Deep Down develoment in progress, may be PS4 exclusive and may have coop/multiplayer mode

Yoshinori Ono, the director of Deep Down has recently tweeted that the game development is making a steady progress on PS4. In his last senetence in japanese he mentions "a solo mode" (google translate: Deep down and steadily (provisional), ongoing development! PS4 version of solo play has been able to. The ~ I wonder if I can soon show off in front ...).
He also posted a pic of Blanka toy and a Dual Shock controller in front of a flat screen with the game running on it.

All of this may lead to these conclusions:
- The game is a PS4 exclusive and is being developed on it only (The game site only states Playstation 4)

- The game has a solo mode and an online/multiplayer/coop mode with the solo mode being developed first.

-The game on a flat screen and his last snetence sentence tease an announcement/presentation in the near future.

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MrSwankSinatra3515d ago

if its exclusive it would make sense, microsoft gets dead rising 3, sony gets deep down and nintendo gets monster hunter.


Yep, that is what I thought too. Deep Down having such nice graphics has one explanation that is being PS4 exclusive, look at Dead Rising 3 for example or how FFXV turned to be after going multiplatform (compared to the promised Agni's Philosophy level)

NewMonday3515d ago

wouldn't get carried away, it's most likely exclusive marketing and "exclusive PS4 mentions"

PLASTICA-MAN3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Further proof of being gameplay:

Chatted booth (tentative name) team. Try playing with Blanca so has been able to run the camera perspective on the actual machine. I played deep down (working title) on PS4 with Blanka;. D

NatureOfLogic3515d ago

I don't care if it's exclusive or not. I Just want the game. PS4 exclusive would nice though.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart3515d ago

Dude Final Fantasy XV does look Agni's Philosophy level. Your going on off that combat and gameplay trailer that they released after the E3 trailer. That was just old footage of the game. Go look at the E3 trailer again and look at the gameplay footage that wasnt in the combat trailer. It looks every bit as awesome as Agni's Philosophy. That combat trailer was simply showing gameplay mechanics but Im am 100% certain that was all old build. Seriously go compare E3 trailer gameplay with the combat trailer and you will see a massive difference.

PLASTICA-MAN3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

At above, look closely at what you said about FFXV (that I looked for so much when it was exclusive and even got more excited when it was announced for PS4 until I saw gameplay and another platform...), environments looked ok, but character models looked horrid: piexelated and blurry clothes with rough and hard edges, flickering self shadows, hair looking like doodling pasta. Where is the highly physical interactive clothes feathers and hair from Agni's Philosophy? Even monsters in FFXV looked better than main protagonists with hair "ALMOST" looking like Agni's Philosophy. I don't want to (don't have time too) to post what I said and it isn't our subject of discussion here anyway but, you have to thank the inferior hardware and the demons of greed and sloth possessing Square Enix and I hope they won't possess Yoshinori Ono.

Destrania3515d ago

FFXV looks absolutely stunning right now, and there's still tons of dev time left. I do hope Deep Down is PS4 exclusive, that would be awesome, and from looking at those new pictures, the graphics/visual fidelity seems to be pretty incredible. I have a feeling we will see more of both these games at TGS.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart3515d ago

Don't bring up something like FFXV doesnt look as good as Agni's philosophy if you don't want someone to respond to it then. The E3 trailer in game segments look far better than the combat trailer and I do think this is relevant to this page since graphics are the topic. The lighting, magic and crystal effects are beautiful and brilliant and so are the clothing and hair. People still keep thinking the combat trailer is what it will look like and its ridiculous after seeing the E3 trailer.

PLASTICA-MAN3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

At TheOneWhoIsTornApart, only stubborn fanboys won't acknowledge the truth: i took those screengrabs from the highest version available of the trailer (press versions with almost 1 GB):

Rough cubed edges of the leviathan tail (even on PS2 big monsters didn't have such flagrant hard edges i.e the Colossus in GOWII):

Pixelated flickering self shadows with cube elbow and shoulder:

Retarded PS2ish looking soldiers:

Blurry hard edged clothes:

Doodling Pasta Hair:

let alone the clunky animations.

Now try to compare the last screens and that part of the ingame graphics to teh CGI of the first Versus trailer:

Or to the promised ingame level of Agni's Philosophy :




If only the pasta hair looked ingame like this realtime video:

-_- !

