Extreme Gamer: Dark Sector Review

Digital Extremes has set out to create an original 3rd-person, action-shooter powered by next-gen hardware, and in that respect team from London, Onatario has done an incredible job. The graphics and audio also help remind gamers why the next-generation of gaming looks and sounds so good. Dark Sector is definitely an under-rated workhorse and one of the early highlights in 2008. For gameplay, Dark Sector isn't a revolutionary title that will be remember in years, but it offers the new twist of the Glaive into the mix creating an interesting way to play a shooter.

Extreme Gamer have to recommend people check out Dark Sector for a safe rental and a purchase only if you enjoy over-the-shoulder styled shooters, or shooters with a sci-fi element. Even though Dark Sector wasn't a mind blowing refinement of the shooter genre, it was definitely worth the wait.

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