Microsoft Executive Explains Statements on Xbox One X "Most Launch Titles Ever for a Console"

Xbox Console Marketing Senior Director Albert Penello explains the reasoning behind the Xbox One X launch titles messaging.

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Abriael1360d ago

Thought it was from Dead or Alive the game, came back disappointed.

uptownsoul1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

When Panello says "most launch titles ever for a console"...that is verifiably false. He even admitted so she he say the PS3 had way more playable games at launch).

In conclusion, the fact that the Xbox One X has more launch titles than the PS4 Pro (which is 100% true) does not mean it has the "most launch titles ever for a console"

morganfell1359d ago


The X1X didn't have any launch titles and neither did the PS4 Pro. Anyone making these sorts of claims is lying, to themselves at a minimum and in general to everyone else. Having games that support a particular console's features is not the same thing as a launch title.

Godmars2901359d ago

Weren't they suppose to have Crackdown 3? Had the fox platformer?

morganfell1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )


Yes, Crackdown 3 was supposed to have been a launch title. I was referring to what actually did launch but you are correct that it was originally forecast. A forecast in which I placed zero faith because the game was tied to cloud performance and they haven't properly demoed that capability at all. I knew it would never make it and said so on this forum. Think about it. A game is going to launch with a never publicly demonstrated feature like cloud physics calculations? No, just no. Yet people here kept screaming that Microsoft, with a demonstrated history of not delivering games was going to magically deliver this one, with a new never demoed performance feature. I personally think Crackdown 3 will never work in the original manner intended. MS will make an excuse and their supporters will tell us the game is better without it.

MS keeps promising games, and their fans keep believing, and have all generation yet they keep only delivering hardware. Ask yourself this, what major new Blockbuster IP has MS delivered this generation?

And the hardware doesn't even perform in the manner they claimed. I told people that as soon as it got into the hands of unsupervised reviewers the truth would come out. 4K 60fps in all games. Again, no. Not that it matters, and let's be clear The Switch is proof it doesn't matter, but that is the hook on which they hung their coat and now they are surprised to see it in the floor.


SynKakarrot1359d ago


I don't se where there referring to new titles

KillBill1359d ago

@ uptownsoul - he quantified his statement with the fact he is talking only about games that take advantage of the new platform and not just titles playable on it via BC.

"Serious question. Most modern consoles launched with ~20 titles on day one. I’m not talking back-compat – I’m talking new titles that take advantage of the new platform. This can be re-masters, games that ship on past-gen and new gen, or new-gen exclusives. Quick search: X1 had 22. PS4 had 23, Pro had 30. Going back; 360 had 18 and PS3 had 14. Playstation 1 had 10."

nix1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

Wow that entire thread was so wrong. Panello got more and more stupid as he spoke. Sad to see the admin lock the thread to save his ass.

Also does this mean the other forum site (Neogaf) is dead?

DogJosha1359d ago

@KillBill He is talking out of his ass as usual. A launch title is a title released near launch for a new system. Xbox One X isn't a new system, so it doesn't have "launch titles" in a traditional sense to begin with. This is just like when they created the trend of misusing the term exclusive. Just because you delayed the release of a game, doesn't mean it is an exclusive. Same for "true" 4K. Why is Microsoft obsessed with butchering the English language every chance they get? Did they take the same English class as most game journalists?

mikeslemonade1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Probably the worst spin I've ever heard from Microsoft execs.

This is worst than naming every game exclusive or saying they have billion hours total played on Xbox Live. Stupid, you're embarrassing. You're not even gonna full some of the more casual gamers. What point do you serve by saying so stupid?

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notachance1359d ago

hey, they get away with 'cloud power' without being called out by the fanboys, at this point it's like a game to see how much bullshit the PR team can say until their fanboys had enough.

G20WLY1358d ago

Lmao they'll never find that threshold!

1358d ago
Army_of_Darkness1359d ago

Most launched titles?! It's a mid gen upgraded console for crying out loud! Lmfao! There are no launch games! Dear lord, lol! The shit that comes out of the xbox pr division is ridiculous sometimes..

Felsager1359d ago


That perfectly describes the lack of exclusives on the XBONEX and all the retarded articles like this one saying nothing about the $600 3DO console.


What i also think is funny, is how in every playstation article all i read is xbots saying how bad ps4 is, how bad horizon, last of us. naughty dog ect is. And here i have skimmed all the 100 comments, none of them here to defend Microsoft's crap. Really goes to show how much actuall credibility these fanboys really have.

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chrisx1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

"If I ever said we had more total titles to play, I misspoke". Ofcourse you deliberately use words like"console launch exclusive"to decieve unsuspecting people.

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2cents1359d ago

"Sony themselves talked about 40 launch titles. So if I say 50 launch titles, why am I spinning?"

"I’m really trying to understand how anything we said was spin, damage control or PR. We used the same terms."

Missed that bit huh.

Nyxus1359d ago

Even so, what kind of reasoning is that? 'But Sony did it!'

ecchiless1358d ago

But they dont used the same terms, check the ps blog and read, you only look stupid with that quote.

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Ashlen1360d ago

This is why I will never buy anything from Microsoft he pretends to apologize for making an obviously incorrect statement by making a even more ridiculously obvious incorrect statement.

A game that came out years ago that you slapped an HD upgrade onto isn't a launch title. And on top of that just up to the launch you were bragging about how there would be over 100 upgraded games at launch then on launch you only had 50.

