Game Informer's Dark Sector Review

In GI's mind, Dark Sector has remained a wild card since they first heard about it – one of those ideas that sounded fun, but whose execution seemed tricky to pull off. Happily, the finished product is well worth the long wait. Dark and gory visuals are delivered through a wealth of remarkable graphical flourishes, from amazing rain effects to stunning textures and shading throughout. Hayden's meandering tale is sadly quite forgettable, but at least the gameplay is a blast.

As negative as GI have been, they still feel that Dark Sector is worth checking out. The glaive is something that every action nut has to wrap his or her hands around. Like the BFG or the cerebral bore, you'll remember this weapon forever. Sadly, you'll remember the weapon more than the game itself.

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Dino3911d ago

Than RSV2. That game blew. Couldn't get it to work online.

joydestroy3911d ago

i was just on earlier today on my 360. haven't had one problem yet.
&that game rocks.

PimpHandHappy3911d ago

sounds like a total rental

thats good because we all have GTA coming

and some of us

me included

also have GT5 Prolouge

Dino3911d ago

rentals that is. I mean, GTA4 and GT are good buys but, most games now a days are worth nothing more than a rental

RobertGonz693911d ago

I'm on the fence with this game. Still trying to finish my other games.

arakouftaian3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

in all the reviwes they say the game is FUN, and that what i buy a game for the grafic i saw a firt 15min video and i saw a grea game grafic one of the best on todays day the elicopter part and otehr areas it was beautiful, so dotn dotn see what this guys reviewrs say or talk abouth it they say the story is confusing and they dotn say notign not mach abouth it well i belive they say everyting u r this guy that go tehre and u go 2 kill bad guys you get infected by the bad guys and u use that 2 kill them fair for me. sorry for my bad english fun u all beachs

ps3 is my champion3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

It's just funny :P

Sevir043911d ago

but if the action is a blast and it is basically a great and well balanced rip from RE4 and Gears of war then why score it so low. Gears had a very forgettable story as well. it's only saving grace was that it was the first xbox 360 game that LOOKED next gen and at the time HAD unprecident levels of bgraphics and top notch action with it's uber cool cenematics.

1 year and 3 month later a Game with a much better story and more refined gameplay that borrows from Gears and RE4 comes out with georgeous graphics and amazing textures and it's beating with the ugly stick.

if they are gonna rate this they might as well re-review Gears because while it looked good and played well it's story was none existant and their dialog was pretty cheesy. in all reality should have been a B rated game.

it's the graphics and gameplay that should count along with story. because if the story isn't their The game should also fall apart because they reason to unravel the story aint there...

I for one will get this Game. I like Gears and RE4, and from what i've heard the story while weak is alot better than most games out there so that will be it for me.

Ghoul3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

totally agree on that.

It's weird how they glorified gears (even though the story was damn weak and the gameplay was far from new *kill.switch*) and now beat dark sector for being a ripoff and having bad story telling.

i think dark sector looks no worse then gears

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The story is too old to be commented.