Deep Down "Off Screen" 60fps Gameplay

New gameplay emerges. Deep Down from Tokyo Game Show. Video is 60fps.

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Mario183421d ago

Lol I would not even want to know the Xbox One's fps for this game

Sevir3421d ago

Well it's exclusively for PS4, so no need to take guesses cause it's a non factor.

GrizzliS19873421d ago

ladies and gents, a next gen dark souls? lets hope it holds even a candle to it

thechosenone3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

dat gameplay combined with dat 60fps/1080p is simply amazing!

hakeem09963421d ago

I think it could just be a timed exclusive .I don't see CAPCOM not going for the XBOX money .

tuglu_pati3421d ago


Sony is helping with the development of the game. I really don't see this game coming to XBO.

CuddlyREDRUM3421d ago

It isn't a PS4 exclusive, it is coming out on PS4 and that is all they have announced thus far.

Same thing with Titanfall, you will have these games on both next gen consoles.

Eonjay3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Wow, this is incredibly smooth.
This is outrageous. No frame drops.

FamilyGuy3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

The enemy animation when it gets hurt looks great, the way it stumbles backward and actually looks like it got hurt in the spot it was stabbed in (lol, it's a feat compared to most games). 60fps helps the smooth look of the animations but it's smooth in general too. The body movement and transitions are very realistic, nothing jerky or clunky and this game might be like a year from release so looking this good already is a big achievement.

Too bad this player only used the most basic attacks and wasn't very good over all. Every thing looks great except the player himself who was obviously having trouble with the controls and aiming. You're supposed to stab at those guys legs then they hunch over and you hit them in the eye which is it's weak point. He hit it in the eye at least once and it was like a critical hit 450 or so compared to all the 200 somethings.

WarThunder3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

The lighting in this game is great! I like the light that comes through the cracked wall!

The guy playing, sucks lol

And @ halfwits who say the gameplay look bad:

A quote from a user "familyGuy"

"The player didn't know what he was doing, at the start you can see he barley glanced at the controls before jumping in. There's a lot more moves he could've done as well as having useable items. In the final build there will obviously be more classes and you can even light and shoot flaming arrows.

There's another article describing the game play in depth from someone that replayed this demo 7 times at TGS.
It's extremely thorough and shows how little this guy did compared to what he could have done."

NewMonday3421d ago

this is how a good game should be in motion, good movement animation and deep combat.

also the lighting and particle/water effects give this game a realistic atmosphere, making this a very creepy game.

Gamingcapacity3421d ago

The lighting and animations are real nice. Is there a direct feed of the gameplay yet?

emad-E-three3421d ago


No! It won't happen simply because the Publisher for the game is SCEA
take a look:

emad-E-three3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )


Yes for Titanfall but NO for Deep Down its Sony's IP so it will Never come to Xbone (stop dreaming)!

The Publisher is: SCEA as you can see in the game page on "gamespot"

gaffyh3421d ago

I take it back, this looks incredible, lighting and particle effects look amazing.

mewhy323421d ago

No here's an example of the power of the PS4. I mean look at this game!! Very intense graphics and running at a silky smooth 60fps. The bone might be able to manage 25-30fps on a game like this and running at only 1600X900 (Ryse)

andrewsqual3421d ago

Yeah but why is the online required? Is Dark Souls? Nope.

thisismyaccount3421d ago

SCE-Engineers are working with and helping them out on this project. Prolly means, they are telling the peeps over at Capcom how the PS4 really works (GPGPU, SPU etc...)...

You really think they would do half of the code of DD and then allow Capcom to make a Box 1 version with it (knowledge) ?

It all indicates, Sony has funded this. Question i have, why not go 30fps and increase the fidelity even beyond what we´ve seen ? Do we really need 60fps for a Dark/Demon Souls clon?

Enemy3421d ago

Lol it's funny that people only acknowledge TitanFall as a timed exclusive now that they want Deep Down. There's absolutely no indication of an Xbox One port in the works. It was built from the ground up as a PS4 game and Sony helped build it.

To make things worse, they haven't even announced it for other countries outside of Japan, so Xbox One never even crossed their minds. I think Deep Down will be the first example of what some developers are saying:

"One [game] could be doing 60fps on PS4 while Xbox One does it at 30fps."

There's your 60fps footage, guys. I said it awhile back it was going to be 60fps.

alb18993421d ago

Who said deep combat!!

denawayne3421d ago

This game looks like crappola. God, you Sony fans will praise anything

BlackTar1873421d ago


you really think this game looks like crap? Is it not your style of game or something? The game looks awesome and this + Fallout are my most wanted games on PS4+MGS

gaffyh3421d ago

@BlackTar - He's an Xbox fanboy just ignore him.

Mainsqueeze3421d ago

To me the gameplay looks pretty damn clunky and boring. The animation and fps is smooth tho. But the only thing that guy did was jab his spear at the same troll looking things for 8min straight, missing half the time.

Enemy3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

@ members claiming boring/clunky combat: Whoever's playing in this video is using one attack to get by, which you could do in any game and make the game appear boring.

