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M-M3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Deep Down a F2P game? Megaton.

PLASTICA-MAN3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Here is a proof from Capcom themselves (saw it live and I was mindblown)

F2P meaning you don't need PS PLUS to play it. I thought forcing PS Plus to play online was cruel , but after seeing how many F2P games we will get ( and JUST DEEP DOWN) is quite a big relief.

Even people who will just buy the PS4 WITHOUT A SINGLE GAME will never be bored. Just buy the PS4, you have no excuse (even if you live in a hole and you don't have a way to get PSN PLUS). Let us enjoy gaming on PS4.

maniacmayhem3425d ago

Even though it is F2P I wonder where the monetization will come in?

Will there be a level cap? Will certain dungeons only be accessible through payments?

I'm sure gear, loot, skins, armor and the rest will be paid.

I really don't like the freemium model and would have rather had a full retail game.

FamilyGuy3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

This is what I've been saying for months. I'm buying my PS4 with no games at the start and checking out all the free stuff first. There's a lot of options between the F2P games and the PS+ games and my current subscription doesn't expire till March. ^_^

I'll probably still end up buying stuff soon after but nothing beyond the system on day 1.

sonarus3425d ago

I love this new free to play system sony has got going. I hope microsoft intends to adopt some of these policies as well

PoSTedUP3425d ago

da fuq does that title say!?

strifeblade3425d ago

How dissapointing. Its f2p and people here are jumping up and down for joy. This was never a game- it was a tech demo to demonstrate phanta rei engine. This f2p bull was an after thought.

It looks like the budget for this game is going to be pathetic. Random generated dungeons and enemies? Nothing but greys and ladders and never more than a couple enemies on screen and boring environment? overly simplistic combat system?

This has low budget all over it, its offending that peole compare this to ryse or deadrising (games that actually have a budget and legitmate effort put into it). I am really not trying to bash, but this is the final nail in the coffin, this gane is catering towards the japanese taste in an attempt to monetize it through f2p model and sometimes games like these catch on fast providing that this game seems to be more about loot than anything else.

I speak for most gamers out there and i will say most hardcore gamers were hoping for a full budget 60$ title with all the works and what we got random generated dungeons which result in uninspired environments, simplistic combat, boring and dull (although boss fights seem interesting but thats it.)

PoSTedUP3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

looting is good, like in all other rpg's.
and we already saw the graphics and very little game play, f2p doesnt change any of that. it still looks phenomenal with still a lot more we dont even know about the game.
and yes we know the dragons are going to be epic
im curious to see how many different types, of different types of enemys are going to be generated. a good initial variety could give the game longevity.
magic, different weapons, fireballs, count me in.
this Is next gen still a lot more to know about the characters stats, upgrades, weapons, magic, the features of co-op, what the levels are gonna be like etc.
im hoping the generated levels keep some good textures.
they said somenthing about the liquid, im interested in how thats gonna play a factor.

ShwankyShpanky3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

@strife: I think you're being a bit melodramatic. The game's not even in beta yet, and you're acting like you've seen everything there is to see. Let's maybe wait for some more media to be released before determining it to be "nothing but greys and ladders and never more than a couple enemies on screen and boring environment," or that it has an "overly simplistic combat system." I see nothing inherently wrong with procedurally generated environments & enemies. Isn't Diablo procedurally generated?

badz1493425d ago

I don't understand the bitterness in many comments here? What's there for you to lose? The game gone F2P not subscription-base. Why is the perception that F2P games are bad? League of Legends, Planetside 2, World of Tanks etc....there are many examples of very good F2P out there.

Now that it's a confirmed F2P, everybody will have the chance to play it without paying. If it turns out to be good, GREAT. if not, it's their lost not the gamers. Even Sony guys themselves are assisting in the development so it might be something special. The hate is unwarranted for this, seriously.

strifeblade3425d ago

I don't understand why people purchasing the PS4 is not expressing dissapointment at the direction this game is taking.All i am seeing is praise.

I am sure the content people will pay for will probably be loot, items, maybe they make you pay for some of those dragon boss fights as they are the main attraction of the game. They will probably make the game impossible to successfully play without purchasing some loot (otherwise it is not profitable). But do you think they will give you a whole package with all the loot? Probably not- they are nickel and diming you in this f2p. In contrast killer instrict gives you everything for 20$ (Save for a few costumes). Although KI does not feel like an f2p besides the 1 free character lol.

F2P is successful but only on pc, where these games can reach a huge user base and become a lively community (normally due to the minimum requirements of the said game). This game's f2p is not based on a community- it;s 2 player co op. So the success of f2p cannot really apply in this case. It sounds more like a free game forcing you to buy loot and content, in a 2 player co op experience with random generated dungeons.

