NBA 2K14 Server Shutdown Causes MyCareer Data to Be Lost

Even though 2K Games had said weeks ago that NBA 2K14 MyCareer save files would not disappear when the game was taken offline on March 31, it looks like they have been disappearing anyway.

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2pacalypsenow2364d ago

So exited for a digital only future /S

ThunderPulse2364d ago

Can't wait till people stop buying DRM games so it'll stop happening.

Sayburr2364d ago

That is so... wrong... in my case I usually purchase every other year and play for a full two years. Guess that will not happen with NBA 2k15. I will be able to play MyCareer until about playoff time next year...

If they do that to me I will not buy 2K17... ahhh, heck, who am I kidding, yes I will. Love my Basketball.

Minute Man 7212364d ago

Once I realized that 2K14 had online DRM I sold it to Best Buy for $30. Only lost $5 on the game, bought it on a $35 sale but online DRM sux