Stealth action Second Sight is back on Steam

THQ Nordic continues to delight fans of old toys! This time, Second Sight from Free Radical Design which was released on PC back in 2005, is now back on Steam.

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Patanu32d ago

Well that's a pleasant surprise. Maybe we can get Psi-ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy on there soon too.

ArchangelMike32d ago

This was actually a really good game back in the day. Shame Free Radical were never able to make a sequel to it.

aaronaton32d ago

Very nice! I bought the disc version about 8 years ago only to be told it's not compatible with modern windows.

LightningMonkey32d ago

Have you tried to run on compatibility mode?

Atomicjuicer32d ago

Geforce now please! Its hard to buy gaming pcs these days...