Nba2k14 servers are back online following outrage

"2K has restored the NBA 2K14 servers and all online services. Beginning today, we are extending the support of all NBA 2K servers from 18 to 27 months following each release"

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Aloy-Boyfriend2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

Mm good, I wonder if some people will do the same once MBL 14 online is shut down. Not that I care. I upgraded to MLB 15, and online is much better as opposed to 14

sensor212363d ago

Upsetting since 2k15 servers are choppy lately and this was the obvious fix.

Emilio_Estevez2363d ago

They already did -

EvilWay2363d ago

Is 15's multiayer playable? I just picked it up can't wait to play it in a huge fan of the series

Snookies122363d ago

Man, a sports game's servers should at least be online 2 or more years after its release...

freshslicepizza2363d ago

2 years minimum should be mandatory for any game.

Spotie2363d ago

I agree to a point.

If, after a year, 80+% of the typical number of online players are gone, why should you keep the servers running? Obviously this will come back to Sony shutting down- not yet, mind you- The Show 14's servers, but what we don't know is if there are enough people regularly looking for online games to justify keeping those servers active.

Maybe it's not everybody, and maybe it's not even most, but a lot of people upgrade when the next year comes out. Whether Sony has info- and I'm sure they do- concerning who's still playing, how frequently they play, whether or not they've got the latest iteration, etc. is unknown to us, but I can't imagine that didn't factor into their decision.

Sayburr2363d ago

In the case of 2K's NBA2K14, the MyCareer game (where you start as a rookie and work your way to the Hall of Fame) is directly tied to the Servers. Even if you are a solo player, if they cut the server access, you loose your MyCareer progress.

So, it is not just about playing others on-line, it is about the way 2K created the game...

Spotie2363d ago

Well, that's a different story. And that's utterly stupid.

ninsigma2363d ago

I don't play this game but this is a good thing. Obviously theybwere shutting them down because they want people to move onto the next iteration every year which, while understandable, isn't a nice move for some people. This is a good example of how we do have a say in what happens in this industry. Well done to the people who got their voices heard.

Khajiit862363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

I do play this series and this is a bad thing for people that move on to next iterations because their servers are horrible as it is.

bunfighterii2363d ago

With the servers down are save games accessible? I bought this game on release and promptly abandoned it when I realised it needed an always on connection to play the single player career modes.

Blank2363d ago

The whole you cannot access the precious save file offline is the turd that hit the PR fan. I dont own this game but this dick move boiled my blood on behalf of the fans. Here ill copy and paste the original announcement which in my eyes is condecending to the C! "Sadly this may come as an inconvenience to some of you and if so we truly do understand and can feel for how upsetting this may seem as there always is a special bond that occurs between a player and their MyCareer save but all good things must come to an end and rest assured your MyCareer or MyGM went out while on top!" That last sentence really pushed me over. But they atleast did the 180 ASAP, but the PR damage is already done and the internet never forgets.

Taero2363d ago

How come people are missing that a single player save is unusable without being connected to the internet but they were happy to let people start all over when they dropped server support? This means that you don't NEED to be on the internet to play it, is there a reason they couldn't have allowed downloads of the save files and then marked them as offline only so if you chose to do that then you couldn't use it online again?

In this particular case just allow the save file to be downloaded with the online requirement removed (sure it may need a small patch). Maybe I'm just missing something technical that meant that this couldn't happen but I'd imagine running the servers for 9 months is more costly than fixing the single player issue.

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