It's also fairly obvious that his coordination sucks. You could play Dark Souls this way and anyone would think the same.

Makes me wonder if any of you have even played Demon's Souls/Dark Souls.

KazHiraiFTW3421d ago

It's nice to see the PS4 aiming for 60fps. Unfortunately this comes with a major drawback, the graphical leap won't be nearly as impressive this generation.

tokugawa3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

it looks nice in the grfx department, and the lighting looks good plus the animations..

but, the gameply looks rubbish. "poke him in the eye for massive damage". and you lot have been attcking ryses gameplay lol. "dat gameplay" (reading to much neogaf there) "deep combat" leave it out.

now come on kiddies, you lot are quick to see anything that is wrong with "the bone's" games, yet this looks like the player is walking through maple syrup, and trying to poke everything to death with a tickling stick.


Syntax-Error3421d ago

Mario18, you are by far a fanboy. The XBO's exclusive FPS is TitanFall, do you really want to compare the sales of these 2 games when they come out? Second, this game is corridor game. Anything this tight will look amazing. It's when you show scaling we will see how it stands up. RYSE at least has tons going on at one time on a larger scale. No a fanboy, just speaking the truth

PraxxtorCruel3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

You get some folks come here and mention the gameplay looking boring and then you get a heap of Sony sheep attacking Ryse when these folks never even made any mention of Ryse or any other game for that matter. Seriously, you can't say anything these days, what a joke. You heard it, don't like this game well that makes you a fanboy. The fanboy is strong in this one.

UltimateMaster3420d ago

It does state "off screen 60fps"
Didn't anyone notice that?

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Muerte24943421d ago

Thing is this game is still very early into development. I'm not worried about it if it's looking this good, this early. They should be able to achieve the target render based on these early results.

tigertom533421d ago

game-play looks really bad

GiggMan3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

I guess it needs less resolution and FPS and more QTE's huh? Then it would be perfect right? lol

Grave3421d ago

Don't hate the game, hate the player.

BitbyDeath3421d ago

You trying to get a ryse out of him?

ps. you left off clunky animations

GiggMan3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

@Bitby, We might have to see if we can get Capcom can throw in a couple of "execution" animations to spice it up a little bit. ;-)

black0o3421d ago

what ever helps u get throw the night

Spinal3421d ago

Agreed the gameplay looks terrible. I don't see the hype. Is graphics all people care about? The gameplay is awful. The best next gen game I've seen so far is killzone shadowfall.

But I'm sticking to my PC until the ps4 has been out atleast a year.

Muerte24943421d ago


Then why are you even here? You commenting on a game that's in alpha phase. Then only to tell people that you're not even considering a ps4 until late 2014?

Hayabusa 1173421d ago

@ Muerte2494

I think spinach has the right to express his opinion if he wants.

And I agree with tigertom53, the gameplay looks terrible. Sure, there's a lot reasons for that: the guy playing sucks, it's very early, and it's only a tiny slice of what the game represents (hopefully) but regardless, this demostration looked weak from a gameplay stand point. And it's funny looking at how many commenters here are oblivious to the basic gameplay because the graphics have clearly burnt their retinas.

Regardless, I'll keep my eye on, but I seriously want to start seeing some next-gen GAMEPLAY at some point.

Muerte24943421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

@Hayabusa 117,

I never said he didn't have a right to express his opinion. Just trying to understand why he's even bothering he has no interest in the products. I have never own an iphone or plan to own one. But I don't go to Iphone/IOS threads commenting about how I'm not interested. Just seems counter productive.

This game hasn't even been given a release date and you're talking about it as if it were going gold next week. I think Capcom wanted to show that this wasn't just vaporware.

noctis_lumia3421d ago

it doesnt look bad its that japanese guy who play it make it look bad

DJMarty3421d ago

tigertom53 - LOL, have you seen RYSE, now thats SHOCKING.

Lykon3420d ago

from what I just watched not my cup of tea either .But it looks good and 60fps is good. But stomping about in dark corridors pricking monsters with a wooden spear would get boring fast

Hayabusa 1173415d ago

@ Muerte2494

No, like I said, there are potentialy many reasons the gameplay looks dull, one being that it's obviously VERY early...I actually said this in my last comment if you cared enough to read the entire thing.

Doesn't matter how far the game is in production, my point was THIS particular demostration looks weak gameplay wise. I'm not going to pass judgement on it based on this demo, but I'm not going to get all hyped up over it either until they've shown some gameplay worth getting excited about :P

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ziggurcat3421d ago

it's not coming to xbone, so you don't need to worry.

3421d ago Replies(3)
UncleGermrod3421d ago

Why would you? What a pointless remark.

BallsEye3421d ago

Did you have to bring it up? And honestly I'm sure XO can run it just the same. Looking at screenshots it's not that super advanced.

Ps3 could probably pull it off in smaller res and 30 fps.

Nevertheless surely a game I will play the crap out of, like every Capcom RPG.