People draw comparisions to diablo as it does have randomly generated dungeons, but diabo is also a full retail game. I am certain the content in diablo cannot be matched by an f2p. In diablo you do not buy loot- you hunt it. Diablo is 4 player co-op, playing it any otherway would suck as all my friends play it 4 player co-op. Diablo has a story and voice acting. Diablo has different classes (huge replayabilty). In comparison deep down looks bare bones. Diablo has simple combat because of its camera being a far 3rd person perspective (traditional hack and slash). deep down adopts a camera angle being right behind a character, and in this case the combat cannot be like diablo simple and repetitive, it would get tired quick.

5h4h4b3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )


"I don't understand why people purchasing the PS4 is not expressing
dissapointment at the direction this game is taking.All i am seeing is praise."

Yes. We are excited about this game and graphics and particle effects are praiseworthy. What's your problem?
Don't act like f2p games are garbage. PS2, League of legends are good games. You xboys have some serious problem. You hype your games (ryse, dr3) above the sky, but when we praise our games you people just can't stand it. Just shut up and let the people who like this game praise it.

"and in this case the combat cannot be
like diablo simple and repetitive, it would get tired quick"

Exact description of ryse but still people hype it. And you can be sure combat in this game would be diverse compared to ryse. There are special attacks, spells etc.

XtraTrstrL3424d ago

Yeah, that popped in my head immediately. I was wondering why they were talking about getting the beta into everyone's hands immediately. Very good news, now I have no choice but to give the game a shot, even though it has some hurdles to get past still to really be great.

FamilyGuy3424d ago


You're a HUGE hypocrite, Killer Instincts model is garbage and you know it. 8 characters in a fighting game? 720p at that so not only is it lazily made but designed to milk as well. Holding characters back outside that initial bulk purchase ability just so they can charge more, outside that bulk purchase, for the cooler characters later.

Why are you even in here when you have no plans on buying a PS4 anyway? You're in a topic that's 100% about a PS4 exclusive trying to get us to not like the game before it's even gotten a Beta? Please gtfo and don't come back. If you aren't interested why bother even coming in a Deep Down topic?

btw, Deep Down is 4 player co-op, not "only 2 player co-op". Don't know how you screwed that up when they mentioned it multiple times already and we clearly see it in 4 player co-op at the TGS showcase. Not only that but one of the 4 players was using the Vita remote play to play.

I really don't understand complaints about a F2P game, is it so much trouble to download it once it's out and then judge it? It's free, FREE, as in no risk whatsoever if you end up not liking it.

Complaining about a game that's still in it's alpha stage with barely one dungeon, one useable weapon type and one enemy type to fight in its demo is ridiculous. It's even going to have a beta which is already set to be months from now, feb-april so what's with the early concern?

Ritsujun3424d ago

Poor Xillyblindb0ts and Nintend00des are mad, aren't they?

tokugawa3424d ago

so what we will have to pay to move faster instead of walking through maple syrup..

or pay for more moves rather the poke em in the eye for massive damage lol

grfx aside, the game looks rubbish.. disagree ... you know where it is

5h4h4b3424d ago

@ Tokugawa

"ryse sp is LOOKING great. so yeah i hope that a sequel comes. day one for ryse for me #1.1.2"

Hypocrite much?

tokugawa3424d ago

lol ryses combat looks better than the pokefest that i saw the other day. sorry, being excluisve to sony doesnt equal instant greatness... and deep down is a prime example!

if this had been announced for the xbox one, and dr3 for the ps4, n4g would be singing a whole different tune about this game!!

example of n4gs hypocrisy.. ryse comments compared to deep down comments abd hype.

at the mo, i will dl deep down to see wha it is all about. but eye poking for massive damage is not really looking great (apart from the grfx) for now

5h4h4b3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

@ Tokugawa

First of all, no one is saying that deep down gameplay is amazing and best ever ( from what we have seen so far). People are praising it for amazing lighting and particle effects. ( fire effects are none like we have ever seen before)

Secondly, this game is in pre alpha stage, without any launch date. I can't understand why people are downplaying it and hyping ryse combat. You seriously think this tgs footage shows you everything about the game. What is special about ryse gameplay ? What amazing combos can you pull off? In deep down you can perform spells, special attacks, dodge rolls etc. It's not a pokefest like you people are claiming. Just because a player played it in a ridiculous and clumsy manner doesn't make the whole game pokefest. Please take off those fanboy goggles and judge the game properly.

"if this had been announced for the xbox one, and dr3 for the ps4, n4g would be singing a whole different tune about this game!!"

