NBA 2K14 Alternate Covers Showcase Stars from Every Team

LeBron James isn't the only athlete who can grace the cover of NBA 2K14.

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NYC_Gamer2285d ago

I don't understand all the hate for King James by certain NBA fans

3-4-52285d ago

It's not so much the hate for him, it's the dislike for all the people who act like Lebron is by far the best player ever.

I would say 90% of the people who think that, weren't even around for Jordan or Prior to even see what GREAT was even like.

Imagine if for Lebron to win a championship, he had to go against 4-5 other teams just like the Miami Heat.

Back in the 80's, every team had 3-5 really good players like the Heat do, except their were less teams.

Imagine taking away 6 teams from the NBA now, those players from those teams would have to compete for roster spots on other current teams, and it would make the teams stronger and competition that much better.

AirJohnston2285d ago

I hate Lebron. 50% him, 50% his fans. He's way too arrogant for me and his fans are just unreasonable

ufo8mycat2285d ago

IMO Lebron is overrated.

The main reason he is dominant is because of his strength, yes he is dominent also because of skill, but it is MAINLY strength and size.

I admire players who are dominent more because of skill rather then size/strength any day.

CerebralAssassin2277d ago

Im not his biggest fan but he IS the best player on the planet right now. You cant argue otherwise. You cant fault him for his strength or size. He has talent. A lot of it. But its more then just talent. Size matters. Whether you like it or not. Size in basketball matters. Reach in mma and boxing matters. You play to your strengths.

R3DRAIN892285d ago

i like the idea and effort. 2Ksports and Ea need to do this .

Sigh2285d ago

ahaha that miami cover with Juwan Howard in a suit with Chalmers... XD Especially prime time VC back in a Toronto Uni... Most of these look sick!

stellar_creep2285d ago

I quit watching nba around the time Jordan retired and I started driving.The whole reason I started watching NBA again 2 years ago was because of Lebron on some highlights. Love him or hate him he is THE best player since Kobe was in his prime. Personally, Durant is probably my favorite player if I had to choose one.I just acknowledge the stats and Lebron is a monster... And to say the league doesn't have the talent that it used to is false. Players nowadays are WAY faster and better in general thanks to science.