PSP Firmware update 2.82 (new game demos too)

PSP firmware update V2.82 has now been made available.
also there are new game demos to download including...

RidgeRacer 2,
Moto GP,
and an exclusive 'LocoRoco Halloween Special level'

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amrasmord4468d ago

I can't find the demos, can some1 provide a link that I could use to download them (I live in North America). thx

MaximusPrime4467d ago (Edited 4467d ago )

You can find them on US PSP site using your PSP web browser. Only LocoRoco Halloween Demo is available to download.

If you cant download using PSP, go to this site:

The demo for Ridge Racer 2 and MotoGP is only available on UK PSP site.