Yes. I also would have liked your and other xboys opinion if ryse would have been ps4 exclusive.
Btw people are saying that deep down is from capcom. They are money hungry. This cant be a good game. Who developed dr3? Why is it being praised ?

ZHZ903424d ago

I will be downloading Deep Down all the way!

abc12333424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

@strifeblade: You're making negative assumptions left and right about this game. You have no idea how the F2P model will be implemented here, there have been examples of fair F2P models in other games. You also only witnessed a single dungeon being played, with a single group of monsters, with a single weapon and a few other skills. Do you honestly believe that the final game will only ship with this much? How then can you call this a cheap game with boring gameplay mechanics? Calling this a low-budget game when the graphics rival or beat pretty much anything next-gen when it is a very early build and doesn't even have a release date yet is the most laughable part of your post.

And no, I don't know where you got the idea from that you speak for most gamers when it came to hoping that it was a retail game. A fair, F2P game which anyone who has a PS4 can download and enjoy and isn't hidden behind a paywall is clearly something which many gamers would want.

Legacy2123424d ago

I would have to say im disappointed and would have to agree with @strifeblade for some points. When i saw this game i thought it looked really good It reminded me alot of dark souls and the fact it had random dungeons and random enemies never bothered me (diablo, persona etc have random dungeons)The fact that its free 2 play really turns me off. I have played some free 2 play games and from my experience they are just hours of grinding to get your loot if you do not want to pay real money for it. Now i hope this isnt the case for deep down but i think playstation gamers would of gotten a more quality product if it was a full retail release. I remember all the hate and negative comments Killer instinct got on this site when they announced that it was a F2P game. Now, i am quite shocked to see how positive this news is. it seems pretty hypocritical. I am not here to argue what system is better or tell you for $40 bucks you get 16 characters with all there stories in killer instinct next year (there seems to be alot of misinformation about that game on this site) or tell you that deep down is going to be garbage. Both my brothers are getting ps4 and needless to say they feel the same way as i do about deep down. We will have to see more on the game but some people on this site have to keep your story straight. You cant go into every xbox article talking so much shit and bashing games like killer instinct because its free to play and then when you find out a ps4 exclusive is free to play praise it like its the second coming of jesus. Keep some consistency.

XB1_PS43424d ago

I don't want all the good games that come out to be F2P.. That's some bullshit. I don't want to have to pay for gear. I want to pay for the game, and have an even playing ground with everyone.

Farmville ruined everything.
F2P is the devil, Billy.

nveenio3424d ago

I would have paid $60 for the retail version of this game. I figure, with the F2P model, I could easily put $60 into micro-transactions and feel okay about it. (If the game is good, that is.)

abzdine3424d ago

i will be ALL OVER this game when it launches!! F2P? With such a quality?

MestreRothN4G3424d ago

But this is Capcom and F2P model together.

It just can't work at all.

Not on my watch list anymore, there's ho hope for this game.

monkeyfox3424d ago


Whats not to like about the F2P model? Free to play means more people get involved from the start on a relatively unproven title and if you want to, you can still buy the unfettered access with all the extra bits for around £30 anyway...

andrewsqual3424d ago

@strifeblade I will admit that I was never into this as soon as it was revealed to be a dungeon crawler last week, then online only, then Free 2 Play. Worth saying I will check it out now though.
Nobody said Ryse or DR3 3 weren't big budget titles, all they said was they just don't look really good. ^_^

So you admit then that the new Killer Instinct (don't forget people have been waiting 15 years for a sequel) is absolutely abysmal then? You can buy it full price and get a whole 8 characters, wow. Made by the people who put the nail in the coffin on the Silent Hill series and know nothing about Fighting games too. But no its gonna be great.

Bimkoblerutso3424d ago

I gotta agree with MestreRothN4G.

There have been a COUPLE of good F2P (and keep in mind, that's a couple out of hundreds), but the fact that this is Capcom leads me to the assumption that the decision to go F2P was one of exploitation, not of accessibility.

We're most likely going to see monetized character progression, barebone weapons and equipment, locked dungeons etc. etc.

F2P almost always means that a game has been hacked to death to create as many money-making opportunities as possible without any regards to how disjointed it makes the game.

Tultras3424d ago

Haha, certain levels, loot, gear, equipment is already restricted to payments in full retail games, it's just titled "DLC".

maniacmayhem3424d ago

@ Monkeyfox

"Whats not to like about the F2P model?"

Some F2P's are done right, I have not played but I heard from many people that LoL is a F2P done right. But I happen to be in the Freemium business and I can tell you the sole purpose of it is to nickel and dime you as much as possible and to make a user pay a lot more than what he would buying full retail.

