4 Bone-Chilling Horror Games From The PlayStation 2 You’ve Never Heard Of

Make Use Of writes: When gamers think about the PlayStation 2, and the range of horror games available on the platform, a few generally come to mind, with Resident Evil and Silent Hill are the two most prominent, and with good reason, as each of them is a fantastic. Of course, being released at the right time with a good marketing budget most certainly helped their success as well.

However, with the popularity of the more known franchises, a slew of other games hit the market as well. Some of these were truly fantastic, but for one reason or another, not too many gamers actually played them. Perhaps they were marketed poorly, or maybe it was something else. Whatever the reason, October is upon us, and that means it’s time to take part in all things scary. Pull out your PS2, or your PS3 if you are fortunate enough to have a backwards compatible model, and get ready to scare yourself silly with these unknown horror games from the PlayStation 2.

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TheEvilWithin1834d ago

Another one for the PS2 that was pretty good was Cold Fear.

scofios1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

i still have cold fear and Haunting Ground .
and obscure 1.2.
Cold fear had bad luck it was released at te same time resident evil 4 was released.
I hope ubisoft makes a new cold fear game for ps4/xbone instead of those overdone assasin creeds.

TheEvilWithin1834d ago

Same! I want to see more horror tittle's next gen.

TedCruzsTaint1834d ago

I knew of both Haunting Ground and Second Sight.
Your statement is invalid. :p

That said, Second Sight was by no means scary.

NiteX1834d ago

I had Extermination, it was an awful game. Watched my cousin play Second Sight on the GC.