Check Out the Gameplay Presentation of PS4 Exclusive Deep Down by Capcom

At the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia Press Conference held in Tokyo Producer Yoshinori Ono walked on stage to give a gameplay presentation of the PS4 Exclusive Deep Down.

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Relientk773426d ago

This gameplay looks so sick!

black0o3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

i like the idea of 2 reality, and the game looks so great

another great exclusive 4 PS4

pyramidshead3426d ago

It looks loads better than that naff montage trailer it had at that one time where it looked nothing like the original reveal. It's actually really surprising!

Still a damn shame it's online only. It's like Deep Creed Souls hahaha

PLASTICA-MAN3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Everyone knows that graphics during online mode looks inferior to a single player mode (not because of hardware limitations BS but due to connection and online data transferring issues). I can't believe we will playing a focused online game like Monster Hunter with procedureally generated content (so no boredom incominf) with such graphics ! I mean compare this to online modes like Ryse or even KZ:SF or even their singleplayer campaign, it is really next-gen. I think they cast some magics on the programming part. I hope it won't heat up our modems. PS4 future is very bright "deep down".

ErcsYou3426d ago

I had a hard time deciphering the translators but didn't they mention the Deep Down was being co-developed by SCE?

Blastoise3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

I hope this is the start a trend of more darker RPG's with Co-op mechanics.

I'm a big fan of Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Monster Hunter and general dungeon crawlers. We need more games like this

The dragon battle at the end was so epic

abzdine3426d ago

damn now this is a game changer!!
Dead Rising vs Deep Down? i'm glad i chose the dark side.. this is some monstrous graphics

ZodTheRipper3426d ago

Only on PS4! And that's just the beginning, this gen looks very promising already =)

Quicktopick3426d ago


Yup! I heard SCEE too

starchild3426d ago

This does look amazing. And it got me so hyped for next gen games.

Gazondaily3426d ago

Is it me or is the frame-rate really bad? It could be my work PC...I'm not sure.

FamilyGuy3426d ago

I'm glad this game is still looking good, visually and on the story side. Those chilling voices, the dark theme. It really is a lot like a Demons Souls kind of game with online co-op to fight the giant baddies. I need MOAR!

Hope to see some HD, direct feed videos soon of the TGS game play.

Japan is getting the PS4 months later than us but they are getting a couple nice things as compensation:

They get to be the first to play Deep Down at TGS
They get the Vita Tv first
They get a completely free copy of Knack as well as an extended warranty with their PS4s.

Those were some really nice "Thank you for your patience" gifts.

ohiostatesman3426d ago

I'll be getting the X1 version with cloud support.

badz1493426d ago


what part of "PS4 Exclusive" that you don't get?

Army_of_Darkness3426d ago

This looks like a next gen dark souls. I understood the translator as much as I did the actual Japanese dude.. .. .

ZHZ903426d ago

Deep Down looks great and better than DR3.

Gazondaily3426d ago

Ah okay was the video itself.

The game looks incredible.

mewhy323426d ago Show
tokugawa3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

looks incredible!! day one for sure.

@mewhy. leave the fanboyism at the door ffs. it is people like you that cause problems by writing stuff that you dont understand.

which in turn de-rails threads when there is no need

SatanSki3426d ago

@PLASTICA-MAN: games in multiplayer mode are less detailed so the framerate was better not becouse of connection. Noone likes to die becouse of frame drop. Dont spread your BS please

ProjectVulcan3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

1:04 Ear fatigue computations!

That's next gen right there

SilentNegotiator3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Looks like Dark Souls. The bodies even flop around when you walk into them.

Except the ranged attacks look like they're actually accurate to the reticle.

-Foxtrot3426d ago


So you want co-op in ElderScrolls or thanks

I think some RPG games need to stick to single player only. If it becomes a trend I fear it will spread to other games and single player games will die out

P0werVR3426d ago


Now this is what I would most definitely buy a PS4 for.

gaffyh3426d ago

I hope there's a direct feed up at some point, because the quality of this vid is terrible. Sounds like Assassin's Creed/Dark Souls from Ono's description, still interested at the moment.

ohiostatesman3426d ago

I believe this is timed exclusive so I'll be waiting for the Xbox One version. That's all I said.

PoSTedUP3426d ago

looks awsome, he moves and acts like hes from the dark ages too. oh looks a treasure chest how original. wow tho, why am i excited for ths game its not really my kinda thing but looks sooo good. im no longer jealous of Ryse on the xbone. (was previously bc it looks good, but, yeah...) Deep DoooooWnn!!

Enemy3426d ago

What's crazy about this game is that in the feed from last night, it looked like it was running at 60fps. Idk wtf happened to this vid.

So PlayStation gamers get Deep Down, exclusively, AND Dark Souls 2.

These graphics are damn impressive.

Eonjay3425d ago

Graphics are stunning! Experience the power of better hardware. BOOM!

