Top 5 Underrated Games Of Current-Gen

TNB: It is thanks to all the developers and publishers who made these games a reality, though you didn't get what you deserve, your hard-work and zeal to do things outside the box will never be forgotten.

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ShugaCane2941d ago

Demon Souls underrated ? I don't think so. 1.7 copies sold (VG Chartz) and often considered as one of the greatest RPGs of this gen. I think the game has the recognition it deserves and has nothing to do on that kind of list, in my opinion.

Kos-Mos2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

vgtards is for tards. Please don`t refer to them ever again. It`s run by hypocrites who are fanboys. Which company doesn`t matter.
On topic: Demon`s Soul`s does not have extremely high scores in reviews, thus underrated.

Haules2940d ago

1. Metro Last light
2. Folklore
3. Vanquish
4. Infamous 2
6. Warhawk

BattleAxe2940d ago

I will agree that alan Wake is a bit underrated. For anyone looking to play this game, check out Steam's weekend deal. They've got Alan Wake and Alan Wake: American Nightmare together for a total of $4.00 USD (90% off).

RioKing2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

@Kos - I disagreed until I read the last sentence.
Technically, you're correct; "underrated" games are games that were given lower scores than they deserved.

eddvdm2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )


Alan Wake underrated? 80+ at metacritic (here: ) is overrated if you ask me.

I don't have (although I did have one sometime ago, not at Alan Wake's time) a X360 then I was glad when they released it for PC, since I'm firstly an Adventure(/story-driven/tellin g) gamer. It lasted the 1-2 hours I played the game.

Maybe I was mistaken when I trusted this was a more story-centered game - with that I mean the most enjoyable part is the story, not how to unveil it - but as soon as I started it I felt its action nature. And immature story, at least near other games where it (tried to?) fits.

Put it near (for example sake) a Quantic Dream game and it's just a boring and repetitive action game with somewhat elaborated-but-generic story that doesn't make me want to continue to play.

-GametimeUK-2940d ago

Demon's Souls got decent enough reviews (sitting at 89% on metacritic). It isn't criminally underrated by the critics and certainly isn't by the gamers. I don't think it is worthy enough to put on a list like this. All in all I would say DeS did very well. Oh, it also won Gamespots GOTY award.

Dee_912940d ago

im gonna make a top 50 of top 5s

P_Bomb2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

89 meta average for a new ip, especially one that took chances like demons souls, isn't under-rated. I followed it diligently. It only dropped to 89 with its last review. And it sold great for an exclusive.

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jc485732940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

more like underappreciated or undiscovered

B-radical2940d ago

alan wake has done so well also and achieved critical praise how is it underrated

ziggurcat2940d ago

from what i remember, its sales numbers weren't that great. that's probably why it's underrated.

Animavicion2941d ago

the guy in the picture looks like kaz hirai.

Kevlar0092941d ago

Waiting for someone to put the Xbox One caption above the masked man

Krimmson2940d ago

"This Summer, Chow Yun Fat as Kaz Hirai in the new blockbuster hit, "It Only Does Everything" coming soon to theaters.

RioKing2940d ago

You forgot the last quotation mark :)

Lord_Sloth2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

I'd watch it.

On topic, Demon's Souls is far from Underrated. The game caused quite a stir, got loads of attention, spawned a sequel, and even won GotY! How is that underrated?

My underrated games this gen...

Alpha Protocol
Tenchu Z

Hellsvacancy2941d ago

Demons Souls definitely shouldnt be on the list, fantastic game, I kinda prefer it to Dark Souls, although I prefer Dark Souls for other reasons, both SUPERB games

Singularity was pretty good and underrated, and Warhammer 40k: SM, its really fun online

HellzAssassin2941d ago

I agree with you. Demon's Souls should not be on that list. Initially it was an underground title, but after alot of word of mouth, it's become very popular. On that note, I agree with you in the fact that Demon's Souls is vastly superior to Dark Souls.

But cool, another person who enjoyed Singularity! I thought the game was incredible, unique and very well done. Multiplayer was even pretty fun, though it suffered heavily from lag. Servers were complete ****

Whitefeather2941d ago

Dark Sector was very underrated

proudly_X2941d ago

A cool game that got forgotten easily. The fact that a majority of Xbox fans have preferential treatment for FPS might also be a deciding factor.

humbleopinion2940d ago

IS "preferential treatment for FPS" Why games like Gears of War and Assasins Creed are the two top selling franchises coming out this generation?

2941d ago
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