Could PS Home be on PS4 and powered by Gaikai?

GC writes - PlayStation Home has never really lived up to its promise of being an amazing virtual social playground for likeminded gamers. Even though the free social service is tenfold of the original version, it still isn’t exactly what Sony first envisioned.

PlayStation Home initially had many problems and Sony adapted the service to suit us. Home was supposed to be a seamless extension from normal life to virtual life; your apartment was to entertain your friends, you could wander around virtual worlds, talk to other people and you were supposed to be part of a community. What we got was a lonely experience in a sex pest rampant world with nothing to do!

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ZodTheRipper3028d ago

Not a fan of home but I'd try it out again if it's coming to PS4.

abzdine3028d ago

if they make it with no real value like PS3 i hope they won't spend ressources on it.
i think PS3 Home has a huge potential but Sony didn't follow up on it to make it more appealing.
now with the social connection and power of Gaikai it could result in something big, let's just hope Sony communicate well with people this time

Blaze9293028d ago

id rather they and we stop acting like we care about HOME and just focus on building a better PSN.

IMO give up on HOME

XisThatKid3028d ago

There's a separated dedicated team for home so no resources lost. I like home it was a fun way for me and my brother to contact each other considering we live in separate states. Plus watching movies and listening to music with my friends that don't have the luxury of visiting me.

I support the service it def isn't what it could be and I hope they keep at it make it better.

Hicken3027d ago

I'm certain Sony is hard at work caring about the opinion of hardcore MS fanboys like yourself who don't actually know anything about Home.

THC CELL3028d ago

I have a feeling something new going to come.

3028d ago
Xsilver3028d ago

I want to see PS home on PS4 it should look awesome and this time run more smoothly.

Lulz_Boat3028d ago

when there will be SINGLE HUGE MAP without fu**ing loading times. i'll use it for sure.

DeadlyFire3028d ago

On Gaikai this could happen. Although your bandwidth would have to be up to par, but its the perfect place to put a demanding social game/virtual world. Thing I hated about Home and still do is loading times. If then build the new home I hope they put 99% of the advertisements and stuff that they drop into it as server side things so we never have to redownload the same area 1 million times and so forth. Its just tiring. Its why I quit dealing with Home.

JuniorCE3028d ago

It would save memory and space in the HDD ;-D

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The story is too old to be commented.