Metro: Last Light - Still Fresh After 10 Years

4A Games' Metro: Last Light originally launched on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC 10 years ago today, and still holds up.

MrDead403d ago

I got bored of Hogwarts crazy quick and it's bugs, was looking for just any good game got the Metro trilogy for about £8.50 in a Steam sale played through 2033 Redux, Last Light Redux and now am on Exodus. The series is awesome, the first two are like more liner story driven FPS with a few options to confront the levels, stealth, no kill runs and guns blazing, depending on how you play effects the story and its outcome. Third game I'm playing now is heavy story driven (but optional if you don't want to listen you can just walk away... I don't know why you would though) with large open levels that take hours to explore and still some of the best use of RTX I've seen to date, can play this game on ultra with DLSS set to quality, raytracing set to ultra at 4K with no dips, played on Extreme setting and was getting a few drops around water and some interiors.

Cant recommend this series enough and as a new fan I can't wait to see the next game in 2024... I also got the audio books so looking forward to see how well the games follow the original books. A4 Games are extremely talented.

ravens52402d ago

Beat Redux and Last Light. Really good games. Haven't played Exodus yet, was thinking I'll get it for ps5 just havent yet. I will.


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46d ago

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TheBrainZ137d ago

Never got into Exodus, but 2033 was excellent.

kevco33137d ago

Yeah, Exodus just didn't grab me either, sadly.

I absolutely loved 2033 and Last Light, however. Played them both on 360 and then again with the remasters!

anast137d ago

I just started it and it is already miles better than the first 2 which are dated.


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