Check Out Ten Minutes of Ryse: Son of Rome's Multiplayer Gameplay

If you missed the live coverage by the good folks of, but still want to get a taste of Ryse: Son of Rome's multiplayer demonstrated directly by Microsoft and Crytek's own staff, you now can check it out.

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mafiahajeri1875d ago

Wow such bad hit detection and choppy animations, I already said this games was average looking and I got disagrees saying I was trolling. I was wrong its not average it's much worse.

Abriael1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

From what I saw at Gamescom the game itself looks incredible, if you talk models, effects, lighting and that kind of "static" production values.

Animations and collision detection do still need a LOT of work, especially during executions, where enemies just bump on you since they can't attack you.

The game plays a lot like Space Marine (minus the bolter), but Space Marine did a better job with combat than this demo. of course there's still time to fix the stuff that needs fixing.

mafiahajeri1875d ago

Hardly enough time. If we have learned anything from Crytek is that their game look good but play badly. No ones debating if the game looks good but so far it look like it plays really badly.

I loved Space marine it was not trying to be something g it wasn't and turned out really great.

Now if you want to play a good gladiator type colleisum game, try shadow of Rome on the Ps2 from Capcom that was a good game.

iamnsuperman1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

It does look pretty (no-one can deny that) but those are notable issues that need improving before release (edit: it could just be an older build or a poor demonstration)

Abriael1875d ago

@mafiahajeri: eh, i would say we shouldn't count it out before release. The biggest issues I see are animation sync issues and AI issues, that don't take ages to fix if you have a good team. The base of the game is pretty solid. It needs work, and IMHO we should give a chance to crytek to do that work.

mafiahajeri1875d ago

It's not so much giving Crytek a chance it's MS. This game was a kinect game so you can tell it wasn't easy to devolpe the last couple of months ain't going to help.

When I said MS its clear they are just rushing their 3rd party game deals to make their launch lineup look good and this is the result.

Same with dead rising. I mean it was supposed to be a 360 game an it shows, lol. It's just a joke of people think these game are going to be good. Their falling for MS's tricks.

HammadTheBeast1875d ago

From what I've seen, the models and set pieces are what are focused on, the environment generally doesn't look too good, and the enemy models aren't nearly as good as the main characters, unless you go into execution mode, where the graphics suddenly look way better.

gamertk4211875d ago

@abriael. Looks like there are a lot of SDFers really hoping that the game turns out badly. Hoping desperately,...needfully.

plaZeHD1874d ago

Isn't AI a pain in the ass to program? I have heard that a lot of devs are having a hard time with programing AI.
And c'mon do you seriously think those character models are impressive?
This is what we have achieved this gen and you tell me that's incredible?

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slimeybrainboy1875d ago

I dont think this game will be that bad. We don't know how good the story or singleplayer will be yet. I think this game will be a 6.5-7.5 out of 10, To me the gameplay looks like it will get dull and it's rare to get a good story so I think this will end up basically being a great looking tech demo.

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BallsEye1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Seems like you guys didn't read that Crytek clearly stated its PRE-ALPHA build... PRE ALPHA! DO you understand? Anyone remember BETA of BF3? It was a disaster. Give it time Im sure retail version will be polished and as for pre-alpha this looks fkin awesome. WE know you fanboys wanna play it.

If it would be a ps4 game you would praise the crap out of it on n4g.

torchic1875d ago

you can't fix (change) gameplay in 2 months. taking your example, yeah sure the graphics of the BF3 beta were bad but apart from weapons being nerfed, it played identically to the retail version.

people are voicing concerns over gameplay; that the game looks boring, is button-mashy, etc. and not that the game's presentation is disastrous

the gameplay you're seeing now is the gameplay you'll see when you load the disc into you X1.

QuickdrawMcgraw1875d ago

And if it was a PS4 game you would run it down.Here on N4Xbox.The site were the majority are Xbox fans. Who will hurl insults instead of facts,At anyone who dares to say anything positive about another console.

BallsEye1875d ago


Oh no no no. You obviously didn't play the beta of BF3. Check your facts man, you're just wrong!

*bf3 beta was running in much lower resolution than retail version

*in bf3 beta animations were awful, often you would see characters bending so much when turning that it looked like they'd be sliding on their side

*draw distance was lower than in retail version

*weapon animations were clunky at times


Now don't try to be a smart guy here. I know gameplay won't change and I don't want it to change. I'm saying animations will probably be improved.

tokugawa1875d ago

torchic and the gameplay looks like a good ol hack and slash fest... nothing wrong with that. even the mighty sony has them on their systems.

the choppyness, input lag and dodgy hit detection come no doubt from the build.

nothing to worry about... if you plan on buying it

HammadTheBeast1875d ago

Lol. Apparently you guys don't want to play it, when pre-orders are less than Knack's.

gamertk4211875d ago

Haha, Hammad just inadvertently slammed Knack as an unworthy title!

DinoNYC1875d ago

Pre-Alpha when it's 2 months from release?'s beta at the very least. You seem to be in denial.

torchic1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )


can you read? are you blind?

all the points you noted are clearly PERFORMANCE issues, not GAMEPLAY issues. I played the heck out of the BF3 beta, and I can tell you that gameplay wise (apart from nerfing) it was IDENTICAL to the game I purchased two weeks later on a Thursday morning.

people are complaining about Ryse's gameplay, not performance/grahics. you can't change that shit as it makes up the spine of the game, the animations being improved might slightly aid gameplay mechanics, but largely the gameplay will remain the same, and that's what is making people complain!

read and understand the post next time ok chief?

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warewolfSS1875d ago

You don't think the fact that your a known rabid fanboy had anything to do with your decision right??

Grow up kid.

trywizardo1875d ago

choppy animations ?! WTF its better than most games on the next gen line-up get a life dude

omi25p1874d ago

Look how much its changed since E3. There is more than enough time to fix issues with hit detection. There is also patches they can use to fix small bugs

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FlunkinMonkey1875d ago

Boring, clunky, repetetive, stiff.. With an odd mix fighting with supernatural powers that looks weak.

You can't polish a turd.

FlunkinMonkey1875d ago

haha. awesome. my bad. polish away Crytek :P

FlameHawk1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Wow the beginning scene where the gladiator is walking is so bad, its like it is freezing or something. And you got textures popping out in the beginning, jeez very clunky.
At the 4:59 mark, the game just starts spazing out lol. And one of the guys just starts keep walking towards the gladiator at the right and doesn't attack him lmao.
5:48, the dude walks through the gladiator .
6:04, more screen going crazy.
6:24, more screen going crazy.
7:35, more screen going crazy.
9:53, my favorite part, the guy gets 3 spears through the chest and no hurt animation but like a second after the last one goes, that is when it goes off, perfect /s.
Also am I the only one who found it annoying how the screen went to execution mode and slowed down time, did like 5 times in 12 seconds. And the running animation for the bad guys are so terrible.
The multiplayer looks so terrible and tacked on.

Megaton1875d ago

Yeesh. That looks so bad. Crytek's games have always been little more than glorified tech demos, sporting painfully generic and uninteresting gameplay, but this looks to be without a doubt the worst thing they've ever made.

tokugawa1875d ago

your one of the sony gang on neogaf as well..

DigitalRaptor1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Oh yeah tokugawa, I guess Damon and Mitch are "one of the Sony gang" too, out to get Ryse.

corvusmd1875d ago

I'm really looking forward to this game, but I honestly don't think I care for this mode, just the SP