This week in PlayStation fan art

Every week we like to take a look around the web and collect some amazing fan art relating to the world of PlayStation. Feel free to suggest more fan art in the comments below. Here’s what we came up with this week.


The Best Video Games That Feature Canada

This Canada Day, explore our homeland with the best video games that have adapted or reimagined the Great White North in digital form.

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27d ago

A Portal 2 Native VR Mod Is Seemingly In Development, Footage Confirms

The modder Gistix is apparently brewing up a VR mod for Portal 2, as confirmed in a new YouTube video posted by the Flat2VR channel.

SullysCigar124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

I mean, fine, but can we not have a VR version built from the ground up by Valve themselves?

Come on guys, it's time for a Portal 1 & 2 VR edition. And then announce Portal 3 release date!

-Foxtrot124d ago

It is weird they've done Alyx but not done VR version of their own games

It's like they dabble in something then just get bored and move onto something else

I'm still annoyed they made Alyx something you NEED to play in order to understand HL3 if it ever comes but isolated it as a VR game not everyone is going to play.

SullysCigar123d ago

I did hear someone made a pancake mod for Alyx, but no idea how it turned out.

The thing is, it wouldn't even take much for Valve to bring these games into VR. Sometimes modders can get VR mods for pancake games available day one. Sure, it's not to the same quality as if it was done by the developers themselves, but still. They could even outsource the VR ports and then scoop a profit from sales.

HyperMoused122d ago

Portal VR, geez if you thought you got sick playing RE7, get them buckets ready for this one


Shadow of the Colossus PS5 Texture Bug Finally Resolved

The Shadow of the Colossus remake on PS5 has finally been fixed, addressing low-resolution textures and flickering issues.

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isarai142d ago

Sweet! Time for another playthrough, wish they would patch TLG too so it can run smoothly in full 4k 60fps. It will run in that mode if you don't patch it, but it crashes a lot.

jznrpg141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

That would be awesome if they patched it. I know it’s not the biggest seller but it’s vital part of PS library imo with Ico and SoTC.

Not everyone will like these unique types of games but for those who do they are unforgettable

outsider1624141d ago

Unforgettable indeed. I remember playing this years ago on my ps3, my motherinlaw, my kids were all watching the last part..and they were in tears. Man what a game!

crazyCoconuts142d ago

I just finished this game due to the remake being on ps extra. It's quite a fantastic and beautiful game, even running in ps4pro compatibility mode

jznrpg141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

Didn’t know there was a bug but I haven’t replayed it on PS5 yet so that’s probably why heh.

I was planning on re-playing this again sometime this spring/summer so I’m glad it’s fixed and didn’t have to find out the hard way.

It’s one of my favorite games all time along with Ico. Amazing games, they made me have a lot of emotions while playing and only so many games do that.

(there’s a lot of favorites over my near 40 years of gaming and I don’t think I can even narrow it down to top 10 anymore maybe not even top 20)

I’m interested to see what Fumito Ueda has cooking. It has been awhile since I have heard anything about it.

All I know right now is Epic has funded the game, it’s supposed to be revealed this year and it’s in the spirit of Ico/SoTC/LG .

crazyCoconuts141d ago

If you're a Xbox only gamer that's never had a PS you should take a year or two and catch up on a few of these classics like these Japan Studio titles. Go back to Xbox or whenever afterwards but it would be a shame to not have experienced these

MetroidFREAK21141d ago

I've had this game for years. Haven't started it yet... I would like to this year 😅