I know you may be very excited for the game to come for the XBone like many others, but I am not, not because I don't want Xbone owners to enjoy it but because I was very excited to see this level of graphics ingame, but considering any multiplatform game always considers the lowest common denominator, the graphics must be downgraded for that and we won't expect any upgrade even with new titles (look at FFXIII, FFXIII-2, FFXIII-2, almost no upgrade in graphics except fro Lightning boobjob), so I was very disappointed to see ingame graphics looking far far from the CGI FMVs which I expected the game to look like because they are teh same level as Agni's Philosophy.

I have the feeling Quantic Dream mimiced that Agni's Philosophy tech demo with hair the clothing design and the feathers on it with everything highly detailed moving and casting shadows, to say: "Hey we can do EVEN better and INGAME FOR REAL and we do not BLUFF. Our tech demo is more realistic, very funny and everyone knows that our games look way better than our tech demos!"

A big slap on the face of SquareEnix for not fulfilling their promises (being exclusive to PS platform and maintaining those graphics ingame) and preferring the lucrative route.

On topic, Deep Down on the otehr hand may even get better in graphics and not the opposite since it is a PS4 exclusive !

TheOneWhoIsTornApart3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Most of those shots are from the freaking combat trailer. There is a couple segments of the E3 trailer that are from the combat trailer but only a couple. Here are some ACTUAL PS4 in game shots.






_ http://www.finalfantasy-fxn...






Some of these arent Super high res but ripped straight from the trailer but you can see plain as day the massive differnce between the combat tailer and the E3 trailer and like I said the footage that they showed from the combat trailer that was in the e3 trailer is obvious and not even close to the final product.

Also don't talk to me in a condescending way thinking that I want an Xbox One when I am anti MS. And great job posting only the combat trailer screenshots to try to prove your point.

PLASTICA-MAN3515d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

At above, Are serious? You think the combat trailer is not gameplay and the annoucnement trailer is gameplay or they aren't the same game or same engine or whatever you say?The first pic you posted is from CGI and not inagem: http://www.finalfantasy-fxn... It hasn't the HUD. Second, I took the first 2 pics from the announce trailer and not combat one, plus combat or announce thay are the same game and engine, The annoucne trailer had CGI parts and gameplay parts, while combat trailer was only gameplay. If you think the trailers are represent different engines or games. sheesh you confuse even the impenetrable minds. There is a serious discussion on Neogaf going about the gameplay and ingame graphics and if you think that the two trailers are different with different graphics and you think the ingame graphics look like Agni's Philosophy, then there is no need to argue with you anymore !

Please let the comments saty on topic. Here we talk about Deep Down.

Edit: At below, yes I didn't watch the trailers, that is why I have all the versions of the vidoes from youtube to PSN to even the private Square Enix press site videos (which weigh almost 1 GB), dissected each one frame by frame and particpated in all discussions talking about the game. Anyway I'm done.

Edit: Sadly I run out of bubbles in this article. Sorry for my late intervention but I found it very funny. A friend of mine agve me a link about Deep Down going to XBone, (use google translate, it doesn't work for me, I don't know why):

I found it that it was posted very late, after my news (that is exclusive to N4G btw and no one came up with it before me) and this comes from the most trolling french video game site (even on earth), yes I assume what I am saying (the site that gives excelent playstation exclusives bad scores, gave Heavy Rain (a french game) bad score for story sayaing it doesn't have many endings or replay values (while it ahd 60), played MGS4 in teh easiest mode and claimed the game AI is stupid (play the game in Liquid Normal and you will see how tough it is), the site is here just to downplay playstation momentum) Now, not only the site stole my enws, but distort and deform entirely my news and made it the opposite, claiming the game will come to XboX One. The site is so irresponsible that metacrtics always fails to include it. I was going to make an account just for this site (yes I speak french too) just to put them in their right position, but knowing how are the commentters and their IQ, I'd better avoid the troll cave.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Just go watch the damn trailer again if you think that shot is CGI. I dont think you have even watched the trailer. I already told you that there is some segments from the E3 trailer that has footage from the combat trailer. Its so damn obvious. Everything else gameplay wise is from the actual PS4 version of the game. Dude how can you deny that the combat trailer segments and the screenshots that I posted are from different engines?

Whatever dude keep downvoting me instead at looking at the evidence. You are completely wrong in this argument and you are being completely irrational when you could look at the trailer again with open eyes and see for yourself.

AliTheSnake13515d ago

It would be better if Dead rising 3, Deep Down, Monster Hunter all went multiplatform .

killacal133515d ago

The better version will be on PS4 anyway, but I would prefer exclusiveness, better if they work for one platform, they'll get more juice out of it.

Kennytaur3515d ago

Square never promised FF Versus to be level with Agnis Philosophy. Only that is used parts of the new engine.

