Lightning is Not Cloud

RPGamer: "Recently, Square Enix revealed new pre-order content for the upcoming third game in the Lightning Saga, where Lightning can wear a Cloud Strife costume and equip his Buster Sword. While clearly fanservice, this feels like a sad attempt to put Lightning on the same level as Final Fantasy VII's protagonist. While I am far from Cloud's biggest fan, even I can't deny the impact he has had on RPGs. You mention Cloud and RPGamers instantly know who you are talking about. They quickly remember some of his greatest game moments such as him fighting Sephiroth, holding Aerith as she dies, or performing one of his classic limit breaks with the equally iconic Buster Sword. Cloud became an icon in gaming without even trying. He was in the right game at the right time. Looking back at Final Fantasy XIII it seems like Square Enix has been subtly trying to convince us that Lightning is on the same level as Cloud Strife, but she is far from it."

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Mr_Nuts1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago ) desperate

Exploit an old game to try and sell a new one the majority of people hate.

Lightning is like they tried to fuse Cloud and Squall together to make the most awesome character in FF but totally forgot about their backstories and character development which makes them so likable, interesting and cool.

Lightning ended up being a whiny, moany, b*****, annoying character in the game and the only reason why she ended up not being that bad is because she was surrounded with characters worse then her

I mean the only people who like her is 1) Die hard FF fans, 2) Females who see her as this great character but really it's just because of her gender and 3) People new to gaming or FF this gen and have probably never played the old ones

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Blacklash931927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

"Exploit an old game to try and sell a new one the majority of people hate."

Is anyone honestly going to get LR for a costume? This isn't the first time SE has done something like this. It's a JRPG pre-order bonus, of course it's fanservice.

People have many valid criticisms about XIII and it definitely was not a good FF game, but people are just looking for excuses to ***** at this point. A pre-order outfit, really?

I never thought Cloud was a much better than Lightning in terms of character so overuse is only about as offensive at that. But then again, I come from the perspective that VI is the only one that had a truly exceptional story. FF shifted awkward melodrama after that as far as I'm concerned.

"I mean the only people who like her is 1) Die hard FF fans, 2) Females who see her as this great character but really it's just because of her gender and 3) People new to gaming or FF this gen and have probably never played the old ones"

Any evidence for that? I hope you have more data than a few anecdotal accounts visiting message boards.

I think her character design is cool and I like her personality (other than the melodrama every one in XIII suffers with, and it's not as bad with her). Though yeah I know she's has no interesting backstory and thus isn't a deep character by any means. I'm not head over heels for her, but she's better than several other FF protagonists.

Mr_Nuts1927d ago

*** Any evidence for that? I hope you have more data than a few anecdotal accounts visiting message boards. ***

Three years since it's came out...plenty of time to look around the internet and even hear peoples opinions in person. You come across the same people so yeah I have a lot more then just some stuff I've read of message boards.

Look mate if you like her fine but don't try and make out she's secretly awesome when she isn't. Your clutching for straws at this point.

Blacklash931927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Your categories are diehard FF fans, females, people new to FF. What about the (many) diehard FF fans who hate her guts? I've heard from a few female gamers myself who think she's overhyped and shallow. And it doesn't take a FF veteran to recognize uncompelling characters in XIII. What about the horndogs who obsess over her? What about the people who enjoyed XIII? What about women who genuinely appretiate her character? It's not really productive or even really respectful to categorize people like that in such a subjective issue.

Never said I thought she was a great character, in fact I implied quite diffentely. I don't really care for her that much. Like I said, comparing her to other FF protagonists (especailly after the move to 3D) is mostly a pretty low bar as far as I'm concerned. She's simply tolerable for me as a character.

She's got style to carry her iconic status, and in my opinion that what must have been the same case for Clould and Squall and some others. Because I personally cannot fathom liking those characters for their personalities.

kayoss1927d ago

Mr_Nuts have a point, you dont need data or facts to know that Final Fantasy 13 series was probably the least liked FF game from square enix. You have consensus from the internet, actual people who gave their opinions about the game and the Majority of the opinions about the game are negative. Of course there are a handful of people who like the game but the majority of FF fans dont like the game. It seems like Square Enix at this point is trying to get the non fans of ff13 to buy this game.

I had high hope for FF13 but was dissappointed, I gave FF13-2 the benefit of the doubt and was once again dissappointed. I think i will be skipping on FF13-3 until people convince me that this game is better then the others.

Tdmd1927d ago

"I think her character design is cool and I like her personality..."

I also like her design (in XIII only), but huh... what personality?!

GeisT1927d ago

I thought Lightning was pretty cool. At least she doesn't wear a bandanna around her neck,call herself Hope, and whine about her mommy.

I love it when games incorporate nuances from other franchises or things from previous titles. That Mass Effect crossover art with FF characters was sweet. This is one of those characters that doesn't deserve the hate.

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Gabnet1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

I agree with everything you just said. Excluding the exploitation part.

iamtehpwn1927d ago

"Exploit an old game to try and sell a new one the majority of people hate. "

You have to be insane to think anyone who wasn't gonna buy Lightning Returns or hates the XIII trilogy will buy this game because there is a Cloud costume...Get real.

Though, for those who are, it's a nice costume. And Can we be a bit more reasonable and think that if the game IS like X-2 in that each costume contains a job I don't see why they wouldn't include some Final Fantasty Nostalgia? That would only make sense to me.

