Microsoft’s Albert Penello Talks More on Xbox One’s Kinect and Advertising: “I hope we never do it”

The sea has been fairly stormy around Kinect and and the Xbox One in the past few days, due to an article on Advertising Age that implied that Kinect is going to be used as some sort of Troy Horse to gather our data and use it for advertisement purposes. While Microsoft is seeking a correction on the article itself, Director of Product Planning Albert Penello provided a further clarification and his personal opinion on the feature.

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johndoe112111839d ago

"Me personally, and I’ll get in trouble for saying this… I don’t like it at all. I wish we never talked about it, and I hope we never do it."


good one Albert.

Mad Aizen1839d ago

Oh boy. There's a facepalm in here somewhere. Just don't talk anymore MS. Just show games and your console. The talking is getting you into massive trouble.

TechMech21839d ago

Why Microsoft? Maybe nobody from Microsoft should talk about Xbox one until launch. Everyday is a statement that negates the previous statement. All this terrible marketing has made me question whether I even want a Xbox one

FamilyGuy1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

The problem is that they already said they were going to do this. Basically have kinect notice things in your home and advertise to you based on the things they think would relate.
Bag of chips on the table = doritos ads
Fast food = mcdonalds ads
basketball = NBA2K ads

Geez, they even had that patent that would allow them to monitor how many people were sitting around your tv while you watched a movie rented off the system with the ability to lock you out if too many were present. MS was ridiculous before all the 180s, it's hard to trust them.

Pogmathoin1838d ago

Can it tell a hooker or neighbour? ;)

dedicatedtogamers1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

This is all you need to know:

(and this was BEFORE the Xbox 360 even launched)

For those too lazy to check, Balmer said "the bedrock of Microsoft today is advertisers, advertisers, advertisers".

miyamoto1838d ago

yEAH SO THERE IS A STRONG POSSIBILITY they will do it if the need arises because this feature is ment to be in the first place. Another 180 again and again.

RyuCloudStrife1838d ago

So it is proven, in order for them to know what to advertise to you they have to watch you and listen to you to find out about you in order to know what you want or might be interested in.

So kinect will spy on you, he just "hopes" they won't use that information to advertise to you LOL, wow keep digging that hole M$.

UltimateMaster1838d ago

This is the reason why I don't want the kinect.
I don't trust Microsoft with all this data.

What's even the gameplay value that a game developer could implement in a game in the first place?
It just looks like the eye of the Terminator to me.

G20WLY1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

He says they only collect biometric data from users where they opt in and there is a tick box in the settings...

Do they though? :/

Or do they actually only NOT collect this data if the user knows to uncheck (and manages to find!) the box, which is opted in by default?

The two are very different approaches. My bet's on the second option given MS sneaky tactics... :(

_FantasmA_1838d ago

Thats why I call it the Mitt Romney console. "47% percent of you are freeloaders." Next day: "I love all 100% of you." This ex-box is just trying to get more votes, and by votes I mean money. Once it has the money, it will go back bending over its xbots like they did with their other 2 consoles. Its what they do.

nypifisel1838d ago

Lol don't talk? Don't do these things to begin with perhaps? It's a god send they even slip out, what would've happened if they weren't? Would the Xbox collect information about us without us knowing about it? Can't believe MS would go to such lengths to earn money "on" their customers.

Contemplate this for a second. You're paying for a premium service (Live) and you still get advertised to, what the heck? Not only that, they're willing to share your information to god knows which companies, and you're paying for it. MS has no love for games, they love your MONEY!

mewhy321838d ago

I think that it's good that micro$oft keeps talking. That's the only way that we are going to be able to see what is really in store for gamers that buy the bone. better to find out now that the kinect does collect data about you (like I've been saying from the beginning) rather than after you've spent 500.00.

Septic1838d ago

Panello has been as frank as he could here. Honestly what more do you want him to do or say?

"I’m going to summarize one more time our stance on this, since people think I dodge the question. It’s what I’ve said before, it’s what the PR team just reiterated, and it turns out it’s what Yusuf said last week."

There you go....can everyone stop being so juvenile and blowing things out of proportion now? If Microsoft go back and start using data contrary to what has said here, then go ahead and whinge.

gaffyh1838d ago

I said it as soon as the Xbone was announced, it is not about gaming for MS, they want to get as big an install base as possible, so they can rake it in from advertising and data collection. That's why they've been pushing Kinect, because they want to be able to figure out if people are actually looking at the ads.

scott1821838d ago

lol, how the hell do these people even get hired at Microsoft? This is getting ridiculous.

nukeitall1838d ago

Ms has already said you have to opt-in, but that said, is advertisement bad?

