PSM3: Dark Sector Review - Borrows from the best, but loses its own identity

Digital Extremes - the developers behind Dark Sector - have form when it comes to 'borrowing' ideas from established titles.

Take Pariah and WarPath - their homages to Halo and Unreal Tournament - which were both released on the original Xbox, directly copying gameplay and plot threads. While decent enough, they clearly lacked innovation - polished experiences numbed by familiarity. So why are we so excited about Dark Sector - a xerox of Resident Evil 4? Because it's the most significant PS3 game of 2008 so far.

Dark Sector's victory isn't its pacing or characterisation or gameplay -decent as they are - but what it represents: cast-iron proof that PS3 is hitting its stride. It's one of the best-looking games. Full stop. And matched only by, say, Uncharted and Ratchet.

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Jamegohanssj54246d ago

A big failure should be the title of this review and I called it. Woooooo!

The Genius has spoken.

Vulcan Raven4245d ago

has never heard of GT5p? So far GT5p looks like the most significant title for the ps3 in 2008.