Kikizo: God of War: Chains of Olympus Review - Can they really shrink Sony's bald badass?

Kikizo writes: "Sony has over the past decade gone from a hardware maker peddling a handful of playable games to one of the powerhouse publishers in the games industry, with a stable of franchises that includes the crushingly beautiful action series God of War. Still, when the PSP series instalment was announced, I joined those who wondered how well the concept would transfer to the portable.

Right from the start, Sony demonstrated that this is more than just a technical exercise conceived to swell the company's bottom line. While Sony's Santa Monica studio had only limited involvement in Chains, the choice of Daxter developer Ready At Dawn has turned out to be on the money. In the brief new PSP game, the California design house shows that it knows what makes Kratos tick, and also what makes the series so compelling to play."

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