I mean, it is all around you, and most of the time you aren't even aware of it. There is good and bad advertisment, and frankly some of the content discovery stuff MS does has been pretty awesome.

There are a couple of movies I want to watch and a couple games I want to play thanks to advertisement on the dashboard.

The key here is NOT in your face, and relevant. MS has been doing good so far.

jmc88881838d ago

Don't forget how much money corporations can make or save if they know your data.

Those Doritos chips and can log how many you eat, the frequency, and that data can make Microsoft and/or the gov't a lot or money to various insurers.

Think of it this way.

You know how you've been told not to post certain info onto facebook because it can be used against you. Not just now, but 20-50 years from now?

Well the easy thing was to either, not use facebook or other social media site, or to be careful what you post.

That's easy to control. What's harder to control?

Everything that Kinect sees. Because for the rest of your life there will be info about you, your habits, tied to your face.

What is your phone or internet browser history linked to?? Mostly to person subscribing to the internet...but this is faulty as it could be anyone in the house and then some.

But your FACE, is YOUR FACE. They can link everything back to you. Every beer or soda, or twinkie, or sugar filled cereal, fast food bag, etc, etc.

Any data from this can and will be monitored. Just like the IRS is monitoring Facebook. You know to see if your party and travel lifestyle among other things matches with the money you claimed to make.

Yes people, morons have no idea how their info can be used to exploit, deny, and prevent them from something or other. How Kinect can literally double or triple your insurance premiums.

Of COURSE they will do it. They pay out tens to hundreds of billions a year. You think someone doesn't want to get promoted or a big bonus or raise by saving the insurance firm money by selling you down the river based on your Kinect data?

Of course they will. It's just business. Resetting your rate based on all the new info is but one example of what can be done.

Like I said, AT LEAST they allow people, the ones who aren't complete morons, to ditch the camera. That was a big step. But still alot of fools have no idea and have bought into the meme that if Bill Gates wants to see them in their underwear, that this is the worst that can happen. I call those people dumber then a love child between Snookie and Mr. Ed.

UltimateMaster1838d ago

The heart beat sensor makes me think of the new Predators with Adrian Brody.

Predator: "Using heat signature protocol. Cannot find him with walls of flame."
Predator: "Using heart beat protocol. Got you Motherf*cker!"

MazzingerZ1838d ago

They will advertise of course, I assume people getting an X1 is 100% aware of this

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joe901838d ago ShowReplies(9)
Kingthrash3601838d ago
its stuff like this makes me have zero trust with them...its its already beyond ridiculous they way they are spraying customer retardant on the offcially delaying my x1 purchase from 2014 to 2015. i really think they intend to do underhanded wallet rape and i want no part in it.

vigilante_man1838d ago

Am buying a PS4. If I was buying a XB1 the first thing I would do is put away the Kinnect for a few months then only use it for specific games/entertainment. Then I would be annoyed at having to pay more for the Kinnect when I do not want to use it.

I hope we are all wrong and Microsoft behave themselves with this...

THamm1838d ago

Its like if nothing was leaked, they would've tucked it all away until after everyone was fooled. Remember the "We'll have more info in a few months" routine...

kayoss1838d ago

I think the key words are "...I HOPE...". Shouldn't it say "we will never do it".?

Mystogan1838d ago

He has no control over it. So all he can do is hope.

PSVita1838d ago

It's like they go into forums after they make a statement and if theres a negative reaction to it they renounce it.

Mystogan1838d ago

They never made that statement. It was a stupid site making false claims. That seems to be all the rage these days.

PSVita1838d ago

How was it a false statement when it's true?

rainslacker1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )


They announced it proudly at their reveal event. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't the reveal be a case of them announcing it?

It's funny how Xbox fans want to just ignore the reveal event. There are times when I wish I could forget it myself....but I have therapy for that.

dj3boud1838d ago

Overpriced Console and Live service AND Advertisements!?.. i know where to take my money this generation.

H0RSE1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

In all fairness, advertising is king - it is a key factor in running the cyclical consumption machine that powers our economy. Advertising sinks its claws into virtually any and everything it can where it seems profitable. Consider this - TV commercials didn't always exist, yet if you pay for a cable subscription now, it is laden with advertisements.

Also to be fair, XBL was largely considered the superior service for many years, in terms of c0ntent, functionality and security. Remember, it wasn't XBL that got hacked and shutdown for a month...

