Microsoft: There's More Stuff To Play Than Time To Play It on Xbox

Despite the common complaint that the platform lacks games, Microsoft's Albert Penello reckons that there is more stuff to play than time to play it on Xbox.

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maybelovehate1361d ago

Really struggling with this right now.. So many games. Especially when I want to revisit all the old games that were updated.

KaiPow1361d ago

I know! I really just want to play Lost Odyssey again but there's no time!

Skull5211360d ago

So many games, so little time!

-Foxtrot1360d ago


You know what would be better...Lost Odyssey 2

Something...brand new and what we've been asking for years now.

Just a thought

joab7771360d ago

I want a damn LO2. Then I’d go buy that shit tomorrow!

Eonjay1360d ago

Technically even if you don't want to play it, Microsoft is still correct.

S2Killinit1360d ago

damn that SPIN!!! It made me dizzy.

DARK_WOLF1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

So you guys must have played every game on xbox then huh?

A lot of people have never played old games from 360 or older/current xb1 or og xbox games..

So their all pretty new to alotta people.

Many-hat51360d ago

Really liked that game, and Blue dragon.

indysurfn1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

This is technically true there are more games than there is time to play them. But this is also Technically true for the Wii U! After all according to wikipedia there are 750 games on wii U, and most people would say there where no games on Wii U.

We want tons of 1st party AAA games on xbox1x like there is on PS4 pro,

That would be a giant reason to get a x1x. Not third party and a few AAA 1st party AAA.

GrubsterBeater1360d ago

You XBox fans all act like the Vanilla XBox One never happened... lol it's pretty sad

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joab7771360d ago

Old games are good when you get something new, but the novelty wears off, for me. I’m trying hard to convince myself to buy this, or wait and build a PC in February. The problem is that it IS true that there is too much to play on PS4. And next yr is gonna be much worse.

I do love that X1X has Black Desert, Path of Exile, and PuB. That is huge! But I’d play them on PC first.

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Godmars2901360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

No. The Switch has plenty of games. Nothing AAA that Nintendo makes themselves, but otherwise they're good.

The issue with the XB1/XBX not having AAA level titles when AAA production is becoming a 3-5 year affair is that if MS is just now gearing up to make games for the XBX, by the time they come out at the very least the PS5 will have been announced. All the power that's now being insisted is win-sauce isn't going to be all that.

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Vectrexer1360d ago

I'm having problems sticking to the same game, there's so many I want to play but there's so many new and old titles that I want to revisit with this awesome power!

trooper_1360d ago

Your fake enthusiasm is hilarious at best.

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Chaosdreams1361d ago

Older titles, yes (and nothing wrong with that). However, the key element (and one they seem to always dance around) is exclusive/new IP's.

For now they are the powerhouse for those who want the best graphics for 3rd party games / and the sliver of exclusives they have and... That's just about it.

The argument that there's more to play than there is time can be applied to every console. Still, it's not as stupid as some of the other things that they've said recently.

Those who have the newest model will be happy, I imagine. Otherwise, why buy it?

maybelovehate1361d ago

Not just older titles, new titles as well. Origin, Shadow of Mordor, Star Wars BF2, COD, Forza 7... plus all the games as a service that are constantly getting new content like POE, ESO, Warframe. Just so many top quality games right now.

Bigpappy1360d ago

Those are games dude. do you see exclusive on the Box? No? then you are wasting precious time playing what ever that is. Get a PS with Uncharted, Last of us, God of War and Horizon. That's what you need to spend your money on and time with. Those are the only games you need. Feel me! /s

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Ricegum1360d ago

Bravo to Bigpappy and the guys for, yet again, trying to start some sort of fanboy war. About the 10th time today. Surprised you can find anytime to play your beastly Xbox One X.

Automatic791360d ago


We got in the last few months Conan Exiles, Path of Exiles, Tacoma, Cuphead, Forza , Super Lucky's Tale, in a few weeks PUBG and Hello Neighbor. This narrative about no games on Xbox is absolute bs.

hamburgerhill1360d ago

Of course there are games on Xbox but there are no exclusives. I hope Xbox gamers continue to ask for them and don't settle for less. MS has already stated they're on the way so hopefully soon we can get some announcements.

UCForce1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

Shadow of War, COD, Origins and Star War Battlefront 2 aren't Xbox exclusive. What @Chaosdreams mean is the First Party Studios exclusive game. Forza 7 doesn't count as Xbox Exclusive because it's also on PC. And @Automatic79 Those games are also on PC. True Exclusive Game have to stay one platform, not other devices. MS just completely forget about it.

trooper_1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

Some of those are multiplat.

Take off the blinders.

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joab7771360d ago

It depends what you want and where your friends play. If you have an X1 and just got a 4k TV, this is perfect. Though, I’d still suggest getting a PS4 at some point for all the games. But if you own a PC, you can play everything on that. That’s why it’s tough for me to justify grabbing it, even though I really want to.

thejigisup1360d ago

well, they at least expect to be happy. You can have the most powerful machine out for years but if the software isn't there to back it up then you'll be disappointed. I hope MS does something about this. I do not regret only purchasing a ps4 this generation, maybe once the xb1x becomes the default system for ms ill consider it.

Phil321361d ago

I always thought it wasn't "MS has no games" (which is obviously hyperbole) but "MS has limited worthwhile exclusives -- especially lately". The latter I would agree with.

Bigpappy1360d ago

Well that's waaay different from no games. Even I understand that M$ should get in the fight and create some cutting edge software titles. But to act as thought there is nothing to do with an Xbox if you should buy one is stupid and ludicrous. I can see if you already have a powerful PC where you already play most of the games on the Xbox or if you have a PS4 and prefer to play your games there and would pickup a second console just for exclusives. But to say there are no games to play if Xbox is your main console is not even worth replying to. Honesty is the best policy.
In short M$ is not wrong when they are speaking to Xbox fans, but to people who have other primary systems, they need to attract them. Best performing games on console with the X is a big draw for console gamers on other systems who find that power attractive. So that is positive just by itself, but creating unique and compelling software, would really grow their membership.

So the exclusive point could be made without talking like someone from an ultimate universe. Or lying.

Why o why1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

The term 'no games' is like Phil said above, an exaggeration. When certain parts of the media and fanboys were using this claim against the ps3 in the earlier years it was aimed at exclusive content. . Multiplats were obviously on both hd consoles but the term was still used. This gen it's the same but different as we're in the 5th year and if I'm not mistaken ms are yet create a new ip all gen. You could justify if this was year 1 or 2 and or they were using some foreign hardware or if they were cash strapped but none of those excuses can be used. Ms should be in their stride by now yet we're in a year where they've released a record low number of exclusive* content

With the 1x I feel there will be some people who do want the most power and well done to ms for providing that in a slick ass compact looking chassis to boot. . I'm sure many who prefer the Xbox brand but purchased ps4's will buy the 1x but some will wait for games. . Personally I would strongly consider one but I'll definitely be waiting for a price drop and enough compelling exclusives to warrant the purchase.

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XiNatsuDragnel1361d ago

Albert penello I wished you didn't dig yourself deeper into another hole. Because face it the lack content is a problem.

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FallenAngel19841361d ago

I can’t make sense of that headline

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Liqu1d1360d ago

They're saying there's so many games on Xbox and no enough time to play them all.