Ranking the God Of War Games from Worst to Best

KeenGamer: "With the God of War series recently turning 15 years old, now is a good time to sort the games from worst to best. The acclaimed PlayStation series has captivated audiences with its exciting mix of brutal action, addicting gameplay, and epic scale. Which of the games will sink to the bottom, and which will ascend to god tier?"

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bouzebbal401d ago

I loved Ascension.. The fights were more intense than 3, I loved the evade during QTE. A very solid pre story!
I don't think there is a worse episode, they are all a blast.
I enjoyed the psp ones too, and much more in 3d on ps3.

robtion401d ago

Nope. It's super subjective. The original had the best story (Kratos' origin story/Greek tragedy), 3 was the most spectacular as a technical achievement for its time with amazing graphics, huge living levels (titans), and great boss battles, the new ps4 game is also amazing for the obvious reasons. My only real criticism of the reboot is they went too mature/pc, and lost some of the over the top sense of fun of previous games.

Tiqila401d ago

For me it's GoW 3 (visually most stunning and best boss fights) > GoW 1 (best story) > GoW 2 > GoW 2018

I know it is not the popular opinion, but I wished GoW 2018 had been more like GoW 3. It played like Uncharted or Tomb Raider not like GoW. While the one shot camera was really impressive and I enjoyed the story, it had not a single memorable boss fight and many of the semi-bosses were just reiterations of the same "troll" but in a different color.

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Donnie81401d ago

I agree with you for sure. It seems I enjoyed the last one more than you but they did take some of its identity away from it. God of war 3 is amazing and easily the best game in the series. Not every game Sony makes needs to have the same camera angle and the same basic template


Completely agree Gow3 was pretty much a masterpiece. Gow 2018 just felt like it was trying to be tlou and be overly emotional. They changed so much but I dont see any improvements in combat it actually feels slower, the majority of bosses are recycled, the story doesn't explain much either and was underwhelming

Monkeysmoke401d ago

God of War PS4 is the greatest game ever made, i don't know what you guys talking about.

DrDeath401d ago

Ya god of war PS4 is bar none the best one imo. Great Story, well told, great re imagining, great one shot camera, best graphics around, great combat.

What wasn't there to like? The old fixed camera sucked

OMNlPOTENT401d ago

I disagree wholeheartedly. While it did take a lot of inspirations from other games, it did things a lot differently. The boss fights were far more memorable in my opinion, granted there were only like 2 true boss fights. The gameplay was significantly improved, as I didn’t enjoy the style of gameplay as much in the other games. This one felt like it had a lot of weight behind it. I think the game was far above anything that came before, but that’s just my opinion!

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neutralgamer1992401d ago

As a long time fan God of war on PS2/3 were better especially the first 2 games. But this new start will get there it just needs more boss battles

SamPao401d ago

ghost of sparta second last? That game to me was the embodyment of God Of War.
Understand the rest though. different taste.
I loved the multiplayer in ascencion though that was amazing and different. they should release it as a separate game :)

FanboyPolice401d ago

It seems like N4G disagrees with you having an opinion

Veneno401d ago

Sometimes I disagree if the comment is worthless and offers no insight toward the topic. Very often it's one word comments that are garbage.

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