Red Faction, Second Sight, Painkiller, and Others Change Publisher Hands

Ownership over several titles gets shuffled in THQ Nordic and Koch Media arrangement. Potential remasters, sequels, ports, and more on the horizon.

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BlackIceJoe371d ago

Hopefully this leads to a new Red Faction and Risen.

isarai370d ago

Oh SNAP! i would love a sequel to second sight, loved the first one.

AK91370d ago

I'd prefer if we got a 4K remaster first

Chaos_Order370d ago

Second Sight is highly underrated.

Sciurus_vulgaris370d ago

Both THQ and Koch Media are owned by the same larger company, the Embracer Group. I’m not sure why the publishing rights would need to be swapped.

rawshack370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

I hope they release risen on switch It's a underrated game all so

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