I Have Staggered Monsters In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII | Kotaku

Kotaku: ''My first hands-on session with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and its interesting new combat system was, fittingly, lightning quick.

Just a few minutes at the end of a long night of seeing the stacked upcoming line-up of Square Enix's (and pals Deep Silver's) next games: the Deus Ex iPad game, the new Thief, the new Saint's Row, a game called Murdered.''

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Lovable1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Can't wait for this.

Preordered: FF 14, FF 13:Lightning Returns and FFX HD collection for this year.

Damn so many FFs coming out this year...

Dno1958d ago

ff13-3 have already been confirmed for next year. and ff10HD doesn't even have a release date. So we only have ff14 this year which is a redo of ff14 from 2010.

Lovable1958d ago

I swear to God, I saw the release date as Nov. 21 2013 for this one? Damn least there's still ff 14

Godmars2901958d ago

I can wait for this.

While gameplay sounds very interesting, its not the main reason I buy RPGs day-one and with all the BS that's become FF13 I've grown to hate the characters. Square would have had a better shot with me if they had just not connected three games, which by all real accounts, have no real connection to each other even in regards to story.

zerocrossing1958d ago

I used to love SquareSoft back in the day, but since the merger with Enix and release of FF 13 I've developed a deep seated hatred toward Square Enix...

SexyGamerDude1958d ago

I'm sure SE doesn't really care how you feel about them.

Godmars2901958d ago


And yet they want my money. Have, through the course of showing they could not care less about my opinion, lost any and all level of trust or ability to make me buy their games on the first day of its release. If at all.

zerocrossing1958d ago


I honestly couldn't give a damn what they think.

I'm not the only one who feels that Squenix are a sad, pathetic, disgraceful shadow of their former selves, but hey if you enjoy supporting mediocrity so much have fun playing FF 13 Lightning returns.

SexyGamerDude1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

I don't think they give a damn if you give a damn what they think.

They sell where it matters to them. 13 sold well in Japan and so did 13 -2. 13 - 2 was actually one of the highest selling games in Japan the year it was released. You were never part of SE's target audience. They won't miss you as a fan. Also their fans don't see it as mediocrity.

Guess what the J in JRPG stands for.

Godmars2901958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )


Honestly, who are you trying to represent?

Yes, FF13-2 may have sold well in Japan - for that year - but not only was that a generally bad year for PS3 games in Japan, but the game itself quickly filled resell bins. It also sold worse than the prior titles.

Is the only thing you want to see is Square make money at the expense of its fans?

zerocrossing1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )


Honestly, now you're just being childish...

Look, a popular Japanese franchise selling well in Japan is a given, I never said that FF 13 doesn't have (any) appeal, it's just incredibly shallow and linear when compared to the previous instalments and most other "better" JRPG's, why even argue about it? the majority of FF fans have stated this much for years, yet contrarians like yourself always have to defend mediocre games while the rest of us sit back shaking our heads as we watch the industry collapse in on itself.

SexyGamerDude1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

You still don't get it. Everything SE does is for their main audience, the Japanese. You and I are only an after thought after they serve their true fans.

The Japanese loved 13 -2 and 13. So guess what. They make a sequel. Both 13 and 13 -2 had a majority of positive reviews and peopled love it. 13 actually sold more than some of the previous installments.

IOS game are becoming popular in Japan. So guess what. They start making them.

SE honestly doesn't care what you think.

zerocrossing1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )


You have it completely wrong...

Yes Squenix may be trying to appeal to their core fanbase, but those fans are certainly not the Japanese, from the moment FF 13 was announced Wada the CEO of Square Enix at the time stated that they wanted to "Westernise" their IPs in hopes of appealing to a "wider audience"

However the biggest complaint about FF 13 is it just doesn't feel like a JRPG anymore, the combat has been stripped down and simplified in the hopes to make it feel cinematic but just comes of as very passive and un-engaging, not at all like the popular tactical turn based style many hardcore JRPG fans still crave today.

And again, I don't care if Square Enix cares, if I feel something has changed for the worst I'll bloody well say so, because I do care about Final Fantasy, I care about a great franchise getting dragged through the mud so un-inspired lazy devs can ride the coat tails of a once great franchise, not for the sake of innovation or story telling, but for sheer profit

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