Dude, the game was originally being developed for PS3, that's why it's not quite as good looking as some may have expected on PS4.

MoveTheGlow3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

I'm sorry, were we talking about Deep Down, guys? Yeah, I think we were.

@Plastica-Man, that gameplay image is encouraging! The detailing on that wall seems to indicate that they're in the (newly-made or ancient) ruins of a civilization. It's altogether possible that these guys could be huge Demon's / Dark Souls fans and deal out the story through minutiae regarding items and little fragments of a civilization's past.

As far as it being a competitor to Monster Hunter, let's hope it's not *too* Monster Hunter-y. They're focused on single-player, so that's an encouraging step in the Dark Souls direction. Also, having "Deep Down" as a console exclusive on PS4 and "Below" as an Xbone title will be pretty funny. Play them together! Deep Down Below!

nveenio3514d ago

Yeah, I don't care if it's exclusive to PS4. It looks gorgeous. If those graphics are what we can expect this gen, we're in for some fancy feating, gamers.

3514d ago
ThanatosDMC3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )


You'll want these games to be on the PS4 mainly because it's the higher tech console. You want the game you like to be the best it can be rather than be dulled/dumbed down and compromised because of going multiplat because of a lesser console. Remember this gen, Microsoft demanded that publishers make games look/feel the same compared to the PS3s.

"Microsoft is suggesting that anything but parity will result in them not carrying a title," the source said. "They may think this is competitive, but it's not. They are killing any creative exposure of titles to make up for their own platform's shortcomings."

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Prime_283515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Yes because that makes so much sense......

LOGICWINS3515d ago

Yeah, I dont think Dead Rising 3 is an exclusive. MS made it SEEM that way.

RGDubz3515d ago

It's published by Microsoft Studios...

cleft53515d ago

No they did say it was an exclusive. The real question is if it's a timed exclusive or not?

MWong3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Publishing doesn't mean anything. Mass Effect was published by M$ also back in 2007. Hell Tales of Vesperia and a few games had the Only on XBox tramp stamp on them and they weren't.

So don't hold too much stake in who publishes a game, when it's not a 1st Party Studio.

Where is Dragon's Dogma 2!!!

psyxon3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

lol. i don't even care if DR3 comes to ps4.

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KwietStorm_BLM3515d ago

I would love to finally get a Monster Hunter on a PlayStation home console, but I'll take Deep Down over another Dead Rising any day.

breakpad3515d ago

ok that joke must end ..MOnster HUnter must be released on PS4 so many years it gets wasted on Nintendo underpowered gimmicks ...Capcom take Phanta rei and start developing new monster hunter for PS4..(dont forget Deep DOwn i like it too)

3514d ago
showtimefolks3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

i hate this idea of 3rd party exclusives, because the console maker ends up paying a lot for 99.9% of the times timed exclusives

how about investing that money into 1st party/2nd party or even indie developers, that way its a new IP which will be actually exclusive to that console and grow steadily. Now a days 3rd party exclusives are nothing more than fanboys going wild over something we really don't know

IMO if its a 3rd party game and a great game the more gamers that get to play the bigger the fanbase for sequel and most likely bigger budget to make proper improvements for the IP going forward

dead rising
destiny's exclusive dlc
deep down

all will be limited timed exclusives nothing more and nothing less, its like the 1st console owners who get the game are actually beta testers for the real version with all the DLC and patches from day one

but i know i am in minority with this thinking, i feel like fanboys have the most say since they yell the loudest so publishers have to listen to them thinking its the majority that wants something

Smkt3514d ago

i wouldn't bet on it though. publishers are multiplat now and esp. Capcom, Activision, EA and Ubisoft don't really do exclusives anymore. Will be a timed exclusive at best. just like dead rising 3. calling it.

same thing with Titanfall. Ms probably paid shitload to get it first on xbone.. will probably end up on ps4 within a year. faster if the game doesn't get cod numbers.

There is no way that Activision wont put Destiny out for pc, hell they'd put it on the 3ds if they could.

strifeblade3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Its true they are mostly multiplat, but microsoft published games do not go multiplat very easily.

Mass effect 1 went multiplat five years later as part of a mass effect collection...interest in the original has died by this point and honestly mass effect 1 on ps3 5 years later does not move consoles off the shelves. Mass effect 1 did move 360 off shelves.

tales of vesperia never released on north american shores, only happened in japan.

