2K Sports Discontinuing NBA 2K14’s Server Today

2K Sports is officially taking down NBA 2K14's Server down.

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Khajiit862808d ago

I want to see the same people that hated on Sony for MLB the Show, do the same to 2k..

This is nothing new. I would prefer them to shut the servers down and focus mainly on the new game that's out that I AM playing.

I just love how some people do not understand that servers are not kept up for yearly releases for long especially sports games.

PunisherRevenge2808d ago

The funny thing is you're on here trying to defend Sony...Lol You do know that 2k15 has been out for a while and pretty soon they are gonna announce 2k16. So it makes since to shutdown the old severs to make room for the new version that's coming out later this year. The difference here is Sony announced shutting down the severs of last year's game before the new dropped this year.

Corpser2808d ago

Well nba 2k14 is released 6 months before MLB the show 14, so lol the server has been up 50% longer, I don't know how anyone can defend this practice of shutting down servers just 1 year after release, and yes plenty of people play old sports games because they get so cheap

NeoGamer2322808d ago

This has nothing to do with Sony. I completely disagree with shutting servers down within a year and a half of games releasing. There should be a minimum commitment by publishers to keep servers running for three years when games are released.

I can understand a game's server becoming irrelevant after three years. But after just over a year is ridiculous. Heck, I can still find some brand new unopened NBA 2K14's in some stores.

ThinkThink2808d ago

This trend is concerning. It's ok for them to still take your money and sell 2k14 in their online store but they don't have to support the servers? Just disappointing.

kevinsheeks2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

People didn't hate on it cause it was sony they hated it because it was wrong your the person coming in here making this about sony.


maybe a few trolls but for the most part just concerned upset users.

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Macdaddy712808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

I just think it's crap to shut down servers on the ones that stay a yr behind,..for many reasons...if they do that they should remove 14 from stores so little johnny mom don't buy it thinking he can play online!!!! Trust me I don't support this no more then i did Sony mlb for same reasons... You got moms, dads, uncles, grandparents all will buy older games.. For kids!!!!

Khajiit862808d ago

Kids can have fun offline because they probably wouldnt do too great online anyways. I LOVE sports games. Ill get NBA 2k in October when its released then if that game lasts me until summer the following year, that is A LOT of value for $60. By August (if you make it that far) you are getting sick of the game and getting excited for the new version which you are starting to see more screens, video, info etc.. I would like them to keep the servers up but you have to think, its April they need to prepare for NBA 2k16.

StormLegend2808d ago

See everyone does it, it was nothing new.

kstap332808d ago

That's ok. I'm done with that series. Micro transactions killed it for me. Was my favorite sports game. Greedy dicks.

Khajiit862808d ago

Thats not even whats killing it for me. I dont buy any of that stuff EVER anyways. Online is horrible. I hate the park mode and waiting in line in a VIDEOGAME to play a game of Basketball. They need crews back, and fix their servers in the first place, because I get all kinds of problems but am fine with almost any other game.

kstap332808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

I actually liked the Park mode, although waiting was a bit daft. I never spent money either on the bs available, but they altered the game and made the grind a lot longer in order to upgrade the my player. I'm done with it.

rawrock2808d ago

I think shuting down the servers for 2k14 now is way too soon. If you buy a game with online play that game should be supported for at least several years imo. Of course they just want you to buy the new version every year.

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