Crispy Gamer: Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath Review - EA re-raises Kane and makes us cringe in the process

Crispy Gamer writes: "Coming into Kane's Wrath from Command & Conquer 3 is like rummaging through a toy box of new junk, most of it action figures and plastic tanks, and mostly the same as the old junk, but with a few different shapes or sounds or colors. Maybe this one has a flamethrower and this one has a machine gun. This one's head is a robot head, and this one's head has a cool helmet. This jet plane is orange and this one is red. It helps to be easily amused when you're playing a splashy action RTS like Command & Conquer 3. After all, you're mostly here for the minor spectacle of all these little toys blowing each other up, right? But how deep into this toy box are you willing to dig? You might be both surprised and disappointed by what you find."

What's Hot:
-The new factions give you lots of new units and strategies with which to play

What's Not:
-Embarrassingly bad campaign
-Broken Global Conquest mode

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