[WKG] Metro: Last Light Review

Post-Apocalyptic Earth, bloodthirsty mutants, factions at war and one man's quest to save humanity… Sound familiar? In principle yes, but this is far from any game about the end of civilisation you've ever played. This is Metro: Last Light.

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Relientk771969d ago

Wow great score, definitely looking to try this game

Psychotica1969d ago

It's an awesome game, certainly not perfect though.

jjb19811969d ago

I'm having fun with it right now. Great game so far. 47.99 for ps+ members

Haules1969d ago

I agree! Metro last night is one of the best games this gen!

- Great story!
- Fantastic atmosphere!
- Lovely Graphics!
- Immersive gameplay!

Ahleeeen liban!

TedCruzsTaint1969d ago

Just a fantastic game. Solid gunplay, strong writing and characters, superb visuals (best I've seen on PC) and has a decent (around 12 hours) length to it.
My personal favorite of the year so far and easily my favorite shooter of a fair number of years.
Hell, I even got it for $38 for pre-ordering from Greenmangaming.