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Godmars2901927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

In FF13 she was a junior grade patrolwoman for the local security/police forces who had a chip on her shoulder just to have one before finding out her baby sister wanted to marry the town idiot, and from there was pulled into a series of events she never seemed to even try to take control of along with a bunch of strangers she somehow bonded to off-screen. Is called that game's central hero though no real evidence suggests such.

By FF13-2, despite her one possibly detectible anti-religious trait, she becomes second only to the comatose god of her world and charges her sister - who neither showed nor was given any opportunity to show she could punch out of a wet paper-bag much less wield a sword or shoot a bow, both of which were a further multitasking moofle - and some kid from the future who was likely Fang's male design to do...something involving time travel which doesn't really solve or "finalize" anything.

Now in FF13-3, she's Moses with the power of Jesus who's going to pull an End of Days taking the chosen to the New World.

And to further turn the knife in the gut of former fans who know what wtf "final" in Final Fantasy is suppose to mean, the wannabe new forced mascot/icon can be dressed up an outfit associated with the most well known mascot/icon.

Honestly, from what I've seen of the game mechanics I wanted, really wanted to consider this game. Now, knowing that Square is more than willing to stoop to such levels of exploitation, I never want to touch another of their titles. That includes ghost murder mystery coming up as well as FF15. The lack of value in story and story telling is that bad.

Hicken1927d ago

I was gonna go through and debate against you, point for point, but it'd be a waste of time. You seriously just want to hate everything SE is doing right now, so explaining how wrong you are about even one thing would fall on deaf ears.

Elda1927d ago

@Hicken great comment,I just don't see the extreme hate on FF-XIII especially if you're a fan of the series,there are some FF games I've played that were impressionable & some were not but I enjoyed playing them except the 2 MMO's.

MrSwankSinatra1927d ago

fans: we want a FF7 remake!!

square: but that takes time and money to make

fans: well no shit doesn't every game take time an money!1

square: BUT BUT BUT.....

fans: we want a FF7 remake!!

square: we got the next best thing you can dress as cloud in LR: FFXIII

fans: -_-

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CrossingEden1927d ago

game companies:but all you guys do is ask for remakes

fsfsxii1927d ago

Why do you like to whine about everything??

Snookies121927d ago

They simply can't do it. A remake with the scale of FFVII would take 5+ years even with early current gen console graphics.

It would be an ENORMOUS investment, and sure they'd probably make profit off it considering the popularity of VII. Though not enough to justify remaking the game. I say do a handheld remake or a console one with Crisis Core type graphics. That way, it could be done without nearly as much effort and would be a satisfying step up from FFVII's current form which (let's face it) is rather ugly in most cases.

Hicken1927d ago

Frankly, I'm immensely impressed by your comments here.

You are absolutely right that most people didn't give the game a chance, and instead rode the hatred, which made them like the game less than they could have. I can't say it's my favorite FF, either(I don't know if a game missing Uematsu's music will ever be able to be my favorite), but there's definitely more good than bad. Not necessarily the best example of an FF, but still a good game in its own right. Unfortunately, few wanted to think of it in its own right.

And yes, remaking VII would be a ridiculously long and expensive undertaking. NOBODY would be satisfied, certain scenes would have to be altered(Red passing off as a human, for example), and it isn't a guarantee to be worth it. People would still be pissed even if they met folks halfway and did a handheld remake, and no matter how good it was, they'd disregard it.

VileAndVicious1927d ago

Exactly Snookies,
I think a FFVII remake is possible just needs to be scaled back a bit graphics wise. Hell I think they could even look a cut above PSP graphics. I think the big problem for square has largely to do with how they make their games and the amount of time they invest in them visually.

Infact I believe this is true of most development companies today. If square were to use smaller teams Im pretty sure three things would happen.

1. Development time would be much faster than it currently is for them.

2. We would see more original IPs (and the return of some old classics) as the risk to create them would be lower.

3. Finally the cost to develop would surely decrease which ties back into number 2.

Of course there are "fans" out there I think that would be extremely upset if a VII remake (or ANY FF for that matter) didnt blow them away visually. But I think Id prefer an updated FFVII with "improved" graphics (and story because it could use some tweaks as well). But as Hicken says most probably wouldnt be satisfied with this they wait and will continue to do so.

kayoss1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

What you mean "...People didnt give the game a chance."? You know how many copies of FF13 and FF13-2 were sold? FF13 have sold almost 5 million copies to date and FF13-2 has currently sold about 3 million copies to date. People gave these two games a chance and the majority of the consensus of both games are negative. I praise you that you liked the game but you are just in the minorities.

KarateExplosion1927d ago

I don't get it. All the great characters created in the FF universe... AND Lightning is who they chose to keep making games for. Didn't they learn their lesson with Yuna?

CrossingEden1927d ago

you do realize that this sub series is extremely popular in japan, with lightning even being japan's favorite character right now, the loud minority of manchildren complaining about not gettings their remacez don't faze square, especially when this series has sold 9.7 million copies so far and they wanted this trilogy sub series to sell 10 million copies

DragonKnight1927d ago

You do realize that Final Fantasy is a globally popular game and that World > Japan right?

I tire of these companies with so narrow a focus.

Godmars2901927d ago

No. Fewer people bought FF13 and its sequel. Most bought then returned it.

And for FFS: are you honestly trying to count 13 and 13-2 together? ignoring that 13-2 sold less than 13? That's just weak.

Snookies121927d ago

Yuna wasn't bad until they turned her into a singer/dancer/a completely different person.

Snookies121927d ago

Lightning is also not Cloud. Yet both Cloud and Lightning wear Zack's uniform lol.

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