Why Metro: Last Light is One of the Best Games I’ve Played this Generation

Sean of Gamer Euphoria writes:

''Earlier this year, Bioshock: Infinite dazzled the masses; its story was proclaimed as one of the best in the history of video games, its world was held in high esteem, as was the game overall, and critics and players alike looked past its faults and heaped on the praise. ‘Game of the year…no wait, of the generation!,’ some claimed. While I enjoyed the game, (although I do feel Infinite peaks in the first few hours, with the middle being rather average and the ending decent) I found myself being blown away by another title: Metro: Last Light. It left me in awe, and not just because it’s utterly beautiful, either.''

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evilkillerk1967d ago

Looking forward to trying it out now. I have only heard great things about the game and after reading this it convinces me to play it even more.

GamerEuphoria1967d ago

Great to hear, if you've not checked out the first one I'd recommend checking that out too ^^

allgamespc20121967d ago

i would disagree with this as well. while 2033 is good, it holds no candle to last light. last light its a masterpiece of its own, its one of the best fps ive played in years and i hate fps. metro 2033 had the right idea, but the execution wasnt that good. Last light fixes all the issues.

Its on par with crysis 3 in grpahics at full but has much better assets than c3, specially the outside areas which are mind blowing.

Hydralysk1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Metro 2033 is still a great game, and I'd still recommend it to anyone. Especially if they want a cheap entry point to the series.

The primary selling point of the Metro series has always been it's atmosphere and it's setting, and both titles are incredible at delivering on them.

Last Light definitely plays better, but gameplay isn't the only thing the Metro series is focused on. If it was I'd probably bitch more about how easy stealth is.

cannon88001967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Metro Last Light so amazing. Truly unique piece of work. Worth many re-plays.

2pacalypsenow1967d ago

I want to play it in Ranger mode but don't want to shell out another $5

GamerEuphoria1967d ago

Yeah it's a real shame it's only unlocked via DLC, it's my only real gripe with the game. Thus is modern business in the industry :(

ziggurcat1967d ago

you can easily find the limited edition copy of the game at gamestop/eb. i bought my copy of the game a few weeks ago, and it came with the code in the box at no extra cost.

ChipChipperson1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Truthfully, you're really not missing anything if you played the game in Ranger mode. I just got a copy of the game from a local Target where all they had was the limited edition version, so I didn't need to pre-order. But, again, you're not missing much with it since the game is fairly easy and Ranger mode didn't exactly make the experience anymore suspenseful before I had played it on normal/hardcore. It tells you stealth play is highly recommended... ok, but, that didn't really mean anything to me since I was already playing it stealthily on my first normal playthrough and I still play it stealthily since playing since its release. You really won't have a problem have a problem conserving ammo if you place your shots well or getting past the human enemies or mutants( yes, some parts with mutants you can completely get by without alerting them) on levels where you can sneak through. It just limits your inventory to carrying only two weapons instead of 3, ammo pickups are not as plentiful compared to the regular mode, no HUD, and enemies do more damage, but they take more damage from your weapons too. Despite this, the game was still one of best games so far this year. It was great, suspenseful and very atmospheric, especially when you explore the surfaces of Moscow, looks great, it's fun to play, and the story is pretty interesting. I'd still recommend it.

hennessey861967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

And the extension to detail is astonishing, it makes me think I don't need a next gen console because I seriously doubt any PS4 or Xbox one game will look as good as metro on very high settings while still maintaining a high frame rate at 1080p

GamerEuphoria1967d ago

Mirrors my thoughts pretty much. The first time you see the out doors had me spamming F12 on steam ^^

trenso11967d ago

was the jab at console even necessary? you could have just said something good about the game and kept it pushing. but nope you needed to say something about how much PCs are better

cpayne931967d ago

Well if you have a gaming pc and plan on getting a console just for the graphics, then you definitely shouldn't get one. I have a gaming pc but I get consoles for ease of use, exclusives, and local multiplayer.

ScytheX31967d ago

definitely agree, game really sucks you into the environment. love the game

xXxSeTTriPxXx1967d ago

Metro last light is good very good even, bioshock infinite Is pure brilliance imo, I have both.

allgamespc20121967d ago

where bioshock fails last light excels. bioshock excelled in storyline while metro did in gameplay. Metro is a well thought out game while bioshock is just bullet sponge situations and killboxes. The two however are masterpieces of their own

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