“The PS4 is Incredibly Easy to Work With”: Digital Extremes Talk Warframe, Sony and F2P Games

While at E3, PlayStation LifeStyle got a chance to speak with the Studio General Manager for Digital Extremes, Sheldon Carter, about their upcoming free-to-play PS4 game, Warframe. Find out what this title has in common with the first ever PS3 title to be announced, what development on the PS4 was like, and much more below. - PSLS

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doctorstrange3747d ago

I hope the PS4 has the ability to slow down time so I can play all these games

GribbleGrunger3747d ago

Or cut content so that we can finish them quicker!

Sony: Don't listen to this foolish Gribble

IcyEyes3747d ago

Warframe on PS4 looks great and with the new DS4 the game is pretty awesome !

mistertwoturbo3747d ago

Seriously, the only thing I'm limited by will be time. Even if I bought an Xbox OneEighty I wouldn't have the time to play those games either.

Definitely have no choice but to go with one console this time around for many reasons.

Foolsjoker3747d ago

I just plan on buying 2 of them so I can get through twice as many games.

Wedge193747d ago

These are the titles that will truly make the PS4 worth it. The big titles are going to be great, but the console will be made by the indies.

TrendyGamers3747d ago

It's so amazing to see so many MMO/F2P games coming to the PS4 this year.

WorldGamer3747d ago

Well, definitely no excuses anymore. Bring on the games.

zeddy3747d ago

hope to see more f2p games in the future, reason i'm getting a ps4 tbh.