.

Just over a month out from launch and would like to see more information about this game, preorder still stands at present though.

Be a gamer, not a troll

Riderz13373639d ago

What did the first comment say that makes him a Sony troll?

"Daah" Lmao get over it bro.

falviousuk3639d ago

Take a look at his comment history, has no interest in the xbox, constantly puts down the xbox and the games coming out for it, takes every opportunity to take a swipe at the xbox.

And here he is with nothing to say except that.

Just calling out one sony troll at a time