Suicide is painless: a review of Dark Sector by Ars Technica

Ars Technica writes: "Dark Sector has been a long time in the making; it was one of the first videos shown for then-upcoming PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 upwards of four years ago. We asked the development team about this at the Game Developers Conference and were told that the principal work of the game has only been going on for two years or so, and that doesn't sound quite as protracted as it has been made out to be in the press. In fact, when you consider that Digital Extremes has built its own engine for the game, and that it runs effortlessly on both the PS3 and 360, the long development time seems very well spent. How good is this engine? Many people seeing the game in action assumed it was running on Unreal Engine 3. No tearing, no slowdown-just smooth indoor and outdoor scenes. Not a small feat."

The Good:
-Strong graphics
-Great sense of power against a numerically superior enemy
-A variety of offensive and defensive powers makes combat fun from -start to finish
-Inventive, fun multiplayer
-The game looks and plays great on both consoles
-10+ hours, on top of multiplayer, makes this a solid value
-Solid engine
-The guns all feel very powerful, with great sound design

The Bad
-Clumsy melee attacks
-Guns are expensive, and firearms that you pick up will only work for a small time
-The puzzles using the glaive are repetitive and obvious

The Ugly:
-It's sad that something as common place as brutally decapitating a mutant with an organic three-pronged throwing weapon is enough to get you banned in some places

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yanikins1113855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

Might pick this one up. Looks pretty decent. Hoever when did 10 Hours of single player campaign become a good thing. Maybe I was spoilt by FF7 but come on. I rarely play online because im more into the story of games, and i must say this gen seems to be the home of short-ar$e games. Gears, uncharted, Cod4, Oblivion;). Or maybe these games are just so damn good they seem short.

jahcure3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

I just finished this game last night and I think it was pretty solid. It was a tad on the easy side until you got to the final boss. I also don't agree with the reviewer stating that the guns u picked up doesn't last for a long time...uhhhh..that's part of the story mode and it was EXPLAINED in the story as to why the infected cannot wield the weapons. I think that actually added to it a bit.

I'd give it an 8/10 overall

The Closing3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

There has always been a slew of short games on every gen. In-fact if you consider the online options the staying value of titles has actually risen this gen. Then there are always the longer gta, ff type single player campaign games coming, and ones already out there.

SL1M DADDY3855d ago

I have been playing it for about 8 hours or so and love it. The game play is solid and fun and evenly spread throughout the game. Being able to go stealth and sneak up to an enemy and slash him with the glaive is crazy wicked. Using the force field to reflect projectiles is awesome especially when you come across one of the rocket launching dudes. This game is fun and it is what you need to play if you are looking to have a slightly new experience in terms of weapon use and variety. The shotty hand gun is awesome and packs a punch!

Basically, for all who have not played it consider this. If Gears of War went on a date with RE4, later got married and had a kid, they would have named it Dark Sector. It's that good.

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Lord Vader3855d ago

I love the game. I'm working on Brutal difficulty right now. I talked two of my friends into getting it, despite reviews, & they love it too. We've been playing Epidemic MP & it's alot more fun than most of the MP games Ive tried that were not "AAA" titles. Graphix & combat are awesome.

If you like Gears &/or RE4 (like the guy above basically said) do yourself a favor & at least try it out (rental).

Fanboy Slaughter3855d ago

I'm a little mixed on this one. The gameplay is good, but the story is near non-existant, and the ONLY Melee weapon you get is the glaive. I like the other evolution power tidbits you get (the shield by far the best), but it would've been nice if you could maybe create something other than the glaive. Later in the game I found myself running out of ammo VERY frequently and using the glaive against a horde of the zombie-like enemies running at you was a pain in the ass.

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