And this is also Capcom we're talking about. I am a huge Capcom fan but even I was disappointed with their antics for MvC3, SFxT and Asura's Wrath.

People are getting excited about F2P games but it's sole model is basically all about DLC. For the amount of complaints we got this gen about DLC I don't see how anyone could be happy about F2P.

But as I said earlier there are ways to make F2P fun and doable. Let's pray Capcom knows how.

Jack_Of_All_Blades3424d ago

PS4 and PS Plus is such great value! I cannot wait till November

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black0o3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

should I be hapPy or worried about capcom doing this to US

theWB273425d ago

Worried..not for quality of game..but Capcom and their means of money making.

The pic is disturbing black0o...

GiggMan3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Could be like Drive Club where you can purchase the whole game. I was saying to myself that the game looks awesome but it's really not my type of game. Now I get to try it for free. You can't beat that.

Tctczach3425d ago

Aww. Double post from IGN. So here is a courtesy laugh. Ha.

Campy da Camper3425d ago

I think its great. I always watch videos and read reviews on games but you just never know until you play it for yourself. If it sucks you're out the money and pissed. F2P is awesome because I can play the actual game at no cost and see if I like it. If its cool then I figure I have 60 dollar microtrans budget since that what I would have paid for a full game.

That's a lot of goodies to buy and I doubt I would spend that much.

Win win.

black0o3425d ago

@Tctczach i post it everywhere not just here and IGN, its capcom and they we all know what's the result of F2p+capcom

deadfrag3425d ago

Coming from Capcom It will end been more pay to win than free to play mark my words!

DigitalRaptor3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

This is a Capcom/SCE collaboration project, so I'd only be concerned about one half of the equation. Both have their say, and as far as value goes, I think Sony has already made their statement.

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Irishguy953425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

All makes sense now...this is unfortunate. No wonder they are doing PCG(it's cheap). This game really is a tech demo.

Edit -
Now that we know it's F2P...we do know the extent of the PG. This game is exactly what we were told it was and nothing more. A dungeon crawling, pcg'd game. It is to show off the power of the Ps4 with a cheap game. I would have really preferred it to be a retail release, gotten a story, and gotten hand content over pcg. However, it's very unlikely that the game is going to have anything more than what has been shown, because you's f2p. I thought this game was gonna be running for RPG crown when I first saw it. It just isn't.

PCG is procedurally generated content @ below. It's a very cheap way of making more content that generally is of lower quality or has less substance than a hand crafted game where developers create everything, place everything etc. They build a game engine to place objects randomly, enemies randomly and create dungeons with a random layout or a world with random layout. If you've ever played Oblivion you should know how poor it's dungeons where. It's a prime example of PCG.

Either 2 things are gonna happen here

1: Sony will ensure the game is not capcomized and expensive to play. This means the game is cheap, and has already clearly focused on graphics. Put 2 and 2 together and the thing is just a showcase of Ps4's power

2: Capcom will do as they do and this F2P title will be "Pay or this game will suck for you"

ABeastNamedTariq3425d ago

Tech demo? Oh gosh. The downplay is strong!

Just like you stated in another article, we don't know the extent of the PG. Don't go there.

FamilyGuy3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

what is PCG?
Paid Content Gaming/galore?

Anyway, Deep Down a "tech demo"...
Tech demos are usually amazing and I've always wanted to play around with one lol.

The game looks phenomenal so it doesn't matter what you decide to call it, are you even getting a PS4?

MysticStrummer3425d ago

I'm on my third playthrough of Diablo 3, and the one thing I wish it had was random dungeons. They have re-used scenery, yet are the same every time I explore them.

F2P is good, and it's not like F2P is the only option so play some other game if you don't like the idea.

I'll be checking this out for sure.

Jazz41083424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

"If it's no good then im not out any money" thats what renting and demos are for. I much rather this be a real retail title. I had faith in capacom for rpgs because of dragons dogma but this game really looked kind of slow and stale anyways imo just not much going on with the ai from what I seen and free to play is fine now that I have seen the game in action as I would not pay big money for this.

G20WLY3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Yeah, 'Irish', wrong as usual and jumping to conclusions. How about wait and see, how does that sound?

The fact that they're doing a beta shows they're confident this game will impress and there will likely be a premium option for full game, as often supports the F2P model.

