Command & Conquer's Seth Speaks! An Interview with Eric Gooch

"Eric Gooch, known to Command & Conquer fans as Seth, spent many years working with Westwood to help them realise the potential of one of the greatest and most respected franchises on the planet. From humble beginnings, the studio created a string of games that have become nothing but legendary.

TGL recently got a chance to sit down with Eric and ask him everything from the demise of Westwood to that infamous execution by Kane. Here’s how we got on…"

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Beahmscream4094d ago

I miss old school RTS games :(

STK0264094d ago (Edited 4094d ago )

Well, StarCraft 2 still plays a lot like an old school RTS game (and that's for the best in my opinion).

If you miss the old CnC though, you're pretty much out of luck. To me, CnC died with WestWood Studios; EA has pretty much buried the franchise since then.

Pretty good interview; I can't believe they had Kirov airships and Apocalypse tanks in Renegade 2... I didn't even know the game was under development. Too bad they canceled it, loved the MP in Renegade.