Remember dead rising 1? that was and is still exclusive, what about splintercell conviction, that was ubisoft published and is still an exclusive. Ninja gaiden 2 is an exception of 1 year exclusive in which the sigma version released a year later and it was msoft published. but games like bioshock and lost planet or dark sector were never published by msoft which explains why those game were one year exclusive

to adresse titanfall, i think that game will go multiplat in 1 year to 1 and a half year after xbox one, but if titanfall becomes a yearly iteration, than titanfall 1 will not becoming to ps4 since they will be busy promoting titanfall 2, that one is published by eaand is currently the only 3rd party exclusive not published by msoft

But those 13 exclusives we saw at msoft conference are all published by msoft like sunset overdrive made by insomniac and those games would be difficult to make it on ps4 1- 1 and half years later.

Triforce0793514d ago

MH5 better be on wiiu only with a real nextgen engine like Cryengine3 or that X wiiu engine.

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wishingW3L3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

well, I rather take this because to me Dead Rising 3 looked mediocre. But a new Monster Hunter on PS4 would make the console to sell like crazy on Japan.

Majin-vegeta3515d ago

With DR3 theyre targetting the cod crowd -_-...i would post a link but im on my phone.


Well Deep Down isn't far from Monster Hunter if you include the coop mode. Having the Knight, the archer orc and the priest hunting dragons and maybe other monsters with real next-gen graphics on PS4 is a pure win in Japan and everywhere else.

AngelicIceDiamond3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

It looks mediocre because its not on your favorite console.

Wait for more gameplay details and hopefully some insane Co op action later on.

EDIT: @Xaphy You don't even know what its about?

EDIT: @Hammond BS yeah you are. I see you troll and spread misinformation just like the average user on here. Your no different, I seen you troll MS articles all the time roughly everyday countless time.

Don't bother making excuses and spinning anything your just a fanboy.

FlunkinMonkey3515d ago

I didn't even realise it was 'exclusive' when i saw it running at E3, and i thought it looked dryer than ryvita.. I was bored of it from just watching for 5 mins.

HammadTheBeast3515d ago

All the humor from the old ones is gone, it looks like just another zombie game.

However, Sunset Overdrive looks nice. Proves that I'm not biased.

gravv3515d ago


Last dead rising scored 78 in meta lol the sequel will have the same fate, beside sony have ND king of survival horror and third person shooter


Sunset overdrive looks lame imo, its insomniac i cant remember the last time they make a 90+ game it wouldnt be much different with their recent game fuse even sony throw them away as their 2nd party :D

Lord_Sloth3515d ago

I love Dead Rising and DR2 but I have to say DR3 looks like it's had all the humor and color sucked right out of it. The video I watched was just another gray game with overflowing serious.

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Triforce0793514d ago

Yes but i'm thinking Monster Hunter 5 on wiiu and ps4 but it's more likely to be wiiu exclusive,something tells me Nintendo will pay for it ???

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Xaphy3515d ago

id take this over dead rising any day though

LOGICWINS3515d ago

Its hard to say. This seems much more linear and constricted than Dead Rising, but the visuals in Deep Down are superior.

ZodTheRipper3515d ago

This will be the PS4's Demon's Souls. At least I hope so, I'm still playing DeS.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

"Linear = Bad and not worthy of replay!"

People use linear like an insult despite the fact that there have been linear video games since the industry was created. Some of the first/greatest games are linear. There's types of games that should be linear and types that shouldn't be. Criticizing a game specifically for being linear is like criticzing a blockbuster action movie for NOT having multiple storylines and deep characterization or criticizing a 18th Century period piece for NOT having enough explosions. Should i go on?? O_-

Also, the only thing that makes a game great and replayable is the fact that you enjoy it. I'd rather play Portal twenty times than to beat Prototype more than once.

On TOPIC: Deep Down looks great. Wouln't mind it being exclusive :p

maniacmayhem3515d ago

I doubt that this game will be a PS4 exclusive. And even though Deep Down looked good I wonder why they chose this game instead of a sequel to Dragon's Dogma.

princejb1343515d ago

new ips are always good on a new console
that way
that way it builds a fan base and if its successful it will get sequels

maniacmayhem3515d ago

This game just appears very Dragon Dogma like and from what I read Dragon Dogma was very successful.

Destrania3515d ago

It looks like it's quite a bit of a Dark Souls feel as well, which is always a good thing.

gravv3515d ago

Well according to gamespot this game published by SCEA, but it could be a false information though

webeblazing3514d ago

yooo how you get so many disagrees be because of that

Godmars2903515d ago

So Xbox gets Dead Rising while the PS4 gets this?

Meh. I want sci-fi.

killacal133515d ago

DeepDown is easily one of my most expected games next gen, it is beautiful in every way.