Microsoft talks Xbox One X: 'Everything we've done for launch has defied convention'

Albert Penello, the big boss of Xbox marketing at Microsoft, is proud of Forza Motorsport 7 and Gears of War 4 and Assassin's Creed Origins on Xbox One X, but what he really wants you to experience on your new machine is an interactive movie about ladybugs. We spoke to him about the launch of Microsoft's superpowered box, how it compares to PC, and why the PS4 Pro wasn't a factor in its creation.

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TankCrossing1355d ago

The Insects thing is a great way to showcase 4K, HDR, and Atmos. It very effectively expels any doubts that each one has a big impact.

WilliamSheridan1355d ago

It made me realize I actually prefer and care about ATMOS

TankCrossing1354d ago

I have 7.1.4 Atmos home theatre surround, and the Insect walkthrough is a better demo for it than the clips in the Atmos app. It is great to hear a carefully mastered Atmos track, but stepping between 7.1 and Atmos so that you can directly compare the difference is an eye-opener. Ear-opener? Whatever, it makes the difference very apparent.

jznrpg1355d ago

Or they could have made a game using those features

timotim1355d ago

THEY DID! FM7 and Gear 4 runs at NATIVE 4K, HDR and uses Dolby Atmos haha.

WilliamSheridan1354d ago

The games are there, this is a way to demonstrate what it can do.

TheColbertinator1355d ago

Possibly the most important console launch history. Nothing will come close.

jznrpg1355d ago

Nothing special about it, more powerful sure but nothing out of the ordinary . Switch is more innovative even though much less powerful. Also you say console launch but no games launching with it is sad

HonestGamer51355d ago

I hear what you are saying but it is a mid gen upgrade, why do people keep expecting it to launch with new games like is a new gen console.

MegamanXXX1355d ago

Unfortunately Microsoft don't have the Software

LP-Eleven1355d ago

Never take his comments with any real seriousness. He either doesn't know what he's talking about or just says things to get a reaction. Just for future reference.

OT: I don't see this as anything game changing. Rather, a way for Microsoft's console to gain buzz again. So far, it sounds like things are going good, but longevity will be key.

zuul90181355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Hmmm, "most important console launch history. Nothing will come close."
Thats a very strong statement to make... especially since its just launched. Its sort of a thing that cant be given until after a consoles lifespan.
Anyways since youre claiming it is, can I ask why?
Why is it the most imporant?
Game industry struggling? Not really
First mid tier upgrade ever? Nope
Revolutionary design/control? Cant see it being more revolutionary than the wii was

I just dont see anything that will make it that important... is it powerful? Absolutely, great graphics etc. But if thats all that makes it an important launch then ps5/xbox 2 are gonna be "more important" than the X.... and the mid gen upgrade is gonna be even more "more important" than the ps5/xbox2.

Note: not taking a stance "sony rules" or "MS rules" im just trying to rationally understand what makes it so important to you?

FITgamer1355d ago

I legitimately busted out laughing after reading your comment.

FreddyFazbear1355d ago

Have you taken your meds? When will you see your psychiatrist? Im just worried. Delusion is a serious mental problem.

cellypower1355d ago

Aaron Greenberg is that you......

Nitrowolf21355d ago

Aaron Greenberg himself is probably asking the samething

SierraGuy1355d ago

Looks like any other launch to me.

franwex1355d ago

It’s a midgen update. I’m not sure about the excitement. Nothing fundamental has changed from the regular Xbox 1.
The 360 has a bigger impact on gaming being the first HD console, or even the og Xbox with a network adapter and hdd.
I’m not even trolling. I am legit interested as to why this is possibly the most important launch.

FyBy1355d ago

Only new console with new features, nothing more. This happens every generation, sorry bro.

MagicBeanz1355d ago

Until the next console launches, but good effort.

Dragonscale1355d ago

For MS and the fanatx definitely. Everyone else though, nah.

azzkikr85021354d ago

Mate for a console to come out a year later then its main competitor you would be praying its better then the competition. Tech moves so fast. when the next PS comes out it will be miles ahead of the xbox X. Then what will u say. Like seriously. This is a never ending cycle which is great as it will make games that come out in the future better then the last. I really hope the xbox crowd gets off their high horse and stop criticizing what others prefer/think coz ur paying $650 AUD for a new console that has to be better then a console that came out a year ago.
before u all start taking swipes at me. I play games not some shit we have no control over. check my id if u want
psn Azzkikr 8502
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Instantnoodles881355d ago

Well done Microsoft. I am enjoying the console immensely.

Valkron11355d ago

So either some people don’t believe you are enjoying it or they are bothered that you enjoy it. Has sad other people downvote enjoyment

MagicBeanz1355d ago

Whats really sad is people who actually feel like down votes on a game website somehow effect their lives, stop worrying about them guy they're meaningless.

bluefox7551355d ago

Or...maybe they disagree? They don't think MS deserves a "Well Done"? This might sound crazy to you, but not everyone loves Xbox.

Dragonscale1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

You mean like when the fanatx downvote and berate people for enjoying their Pro for instance. That door swings both ways. Anyhoo for $500 bux I should hope he is enjoying it, would be very sad if he wasn't.

yankolo1355d ago

Great box tv is 4k but no hdr...but daaaammmmmnnnnn everything looks sooo gooood....i just need a curved 4k hdr tv and..........

Valkron11355d ago

You will love it even more!

Wallstreet371355d ago

Dude just out the affordable Roku TcL tvs man they really are good and bang for your buck. Good 4k and 10bit or dolby hdr too.

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