And to go even further, the device in question here, the Kinect, is completely optional. Yes, all Xbox One's come bundled with it, but you don't have to ever use it. The console also comes bundled with a headset, and I know many gamers (me included) you have third part headsets, likely will never use it.

nypifisel1838d ago


That's so apologetic! Sony never put ads in their gaming machines. HBO doesn't have commercials and so on and so on. Just because many does it doesn't mean it's the best thing for you. Like getting paid for Live wasn't enough, they have to squeeze even more money out of you. And the hacking could've just as easily happen to MS as it did to Sony, it had nothing to do with lack of security (I'm inclined to believe both companies deal with it the same way)Sony just happened to be the victim this time - I honestly hope Live gets it someday so we could hear the end of these stupid remarks.

H0RSE1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )


"Sony never put ads in their gaming machines. HBO doesn't have commercials and so on and so on."

- HBO does have commercials, they're just advertisements for its own products/programming, like when they announce about a world premiere of a movie or a boxing match in such a way as to want you to keep paying for the service, that's adverting. Anytime premium channels have free weekends or other promotions for their service, that's advertising. I can't speak for Sony, I don't use their products.

"Just because many does it doesn't mean it's the best thing for you."

- I never implied it was...

"Like getting paid for Live wasn't enough, they have to squeeze even more money out of you."

- How are they squeezing more money out of me by having ads on their service? Hulu Plus has ads on it - are they somehow squeezing money out of me as well by doing this? If you are implying that the ads "made" me want to buy a product, well that's the result of the ad, not MS or xbox - it wouldn't matter what medium it was on.

"And the hacking could've just as easily happen to MS as it did to Sony.."

- but it didn't...

"it had nothing to do with lack of security."

- it actually did - that's what a "security breach" is - bypassing security, usually due to a weakness in protocols or a lack of altogether. If their security was better, they likely wouldn't have been hacked. Sony even admitted that certain user information was not encrypted at the time of the intrusion, which was one of the largest data security breaches in history.

Security experts Eugene Lapidous of AnchorFree, Chester Wisniewski of Sophos Canada and Avner Levin of Ryerson University criticized Sony, questioning its methods of securing user data. Lapidous called the breach "difficult to excuse" and Wisniewski called it "an act of hubris or simply gross incompetence."

BallsEye1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Taken out of the context. FOr people who didn't read article he is talking about gathering information, not about Kinect itself

"Me personally, and I’ll get in trouble for saying this… I don’t like it at all. I wish we never talked about it, and I hope we never do it. Someone posted a link to something similar being said around the original Kinect, and we never did anything. I’m hopeful the same holds true here."

And he is telling the truth. X360 kinect never gathered any information or spied on you. Internet trolls were afraid of old kinect too.

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GreenRanger1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

I hope you never do it, too. Not in front of your Kinect, at least...

G20WLY1838d ago

Selling user data for the sake of targeted advertising is one thing, but my God, I hope they don't start selling 'hide the sausage' videos to the porn industry! :O

I know they find it hard to pass up on a potential revenue stream, but this makes me gag just thinking about it! lol

thebudgetgamer1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Microsoft makes more follow up comments than Peter Falk.

Also I hate Troy Horses.

Abriael1839d ago

To be fair, people complained that they didn't communicate enough just a few months ago...

OrangePowerz1838d ago

That was about not communicating enough clearly by only throwing information out and not clarifying it. It`s not much different now because Penello said in the last few days every time something different when he talked about that subject.

MRMagoo1231838d ago

like orange said, it was them not being clear not just talking. I have seen a few posts from ppl like edonus that are about 4 pages worth of words but none of it meant anything, there is a big diff between talking and communicating.

thekhurg1839d ago

Every single time this guy speaks, it's just word vomit. He needs to have a gag order and removed from all community interaction.

Devilbringer1839d ago

*I’m going to summarize one more time our stance on this, since people think I dodge the question. It’s what I’ve said before, it’s what the PR team just reiterated, and it turns out it’s what Yusuf said last week.

We are not working on anything using biometric data from Kinect or anywhere else to target advertising.
No personal information leaves the Xbox One Console
The only biometric data we collect, are voice samples to improve our recognition engine. We only do that when a consumer opts in. There is a very clear checkbox in the Settings menu.
IF anything like this ever gets implemented, we will be clear to consumers and give them the ability to control it. We have historically posed this information online, not buried in a complicated EULA, and I see no reason to think that will change.*

Sounds good. :P

n4rc1839d ago

Good to post this for those that only read comments and not articles. Lol

OrangePowerz1838d ago

So there is no function for that but a very clear checkbox in the settings for something that doesn`t exist?

Death1838d ago

The only data collected is for voice samples if a customer opts in for it. Was it really that difficult to understand?

Grimhammer001838d ago

I agreed it sounds good.....but not believable.