Curiosity cut the crap

Curiosity was, its makers insist, an experiment. It ran from 6 November 2012 until May 26 2013 when Bryan Henderson, who'd downloaded the app around an hour before the close, tapped away the final cubelet and discovered what was inside the cube. A video, soon enough shared, outlining the plan for Henderson to be the presiding deity of 22Cans' next game Godus. "It is the ability to be a digital god," said Peter Molyneux. Or in other words, the prize is another promise.

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Godmars2904033d ago

You know what get me every time? Molyneux's smug expression. His reputation is nothing now but unkept promises, and whether its an old pic or a new, that's always his expression.

Can't stand to look at it.

hay4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Maybe like in old pinball machines, Molyneux has a counter of credibility with a number limit on it. When it reached max, fliped to zero, but guy behaves the same.

Sandmano4033d ago

Dont like the guy dont know why.

Anon19744032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

I'm always surprised by the Molyneux hate. The guy is one of my favorite developers of all time and gave gaming some of it's best games ever, all before he even touched a Fable game. The guy created new genres and challenged other developers to evolve their thinking of games.

And yet people can't see past his enthusiasm to actually give the guy credit for everything he's done for the industry over the decades he's dedicated his life to the medium. I wish more developers out there had half the passion for their projects that Molyneux shows.

This article reads like it's from a guy who hadn't played a game before 2005 and only found out about Molyneux recently. The guy's listed hobbies on his blog include "Games, booze, smoking"...I kid you not. Kids today. We're talking about a developer who has delivered again, and again and again over the decades. Yeah, he's had some games fail to live up to their aspirations along the way, but do we judge the Rolling Stones for their lackluster albums or their classics? Looking forward to Godus. I've been waiting for another game like this since Populous.

Perjoss4032d ago

He's often seen as a bad guy because of not delivering on some promises, but he's developed some outstanding titles and I believe that overall he has the best intentions, its just a shame that sometimes he's a bit too over enthusiastic.

ScubbaSteve4032d ago

He's that friend who was following the new transformers movie since it was announced and comes over to tell you how awesome it's going to be every day for 2 years before it's released.

Anon19744032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

@ ScubbaSteve. Yep. If that friend was also an award winning developer who holds a place in the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Hall of fame for redefining game genres and creating some of the best, most innovative game titles ever seen before many on this site were even out of diapers.

Then yes. He'd be just like that friend.

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ifritAlkhemyst4032d ago

How is anybody actually surprised by this news? It's Peter Molyneux. The man hasn't had a decent game since Black and White.

dcbronco4032d ago

Peter Molyneux may not have done anything recently but I love his new approach to making games. By hiring people from industries that have nothing to do with gaming it should bring new ideas to light instead of the same old mechanics we've had for years now. I'm looking forward to what they do next.


Peter Molyneux's new game is set in Fable's Albion

Project currently codenamed MOAT.

JusttJD0099249d ago


Misleader of all time?

jznrpg249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

It’s between him and Phil. I’d vote Phil

Obscure_Observer248d ago

"It’s between him and Phil. I’d vote Phil"

If Phil were the man that made my life miserable, I would vote for him as well.

Regarding the topic, it could be both Peter and Phil working together.

M.O.A.T takes place in Albion, so it´s possible that Pete is working on new partnership with Xbox, which imo, is nothing but great news!

GhostScholar248d ago

What exactly has Phil mislead about? I can’t wait to hear the verbal diarrhea you come with.

Cacabunga248d ago

Still waiting for Milo and Kate.. most lmao game OAT

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Becuzisaid249d ago


His name is still used as a selling point for new games? Seriously?

jznrpg249d ago

If anyone knows his name you have to be extremely skeptical that what he delivers will be anything like what he says it would be and that’s best case scenario.

RaiderNation249d ago

He's like the "Tom Clancy" of video games.

InUrFoxHole249d ago

Lol what the hell man?!?!?

Number1TailzFan249d ago

I remember Black & White (PC) but other than that I can only think of Fable, B&W was a pretty cool game tho at the time.

sagapo249d ago

Populous was another one designed by Peter, released before B&W, godlike game as well, pretty good too.

Giblet_Head249d ago

I quite liked Magic Carpet growing up.

Obscure_Observer248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

"His name is still used as a selling point for new games? Seriously?"

The guy is a gaming legend for gamers who actually knows and played his games, like Dungeon Keeper, Populous, Black & White and Fable for example.

Becuzisaid248d ago

I'm certain that most who actually know who he is would contest your use of legend. He's the living, human embodiment of false advertising.

Obscure_Observer248d ago


There´s an abyss between false advertisement and bad games.

Most gamers will get excited for games from great gaming creators rather than focus on their exaggerated promises.

Kojima described his Xbox exclusive game as "very unusual like no one has ever experienced before, leveraging the cloud." He said all publishers he presented the project, called him mad and rejected his game but Microsoft, because it´s too crazy.

Is Kojima exaggerating? Obviously. It´s gonna be a bad game? Hardly.

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TheColbertinator249d ago

Imagine a game where Peter Molyneux presents an extraordinary set of ideas that players will enjoy for years to come. Now imagine that this particular game will come out because it will never exist.

Profchaos249d ago

Does Milo live under a bridge there

shinoff2183249d ago

Captain overseller is returning. Ain't heard his name in years.