Everything from Microsoft is lies and deception.

And I don't care how many articles some out saying fastest sales or sold out every single retail store by me by that sells game consoles had pre-orders available up till launch and have had them available in store to buy in store every day since launch.

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Silly Mammo1359d ago

MS are the kings of PR speak.

PJHudson1359d ago

No. They are actually terrible at it. They always get called out on their spin. Whereas every company do the same and worse but seem to get away with it. It is funny how everyone thinks ms are the only ones that spin things for their own gain

Dark_Knightmare21359d ago

I was just at my GameStop not even an hour ago to preorder la noire and outcast second contact and they had some Xbox x for sale.

conanlifts1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

So why is it okay for 1 company to use the same wording and not get accused of spin, but the other company does it and it is a lie and deceptive. They effectively said the same thing.

uptownsoul1359d ago

@sd11 - "So why is it okay for 1 company to use the same wording and not get accused of spin, but the other company does it and it is a lie and deceptive. They effectively said the same thing."

They effectively said the same thing??? -- Thats incorrect...To my knowledge, Sony never claimed the PS4 Pro had the "Most Launch Titles Ever for a Console".

Lighter91359d ago

"World Premiere!" Right?

DarXyde1359d ago

I don't think it's a huge issue personally. The informed consumer knows exactly what Microsoft meant and that such a statement has no basis in reality. However, I think the problem here is if your customers think it's a new console and will be left behind if they don't upgrade. That's actually a possible consequence of calling them "launch titles".

I don't know. I have a hard time believing any serious damage was done. Pro has "PS4" in front of it and X has "Xbox One " in front. Having a tough time seeing branding problems here. With that in mind, I don't take the statement maliciously, especially when there are no cases in stores indicating games are only for Xbox One X. The whole "launch titles" claim is bogus, sure, but I don't see who's gotten the raw end of a deal because of it.

Sharky2311359d ago

There’s five xox sitting in the Walmart I’m at right now!! I’m in a nice size city and near a huge city!! They should be gone by MS talk!!

DarXyde1359d ago

I live in a major metropolitan area as well. I admit, I'm curious too.

I'll take a look around when time permits.

andrewsquall1359d ago

@Ashlen They never actually said they would have 100 games at launch. THAT is a mistake by the fanboys that misinterpreted the official "enhanced list". All they had to do was take one look at that list in August and they would see that over 40% of it was games that aren't even out until 2018.
See people like KionicWarlord222 saying things like
"Damn thats some crazy support for the DA X. By launch it probably be like 160 titles. "
He literally thought Microsoft was saying the XboneX was going to have 120 specifically enhanced games on Nov 7th. It ended up being 59 on launch day.

And then a week before launch it was revealed that even more games on that list, that are games that are already out, weren't even going to be ready for launch on Nov 7th either, meaning the list did way more damage in the end.

I know this because I have been trying to get it across to people the last 3 months now and they just wouldn't listen.

Like that overhyped, upscaled original Xbox game, with added MTs that came out earlier in the year (I'll be DAMNED if I can remember the name of it), I'm so glad the X is out now too so all the overblown and insane overhype is finally over and they can open their eyes again and get back to begging for new significant exclusive games.

ebounce881358d ago

God this whole site is a bunch of Sony's b******. I have both and if they want to call games that they upgraded launch titles so be it but anybody with a brain can see they arent completely new games. But you act like Microsoft is the huge deceitful company and they're way more gamer friendly now than Sony. You put gold on the wrong account on accident sony won't even give you a refund. They don't let your digital stuff carry over from system to system that's straight-up greed in my eyes. What about Sony's 50 remasters? We need them both for competition if one of them ever had complete market control it would be an absolute disaster.

Poek1358d ago

I can see why so many people left. Has probably more to do other than specs and features of there product. And, it should anyways, go without saying - anything in life including business:
“Treat people the way you want to be treated. Talk to people the way you want to be talked to. Respect is earned, not given."

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PhoenixUp1360d ago

An iterative console can’t have launch titles

Eonjay1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

Not withstanding the fact that you are correct, one wonders how games that are already released can be launched... Again... 'exclusively '...

Microsoft doesn't say 'anything'. They just speak of words.

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Goldby1360d ago

i think the big thing is sony explained it as enhanced games for the ps4 launch.

Ms is stating it has 50+ launch titles, making it sound like like 50 new games released when xbox 1 x released.

its all about context and use of words, something i think MS needs to learn a bit

uptownsoul1359d ago

I agree 100%...And had Panello said X1X has more than Pro, then he'd be undeniably correct. But as you said, just b/c X1X has more than Pro, doesn't mean it has "most launch titles ever for a console"

GrubsterBeater1359d ago

"its all about context and use of words, something i think MS needs to learn a bit"

They don't need to learn anything. They know EXACTLY what they are doing when they say lies and spin like that. They do it to deceive. They only apologize if they get called out on it, and even then, the apology is still spin with some possible lies in there too. This is why I will never be able to support MS and XBox, unless MS cleans house and gets some honorable, honest people who care about what they are delivering to their fans.

1359d ago
jznrpg1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

They know exactly what they are saying, they assume most of their customers either dont care what they say or are ignorant of the facts and so they are fine with the backlash from informed gamers because they fool enough to make up for it . They wouldnt continue to say shit like this if it didnt work. It really makes me dislike them and I hate that because I love console gaming

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