ZTGD Reviews Dark Sector for Xbox 360 and PS3

Quote from review: It's finally here, after four long years and a complete change of scenery Digital Extremes latest title is finally on store shelves. Those of you who remember the distant year 2004 may remember that Dark Sector was the first game announced for the next-generation of consoles. Originally set in space Dark Sector now follows the story of one Hayden Tenno, a government agent skilled in espionage and of course serious amounts of ass whoopin'.

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InYourMom3853d ago

really enjoying this game. If anyone is a fan of the Kai in Heavenly Sword and loved the shooting mechanics will enjoy Dark Sector. Yes, it borrows a lot of ideas from many different games and the story can be sketchy but the actual gameplay is fun.

wulan3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

you dont even own a PS3.

dont compare a generic game with HS .

KidMakeshift3853d ago

I thought it was downright boring

I don't understand the high scores for this and Turok
The gameplay and setting is completely uninspired nor entertaining