^Jazz, to be fair, your comment history shows you to be anti Sony/pro MS in a big way, so your baseless insults towards Deep Down hold no weight, sorry. ;(

Also, Jazz, 8 days ago: "I canceled my preorder for the ps4 do to money reasons" = bitter much?.. lol

christian hour3424d ago

Please change your name Irishguy, you're giving us a bad rep here :P

There's nothing wrong with F2P. YES the model can be taken advantage of in very bad ways by greedy companies and capcom have proven that they are DLC microtransaction whores, so it could spell trouble, but only time will tell. But there are plenty of good examples of F2P done right, a lot of people in here have listed them so I wont bother repeating those titles.

Completely dismissing F2P because there are some bad models out there is kind of ridiculous. That would be like not playing any FPS any more because Activision milked COD for all it was worth. The F2P model works very well when it's planned well... Somethign tells me with Sony heavily behind this title they won't let capcom turn it in to a milk farm just yet.

Gonna go play some War Thunder now, still playing it months after getting it and guess what, its f2p and I have yet to spend a penny on anything extra and I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything :)

League Of Legends is also awesome, but I hate MOBA's, too stressful and frantic for my gaming preferences :P

andrewsqual3424d ago

"Sony will ensure the game is not capcomized and expensive to play. This means the game is cheap, and has already clearly focused on graphics."

The fact is isn't coming to Xbox means it won't. PS users were even shafted on the price of RE HD and Code Veronica HD because it didn't fit under 2gbs and had to be released as an over expensive Games on Demand game on Live. Microsoft tightened that lease they have on Capcom since 2006 and said "do it on PlayStation too slaves".

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FamilyGuy3425d ago

No way.... O.O

I can't believe it's F2P

I will remain cautious though, don't really trust Capcom too much when it comes to micro-transactions. If there's an option to buy the full package/game I'll probably just go that route. They better not screw this up, they really can't afford to right now.

Happy gaming everyone!

Hicken3425d ago

Yeah. Honestly, Capcom hasn't instilled much confidence in me. But at least this is f2p, so I don't have to give them any money.

Neckbear3425d ago

This is terribly disappointing. F2P games never turn out to be good.

HammadTheBeast3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

League of Legends says hello.

So does Planetside 2, DOTA, Team Fortress 2, and many others.

solidsheep3425d ago

D&D online, path of exile.

MysticStrummer3425d ago

"F2P games never turn out to be good."

Sweeping statements are never the whole story. There are great F2P games.

joab7773425d ago

Unless its completely free...I would rather pay for it. Imagine diablo 3 being f2p...except u have to pay for all this shit. If its loot based...hopefully its just skins etc. Otherwise it could get bad. Anyway...why not tell is more about exactly what it is first.

showtimefolks3425d ago

thank you sony/capcom

i have psn-plu but what's nice is that you don't need plus to play free to play games

Volkama3424d ago

Free to play is not a gift. Some greedy publisher simply thinks they can make more money with the alternate payment model.

It doesn't necessarily mean the game is poor quality or low budget at all, and if you can stomach a shop in your game it may be a game you enjoy. But thanks isn't warranted.

Beastforlifenoob3424d ago

This destroys my hype like a bug under a watermelon.

I HATE FREE TO PLAY GAMES, because you constantly have to take out yo wallet instead of playing the freaking game and how much money is in it determines weather your player is good or bad (does not require skill just spoiled idiots). Instead of paying $60 you will pay $150 for everything in the game.

The freemium model needs to end, I want to pay 60 bucks play the game and enjoy it. Anyone who supports it should be publicly exucted and laughed at.

LetoAtreides823424d ago

You don't need everything in the game, you just buy what you want/need and sometimes you don't even need to use real money to buy it with.

thezeldadoth3424d ago

lol, now you guys are cool with f2p

turgore3424d ago

The sheeple on this site are pathetic. When killer instinct was free to play, everyones like "ph its gonna suck"
Now when deep down is revealed to be free, everyone thinks its the best game ever. Its gonna be garbage like 90% of free to play games.

PlayStation_43424d ago

Wow, now I'm excited!

Xbox One gets Killer Instinct and we get Deep Down.

Hyped! Hopefully Europe will get the beta

StoutBEER3424d ago

Well, when I get my PS4 2 years down the road this was gonna be the game i got. Guess that's solved! I can save my 60 for a fat sack get high and watch the Fire fly ;D

Blaze9293424d ago

I wonder how many people read this much at least:


Prepare for the micro-transactions

LiQuiZoN3424d ago

F2p isn't good. It means you'll spend quite a lot more than you would for a dark souls experience at 60$.

3-4-53424d ago

Best looking F2P game ever?

3424d ago
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Nitrowolf23425d ago

Dayuuuuuuuuuuuuum thats awesome

but then I see Capcom name on it and then it worries me at the same time. I can see them nickle an diming the shit out of this game as this gen has proved with pretty much all their titles.