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yeahokchief3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Dark Souls/Demon's Souls wannabe. Capcom have no balls. Not buying it.

Dark Souls 2 on PC/PS3/360 > Deep Down

Play em both. Agree with me later.

2 reality idea is horrible. i guess this is there way of ripping off assassins creed. there's nothing new about this game.

It's just an expensive new engine and the game itself will be mediocre at best. All the talent behind capcom's games has already left them with Mikami, Inafune and Killian.

I'll admit the graphics are a bit impressive, but this kind of thing will be standard on PS4 games. Good game mechanics aren't as easily mimiced.

Blastoise3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

We need more games like Demons' Souls and Dark Souls, so I'm all for this.

Besides this looks like it might take a couple of things from Monster hunter and lets be honest, Monster hunter is one of the few things Capcom don't screw up on.

So don't pretend like Dark Souls 2 is better when you haven't played either.

I agree with the reality thing though, seems quite unnecessary. Just hope i'm not flipping back and forth between 2 worlds like in Assassins creed. Breaks the immersion.

yeahokchief3426d ago

No the people that buy this game will be butt hurt when they resell it a week later and play Dark Souls 2 instead.

I'm just trying to save some people some money and keep it from going into the pockets of executives of a company that's screwed over some major franchises.

This game will be a "one and done". Play it once and toss it. Just like Diablo 3.

yeahokchief3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )


We absolutely do. You are 100% correct. But the thing is that what made Demon's Souls/Dark Souls so succcessful is that it wasn't made by a greedy/money hungry bunch of suits who keep degrading the series at our expense to fill their pockets.

They're just trying to copy the success of dark souls. they're not trying to copy the soul of Dark Souls. They're not trying to copy the innovative things that made it great. They're just trying to latch on and make a quick buck off a surefire formula.

If you think that there are people with passion behind this game like Dark Souls/Demon's Souls you're dead wrong. It's a bunch of yes men following corporate orders. By contrast Dark Souls stuck to a very strict design philosophy to keep the game challenging and make it feel rewarding. They held that to be more important than selling x million copies to every little johnny and his grandma.

This game's similarities to dark souls will begin and end with the medievel theme, dark setting and dragons. I GARAUNTEE it will not feature any challenge whatsoever because that would upset the casual mainstream.

And exactly. You don't like the flipping between the 2 settings. It's a horrible idea. Dark Souls/Demon's Souls keep you immersed the entire play session. You cannot even idle in the game. I played Dark Souls a hell of a lot more than most my other games, but i actually only have round 400 hours logged on it mostly because any time i was on it, i was focused on it the whole time.

GarrusVakarian3426d ago

"This game will be a "one and done". Play it once and toss it."

You can tell that just from a few minutes of gameplay?

Wow, you should charge money for your psychic services.

Deadpoolio3426d ago

I smell a butt hurt Xbot, who is actually interested in the game but it's not a shooter so the One80 isn't getting it

abzdine3426d ago

are you mad? or just trolling for free?

twinspectre3426d ago

enjoy dead rising 3 then , i'm gonna play deep down on my beloved PS4 problem?

black0o3426d ago

so u played the game and beat it .. and come back from the future to save US -did i mess something-

ErcsYou3426d ago

I have no problem playing two different games even if they are similar. To be honest, im to the point where i want to play everything. Im just happy next gen is almost here.

yeahokchief3426d ago

@ abzdine

Not mad. Just being logical. Look at what they did to Resident Evil 6 to make money.

If I can reduce their sales and promote awareness of how bad they are at copying, not innovating and selling games will horrible, horrible gameplay then i've done my job.

Buy the game if you want. But i'm convinced it will be mediocre. They're not a standup company. You shouldn't expect them to be.

Eyeco3426d ago

You Know I would almost agree with you on 2 thing's 1) if you came across as more sincere 2) If Dragons Dogma never existed, having played the latter it's actually a very good action RPG, that has the frame work of a great even superb game, it just need allot more polish and refinement,

Seeing as Deep Down is a spiritual successor to that game, it leaves me with hope, that if Capcom can take blueprint of that game, tune and polish it as well as add to it (which they seem to be doing with the co-op) Then Deep Down COULD turn out into something special, honestly I think you're being way too cynical on the subject.

G20WLY3426d ago

Your entire argument stems from your hatred for Capcom, which is evident throughout your posts.

You cannot possibly know how good or bad a game this is, so why write it off based on this?

Answer: Trolling :(

Kryptix3426d ago

Trust me, I don't like Capcom myself, but it's not the quality of their games that need to be disliked, it's their shady practices. For example, on-disc DLC, re-releasing different editions of the same game and calling them new...

...But Capcom can make great games like Dragon's Dogma, the Monster Hunter series, Okami, etc.

If the game is like Dark Souls, then that's actually a good thing. I would love to play a game similar to it with different elements from other games. There's nothing wrong with a game being a hybrid if done right, it could just be the main structure built on to become it's own unique game with the different elements that it gives.