Hakoom3421d ago

i hope it doesnt on the x1.. or else the game will be downgraded for sure.. just like the ps3/360 games

Ryto3421d ago

Publisher is Sony, so an Xbone port will never happen.

DistroyerOfFanbums3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

You fanboys are the worst, the first comment you're talking about xbox one.. Glad to see you are interested in this game.. Mario, even on Playstation articles you talk about its competitor.

Guess you're getting the X1, it seems to be more your tastes always on your mind and all:) what do you think of the gameplay, textures, lighting, physics, ect... You try too hard..

HeroReborn3421d ago

Why are you trying to flip this on MS? If this were a MS only game would you word it the other way around? #just a juvenile response

HardcoreGamer3421d ago

give ppl last of us 2 ps4, some of us will die..

in the game.. lol, not real life. i dont want that to happen,

Lykon3419d ago

that would be horrible if we all died

SnakeCQC3421d ago

well it depends if its the titan dev kits or the one they are selling to everyone lol

SignifiedSix913421d ago

Probably the same. Of course the game looks good. Its linear and not even rendering much but caves.

Doesnt even come close to what RYSE is graphicly rendering.

despair3421d ago

Half the resolution though. But still both are wait and see titles for me.

bsquwhere3421d ago

Your right this passes what ryse is capable of. However I hear ryse comes with a copy of Photoshop now.

LonDonE3421d ago

WOW! just look at that, its so sexy, and its 1080p at 60fps too, meanwhile on xbox1 we get ryse a quick time based button basher, and it can barely hit 30fps LMAO!
this is what i like to see, a great looking game, but at 60fps too, this is the perfect balance, if the developers can give us graphics like this at 60fps then the £350 for a PS4 is well worth it!!

I hate that developers choose to up the graphics fidelity even more and by doing so sacrifice the 60fps for 30fps, i think like this game, devs this generation should focus on 60fps with great graphics instead of pushing more even more graphical touches while dropping down to 30fps!!! capcom you have my undivided attention!! XBOX1 with RYSE LMAO!!! 20fps at times, LOLOL

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gamer78043421d ago

I would expect 60 fps in this game, it's mostly indoor corridors. Very little draw distance, I wouldn't compare this to any other launch title but itself in that regard.

kenshiro1003421d ago

@denawayne: Like Xbox fans? Pretty sure you guys were praising TitanFall and that wannabe ancient Rome game.

SonyPS3603421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Probably the same, considering we won't see either console's full capabilities for years yet? Who cares anyway, a boring game at 60fps is still a boring game.

Seriously, enough with the fanboyism. We aren't gonna see a difference between the two consoles until later in the life cycles.

SegaSaturn6693421d ago

the official xbox one fps for this game is an unwavering 15.

Matpan3421d ago

The sheer amount of fanboyism on this site is INCREDIBLE. You people take an attack on a PRODUCT, yes, it´s not even a person, it´s a THING, made by a COMPANY, to make PROFIT from your pockets... You take an attack on that PRODUCT as something personal, and defend it with your guts.

God! tallk about brain washing! please check your priorities, this world is going straight to the vowels of capitalism hell.

What the HECK do you care if someone says "This game looks like crap?"... you really need to defend it? What purpose does such defense serve? Is it to reassure yourselves that you have chosen wisely where to put your money? Do you need so bad to prove to yourselves that YOU are right because you chose X console over the people that chose Y?... Boy are some people dumb and insecure.

If you chose a PS4 be happy and done with it, you really need to dignify an XboxOne fan comment with an answer? If you choose an X1 be happy and pay no heed to the other side´s trolling either. People arguing over Teraflops and Ram clocking... since when did a game being good or bad EVER had ANYTHING to do with the gygahertz a GPU could pull?...

And this happens on both sides, Sony fanboys being usually a little bit more excited about defending their company (I guess that is how fanboys must feel it, as if sony or ms wrote them a parfumed letter at the end of each fiscal year, thanking them for their loyalty, along with a bundle of freebies).

Please, get a grip.

Nice gameplay BTW!! :D

LiQuiZoN3421d ago

The issue is because those "people" are simply trolling. We all know it looks cool. They come into these articles to get a rise outta people, so they get what they want which is pure fanboy entertainment, which is why N4G and the comment sections are so fun to begin with.

If not, then I wouldn't bother visiting this site at all.

Matpan3420d ago

I just think it`s plain stupidity. Sometimes fun, 90% of the time, just stupid.

dlocsta3421d ago

Funny how the Sony faithful who love facts and proof are taking this as fact when the title alone tells you the video is not a direct feed but a video of a TV screen. How the hell do you know what the resolution is? Oh I forgot, Sony fanboys never lie, or should I say mistakenly misrepresent the truth. For all you know this is 30fps.

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GiggMan3421d ago

Running live on PS4 hardware. This isn't even my type of game but it's got me stoked.

Beastforlifenoob3421d ago

Running live on PS4 hardware! AND AT A BOOTILICOUSLY BUTTERY SMOOTH 60FPS!!!!!!!

One word: beast