Plus, since Dark Souls 2 isn't coming to next-gen consoles, (As far as we know.)take this as a substitute. If gamers want to play something like Dark Souls till the 3rd one comes out on next gen consoles, then they can pick this up till then.

Lord_Sloth3426d ago

I'd say it's a pretty big risk to go toe to toe with Souls and I look forward to playing an enjoying both franchises in the future. You can never have too many Dungeon crawlers.

Clarence3426d ago

Looks better than ryes and dead rising.

bsquwhere3426d ago

Your the second biggest tool on here, right behind ohiostatesman. Your a joke.

MysticStrummer3426d ago

"If I can reduce their sales and promote awareness of how bad they are at copying, not innovating and selling games will horrible, horrible gameplay then i've done my job."

Judging a game long before anyone gets to play it must be a rewarding career.

Way to go.

Baka-akaB3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Seems like you are already failing at your job , and ready to fire yourself then .
Oh my god they are ripping two games that are unique , call the press !! -_- .

And dragon's dogma alone makes you look like a fool , when it comes to the rest of your posts .

Ezz20133426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

so, you say a game you never played is better than a game never played too ?! 0_o

you guys don't even try any more

walkincarpet3425d ago

this is huge for PS4 early adopters as it gives them another compelling title in addition to 1886 while they wait for the heavy hitters to be announced. Doubt if it will come close to Demon Souls though... but if they add in better coop then it may not matter. Looks like it has much more potential than Ryse and DR3. It will be interesting to see how it stacks up against Fable.

clrlite3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I actually kind of agree with you.

Capcom starts a game that resembles something of quality and suddenly they have integrity again?

They will have to do a bit more to regain my trust.

Also I don't know if we can trust them to make an "online only" game at this point.

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Xandet3426d ago

Goddamn incredible is what it is.

3426d ago
yeahokchief3426d ago

It's not just Deep Down. I'm not very impressed by any of the PS4 launch titles. I think you're wasting your money by being an early adopter. PS3 will have better games until after March.

Ive played every infamous and killzone and any other sony exclusive you can name. Their launch games look good, but none of them scream system seller to me. They all feel a bit dry. Nothing too exciting and new gameplaywise. The visuals are absolutely a step up but that should be a given.

Titanfall was the most impressive to me and PS4 will have to wait for that. Titanfall was the only game I'd call a system seller, but it's launching on a lousy platform. I also don't like the idea of giving money to EA. That doesn't seem like a good idea judging by their past performance.

hulk_bash19873426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

That is your opinion and by all means don't get one at launch. I on the other hand will be getting one at launch along with Killzone Shadowfall, Knack, Watchdogs and Assassin's Creed IV.

black0o3426d ago

1st if u weren't that interested in deep down what are u doing here?

-titanfal looks great and plays great but it's not a system seller I'll just get it on my PC and I bet after 2 hours I'll be bored since its just a typical Mp match in COD but with mesh nothing more

-bottom line PS4 exclvies are a system sellers and best part is the big boys didn't join the party yet "ND, SSM..etc"

HiddenMission3426d ago

So know it comes out you are and XBOX fanboy and this game is exclusive to the PS4 so your bitter and butthurt so your throwing salt on the game.

That's okay when it comes out we'll be playing it and you won't so our win your loss and it's that simple.

Oh you say you played all the KZ games...yet you say KZSF isn't a system seller...yeah I call B**ls**t :P

bsquwhere3426d ago

Yeahokchief...STFU. Can we takes this $2 trolls bubbles away, or cut of his stubby fingers so he can't type. Xbut fanboy troll.

T23426d ago

Haha I scrolled down just to see the inevitable butthurt xbone fanboy comment ...
" another game for ps4 but no fear fellow xbots , games x,y,z,i,ii,iii,iv,v,vi,etc dont interest me at all . I have no interest in sims, rpgs, jrpgs, platformers, rts, 3rd person action/adventure, or shooters x,y,z....
......becauuuuuse we have.... Wait for it...... *insert generic shooter here*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!omgz

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Cyfyxtfg3426d ago

Lucky playstation fans :/

Lord_Sloth3426d ago

Join us, friend. We accept all to the Brotherhood of the Black.

T23426d ago

Join the dark side son...

Cyfyxtfg3423d ago

lord_sloth im xbox all the way baby. my faith was swayed at the first playstation conference but e3 and after have been xbox all the way :D

Arcanine3426d ago

It does and doesn't it give off a dark souls....feel? :)

ziggurcat3426d ago

a little bit, yes, but it seemed like there might be some assassin's creed influence as well (in the sense that there's a contemporary timeline component to it - i think there was reference to dreams??)

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3426d ago

lol I don't care about dead rising!!

JsonHenry3426d ago

Dang. Online only. :( This used to not bother me. But my off the grid home in the middle of nowhere will only allow for satellite internet. You guys will have to enjoy this for me I guess.